Friday, January 11, 2013

Bojan's gifts take 2/ technology

Well, post #5.  Half way there for this evening but not sure I'll make all ten post goal tonight.  Came back from a short bike ride and am just really tired tonight.  Truly  hope it's just a fluke.  See, today we had homeschool academy classes.  You know, lots of people, small enclosed space.  3 ladies I talked to had already had the flu this season.  Irina was in a class where the kid had been sick this week!  Was not happy about that as the kid was still coughing and such.  She told Irina (my germ-a-phobe if you remember) that it was now just a cold.  Call me paranoid but I would keep my kids home from others and used to when they were in public school.  Again, I think I'm just tired.  We've had our windows open all week and keep the house clean but you know how it goes, it's in the air.  And I'm one of those folks who doesn't get the flu shot.  Let's just say I did it once and that was a big mistake for me.  That's how we found out I'm allergic to eggs.  LOL.  Apparently, really allergic when their injected into my arm.  Crazy stuff.  So, I don't get it.  I think out of all my kids, Alex and Bojan have been sick once w/ the flu.  Hoping we come out okay this flu season but I've talked to so, so many that are sick.  Those who've had the shot and those who've not.  Thinking this virus isn't picky at who it chooses.  LOL. 

Anyhow, back to Bojan.  Boy, sidetracked central tonight.  Bojan also got another gift from the same family. 

Again, out of order.  Sorry.  Bojan a little perplexed w/ all these accessories in the kit and nothing to go with it.

Bojan getting ready to open it up.

Everyone anxious to see what is inside.  Love how it doesn't matter who's birthday it is, they are all generally interested.

Bojan opened up the next package and figured out why he got the accessory kit.  

Nik looks super excited.  Bojan was reading what it was and then asked how did she know I didn't have one.

Bojan received a Sony mp-3 player! 

Bojan checking everything out and reading all that it does.

Bojan absolutely has enjoyed this gift.  I mean he takes it with him and listens often.  Great gift for someone who loves music.  Bojan is 14 now and slowly moving into the tech age.  He has an mp-3 player now, an e-reader and we're going to be giving him a tablet.  He doesn't know that part yet.  Not a fancy one.  It was one of those $60 deals.  But, he doesn't need the special ed apps like his sibs do so this will be perfect for him.  Plus, makes up for the one his sibs broke this past year.  He and the girls had received tablets from Santa in 2011.  Yana's melted, Irina's broke and Bojan's got destroyed.  After him using my computer the other day, I figured it was time he can look some stuff up on his own.  In addition, Bojan is extremely responsible.  I do not worry about him at all.  We don't let our kids have technology early on.  Just who we are despite Warren working for the largest privately owned software company in the world.  So, you HAVE to be tech savvy and many that work there have quite the technology assortment.  And that's okay, it's part of their job.  Our job as parents though is to make sure the kids grow up in an appropriate manner, learning right from wrong, etc.  For us, it's setting limits and this is one of  Not a one of our kids has a cell phone.  Not even myself.  When I left the business world, I figured I wasn't working, I didn't need the extra expense.  My kids can get a cell phone when they get jobs.  Just how it is here. I know many in my kids elementary school had a cell phone.  Little 6yo's walking around w/ phones.  Really??  Don't you always know where that age child is??  I mean, my 6yo's if they weren't in school were at home.  What was the point of them having a phone?  

Gee, sidetracked again.  Just think it's time for Bojan to move forward w/ technology.  He is definitely ready for it.  My two 12yo's are clearly NOT ready for it and it will be quite some time for them I feel.  Got to remember, Logan had full access in Bulgaria to anything.  He went straight for sites he had no right to be on.  He knew right where to go.  I'd love to hear what others do w/ their teens and technology.  What age do you all feel is appropriate.  The girls have ipod touches they bought w/ their money.  Max has a computer he purchased from working.  I know we may appear to be in the dark ages not letting our elementary kids have all sorts of technology but for us, I think it works.  Hope so anyways.  I have seen too many of my friends' kids get in trouble early on.  Many online trouble.  I just think to be online, you need a certain level of maturity.  It's a big responsibility.  Hope that made sense.  Lots of rambling really.  Very curious as to what everyone's opinion is on age of technology access. 

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