Friday, January 18, 2013

Field trip to Occaneechi

Well, really a field trip to Burlington to learn about the Occaneechi tribe.  On Monday, we took a field trip with another family of homeschoolers to learn about the Occaneechi tribe and how they used to live.  So many really cool things we learned for sure.  Burlington is about an hour and a half away from us.  Not too bad especially when you had company w/ you. 

That black fur in the middle is a glove made out of bear fur.

It really was amazing all the different kinds of animal fur and hides they had and what they used them for.  

This gentleman was very good at explaining everything and answering questions any of the kids had.  He was just then showing the kids how they used to pick things up from the fire w/ the antlers.

We went outside to see where the tribe would have lived.  About 75 people living in a circle w/ a few huts and such.  I don't dare want me kids to complain about sharing a room.  LOL.  Very informative presentation.

There were 4 sections of mat laid out.  One was all about food and cooking.  Another about animals.  Another about weapons and hunting.  Another about games and everyday life.  We all learned something new for sure.

It was SO wet outside and muddy.  Really, really wet.  We were soaked by the time we went back to the shelter where the mats were.

Summer with some friends in a hut.

Summer and Nik having fun trying to balance on a log.

Reni and Irina just hanging out.

Of course my son is fascinated with the weapons on display.

Watching him shoot one of those darts.  All the kids have decided they want to make one.

Watching him throw the arrows.  Truly unreal how far those things can fly!

Getting ready to throw some arrows.

Checking out the weapons again.

Summer learned how to mill corn and I'm sure she could do it everyday.  Now, to harvest that energy for other things.  Notice how even the shelter is soak and wet?

All the kids that we got to share this experience with.  Summer had just gotten wet.  After this, we had some snacks in the car while heading home.  Very nice trip and lots of learning involved.  Can't wait to go some other places this semester.  This was new for us. 

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