Friday, January 18, 2013

Homeschoolers and hawks

Locally, we are going to an event on groundhog day.  Well, during this event, they are planning to release a few rehabilitated hawks.  Deal is though, you must write why you want to release the hawk and also draw a picture if you feel like it.  Well, I gave this to them as an assignment.  Couldn't hurt and they'll appreciate the release more I think when they see it.  "Oh, I wrote about that."  Or something of that nature. 

This is Nik working on his hawk drawing.

Not sure why she's not so happy.  LOL.  They're all working on the drawings.

Alex was working on his essay.  I was just happy all were willing to do it.

Now that is some serious bed head.

All comparing notes and drawings.

A close up of Nik's hawk.  The sun is shining.  Hawk is in a tree w/ the babies on the top in the nest.  Below you'll see a car on the road.  A little above that are diagonal lines and a cloud.  That is us snow tubing w/ snow falling!  Love it.  He is so excited to go, he wants to incorporate it in his drawing.  Bojan and Yana are going to write and draw something as well.  Can't wait to see them all. 

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