Monday, January 14, 2013

Manic Monday

And indeed it is!  I will have to be quick on this one for sure as we're about ready to go out the door today.  Here goes a little of what's on this plate.  It is full.

  • Going on a field trip today to Burlington to learn about Occaneechi 
  • Need to cancel speech therapist for the day
  • Speech therapist coming rest of the week
  • Vet comes this week
  • My birthday is Wednesday
  • Prepping RV for the Birthday Bash trip
  • Need to shop for Birthday Bash trip
  • Gathering all clothes for trip
  • Will be premaking a few of the meals for the trip
  • Cleaned house this past weekend
  • Cleaned rv and van this past weekend
  • Keeping up w/ exercise routine
  • Reorganized homeschool stuff
  • Girls don't have dance this week
  • Bojan is thinking of trying out for all county band
  • Yana is thinking of trying out for track again
  • May have a house guest very soon
  • I know, it always seems we have a house guest.  LOL.
  • Would love to do a birth sib search but too pricey at the moment
  • Can't find Logan and Reni's sib b/c we don't have a birth date for them
  • We've started working on fractions
  • Having to make volcanoes this week at homeschool academy
  • Irina is enjoying self-defense classes
  • Irina is looking for a job today
  • Calling Shriners today
  • Need to make a few more little reservations for camping for Bulgarian reunion time
  • Going to sell the rv possibly
  • Looking into getting a bus (yeh, don't ask)
  • Talked w/ the contractor on girls' new room
  • Making decision today on which plan
  • ONE more payment on Warren's car
  • Just realized I forgot to call a friend yesterday and go over there
  • Boys are excited about starting football
  • Soccer sign ups are in February
  • FASD support group meeting is this Tuesday
  • Behind on emails
  • Behind on posts
  • Loving the spring weather in January
  • Trying to keep everyone healthy
  • Weight loss challenge is still on
  • Think dishwasher may go soon
  • Warren's car needs repair
  • Alaska has eaten herself raw.  Yes, asking vet.
  • Warren has a dentist appt. this week
  • Need to call zoo
  • Kids need to write about a hawk for the chance to release one into the wild
  • Trying to stay ahead of cards this year
Well, that's enough for now as we have to go.  Much more happening behind the scenes here but you all know how that goes. Can't wait for a week filled with some new things to do, learn and experience.   Enjoy your week.  I will post about our field trip later today.  

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