Friday, January 18, 2013

Max's drawings

Wow, post #4 today.  I must be back on track.  Well, getting there anyhow.  We've stayed home all day.  Vegged out today really but also started prepping C-MOW.  Getting it ready to roll out on Sunday.  Can't wait.  More on that later though.  For now, thought I'd share a few drawings Max did and one Yana started.  I'll take more when she's done.

Max and a mower we will never own.  LOL.  He's dreaming here.

This character is from the movie MIB 3.  We like the MIB movies.  I really want him to draw one of the worms from the movie.  You know, those worms drinking the coffee.  I think that would be a cool drawing.

This is the hawk that Yana has started.  Definitely not done but I think it will turn out great.  She also will submit an essay and drawing to the contest to release a hawk.  I know the chances are slim for any of them to be picked but I truly think it will add to the experience when we go.  

So, those are a few drawings.  Post 5 will come a bit later.  Turkey got put in the oven way later than it was supposed to.  Tomorrow is cleaning day and boys start football tomorrow.  Should be exciting.

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