Thursday, January 10, 2013

Gooey Gummy

For the past few days or so, we've had a house guest.  Well, someone brought her 5lbs. of Gummy Bear!  That's right, the World's Largest as it said on the package.  All of us were laughing, staring in amazement and just having fun.  None of us had seen something like it.  A novelty.  Just loaded these and still can't figure out why I can't load all at once like I used to w/out them getting mixed up.

This is that giant gummy bear.  This thing is heavy. 

Getting ready to take this monster out of the box.  Nik watching in amazement.

Look at the size of this thing!  We all were stunned by how heavy it was.  And cutting it was like sawing jello only not that easy.  Took forever to cut little pieces off.

Max looking at all the different flavors.  Truly, this thing was interesting if nothing else.  

Reni trying her piece.  We cut them in chunks and still had a huge bear left over.  

Yana pretending her head is the gummy bear's head.  Tasted great and all enjoy the pieces they got.  Though, not sure I'd recommend this thing.  Seriously, for a normal sized family it would take weeks to eat.  The thing is dense. 

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