Friday, January 11, 2013

Birthday Boys

This past weekend was Bojan and Warren's birthdays.  Bojan turned 14.  Can hardly believe it for sure.  This year, we are starting a new tradition and essentially doing away w/ all the birthday parties they had.  Seem to just take up time and ended up being rather costly when all is said and done.  Before you all freak out b/c trust me, I've already heard a few comments on this issue, they still get gifts from relatives, we still have cake and sing to them, and they still will be getting an annual Halloween party & a summer party w/ friends.  That's for those that think their party experience will be deprived.  LOL.  Not by a long shot.  Plus, we all voted on this as a family and all agreed.  So, this family Birthday Bash is coming up next weekend.  Wahoo!!!  Snow tubing.  But this past weekend, we had cake for Bojan and Warren.

Camera hog of course.  He loves helping me put on the candles.  

Warren's cake.  Phew, we had enough candles.

Bojan's cake.  They all wanted chocolate on chocolate.  I always make homemade icing.  This time, did one box cake and one homemade cake.  The kids liked the homemade cake and so did Warren.  I did not though.  So, probably have to make it again as majority rules here.  

I put this one up b/c there are just too many expressions going on at the same time.  

Bojan getting ready to blow out his candles.  Nik of course is recording the whole thing w/ Summer's Innotab as hers has a camera on it.

Max helping to light all those candles.  House may catch on fire!  LOL.

Warren blowing out the candles.  Everyone just wants some cake.  It was only us and two other kids over.  Small but nice.  Cake was good too.

More great expressions.

Max checking out to see if he got burned, Nik reviewing his video and everyone else just waiting for the cake to be served.  Was a noneventful night but nice.  All of us are excited about the upcoming Birthday Bash which takes place next weekend.  Should be interesting for sure. 

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