Saturday, January 26, 2013

Dem Bones

In homeschool, we're studying the human body right now for science.  I do more unit study stuff than anything.  Seems to work for them.  They get more out of it.  We've been working on bones this week and trying to do some hands on stuff.

We're studying bones and I had each one trace their hands and fill in w/ the bones on the inside of it.

Yes, even Ms. Summer participates at times w/ our lessons.  I know she's in pajamas but hey, we weren't going anywhere and I was too lazy to tell her to get dressed.

Nik, putting together a skeleton.  Then, I'd say where's the skull and they'd have to point.  Nik had trouble w/ the humerous but seemed to get femur.

Everyone working on their hands.

Summer's crazy look.  Don't you just love the papers all over the floor.

They were watching a youtube video called Dem Bones.  You dance to it and it tells you all the bones and what they're connected to.  All are dancing along but Nik and Alex.  

Next project we did that day was to make a backbone out of a pool noodle.

Goofy.  Each got a turn.  A rope (dog leash we used), pool noodle cut into 24 pieces, and elastic hairbows are all that is needed for this.

We talk about the backbone as we do the project.  They really got this one.

Backbone was getting longer and longer.

We all liked this bone learning project for sure.  Great teaching tool. Need to get this week's lessons together.  Kids are chugging along in homeschool.  Need to get crackign on fractions more.  I got horribly slack last week on math.  More in the next few days.  For now, need to get to bed.  Warren was at the ER this evening.  We'll have to go to the orthopedist this week for an MRI.  Ironically, we were just saying how it has been ages since we've had to go to the ER w/ the kids and isn't it great.  Irony, huh?

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  1. Is it the Super Simple Songs rendition of "Dem Bones?" My kids love that. They watch it all the time and move around to it.

    Love the backbone idea. What a cool way to practice lacing large-scale.