Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Manic Monday

Almost 7 so you can tell it's been a rather busy day.  Of course it's Monday again.  Try to catch up on a few happenings here this week or last.  Here goes:

  • 5 kids to the dentist today
  • NO issues or cavities!
  • 5 kids go to the dentist next Monday and we hope the same result
  • Dentist gave a bag full of brushes, toothpaste, and floss
  • Warren got hurt this weekend
  • ortho appt for Warren tomorrow at 8am
  • speech therapy this week
  • football practice this week
  • dance this week
  • warmer weather this week
  • van is up for sale
  • looking for new vehicle that seats more.  Outgrown our 12 passenger
  • selling rv soon
  • selling house soon
  • found a suit for Bojan for all his concerts
  • received an awesome surprise package of toilet paper today.  Household items add up VERY quickly around here so this is greatly appreciated.
  • kids broke popcorn popper we got for Christmas.  Bummed as they eat it almost everyday.
  • "old timer" (microwave borrowed from a friend) is hanging in there
  • Alyona broke another picture today...glass everywhere (rest of us were at the dentist office.  Yana was in charge)
  • have a house guest for awhile
  • having brats for dinner
  • need to workout this evening
  • waiting for eye doc to call for 3 appointments
  • need to fax sheet to Duke for Shriners
  • getting permission for Bojan to drop PE this semester
  • talked w/ Max's new English teacher
  • Bojan keeps missing the bus...URGHH!!!!
  • going to a groundhog festival this weekend
  • lots more going on behind the scenes but I've run out of time
Figures, can't even get a manic Monday post done on Monday.  Been that kind of busy around here adjusting to a bit of a new normal here and there.  In addition, Warren really hurt his knee.  Today, the ortho told him in all likelihood, a torn MCL.  Great knees is, we can probably avoid surgery w/ the knee immobilizer gizmo.   Relieved.  More updates and going ons later. 

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  1. Hope Warren is feeling better soon!