Saturday, January 26, 2013

Flag Football

Alex, Logan and Nik are taking Upwards Flag Football.  It's a camp of 5 weeks.  Today it was cancelled due to the ice.  Totally understandable.  The boys are having a great time there and even practice at home.

Nice thing about a large family, always someone to play with.

Kids were playing a game and one of the girls' friends joined in.  Alyona wasn't much into playing football.

Irina and Warren having a chat.  Warren has lost 7 lbs. thus far.  We'll get there bit by bit folks.  Was proud that he lost that much.

Kids getting ready to play a game of flag football in the yard.  Great practice for them.

Logan in action. 

Alex tossing the ball back.  He has an awesome arm on him.

My kids love to play outside and I think that's great.  And nice that plenty of people are willing to participate.  Great practice for them.

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