Friday, January 11, 2013

Bojan's Birthday gifts

As you know, Bojan turned 14yo this past weekend.  He received money from both sets of grandparents.  Asked what he was going to do with it and he said save it.  I said good idea.  Though he keeps asking to go to Target so not really sure how long it will be saved for. 

He also received a few gifts from a friend of ours in NJ.  Her family is always so sweet to think of all the kids. 

He looks just thrilled for me to be taking pictures.  

Bojan opening up his present which he guessed was posters.

Nik , Summer and Alyona waiting to see what is on it.

Bojan, kind of stunned at what he received.  He LOVES Dr. Who.  Big, big fan.  These were two big, tall Dr. Who posters.

Bojan said, "oh yeh, these are going up!"  He rolled it back up, grabbed some push pins and they've been up on the walls ever since.  Loves it!  And, mom is glad the walls aren't empty any more.  Thank you Heather, Joe and Emma! 

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