Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Manic Monday

Nice, nice weekend but I am sure tired today.  We mostly did cleaning and v egging out.  Nothing fancy or exciting.  However, sometimes you need those kind of weekends.  Our snow tubing weekend is coming up in two weeks so we'll appreciate this weekend later, I'm sure. We did have Bojan and Warren's birthdays on Saturday.  Had 2 cakes and enjoyed all those candles!  LOL. 

  • Our house guest will be here till Thursday
  • Going to be in the 70's at the end of this week
  • Opening windows in the middle of January is just wrong
  • Waiting to hear back from our contractor
  • Girls are VERY ready for the room...me too!
  • Excited about upcoming snow tubing trip (aka..Birthday Bash)
  • Need to wash rv (hey, since it's spring like, we can)
  • After school work today, going to another family's house to hang out
  • Working on science experiments we can do at homeschool academy
  • NEVER will I teach in a school setting again.  NEVER.
  • Much going on behind the scenes here
  • Calling AB today b/c Nik's battery broke
  • Girls will be doing dance
  • Trying to get the boys into flag football
  • Soccer season is coming up but still undecided
  • High schoolers have exams next week
  • A pile of ceramic dishes broke this past weekend
  • Nik broke Warren's iphone (cracked it)
  • Nik is obsessed w/ touching and hiding Warren's phone (he goes through obsessions sporadically)
  • Girls broke the karioke machine they got for Christmas
  • Living room chair is ripped (are you seeing a pattern yet from the weekend?)
  • Irina, Warren and I are doing a biggest Loser Challenge here at home
  • We all did a great job cleaning up the house this weekend 
  •  Need to refill scripts
  • Setting up a PPR
So many other things to get to.  Well, started this yesterday and the day got away from me.  LOL.  Getting back on track.  All sorts of things happening here lately.   Much, much more to come.  Just trying to take care of a few other things first.  Remember, blog is last priority. 

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  1. I hear you on things getting away with us. I'm also doing a Biggest Loser Challenge through my church so it sounds like we've got a goal to try and achieve! Love reading your posts!