Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A birthday Surprise

Today is Wednesday.  Yes, I know I have a ton more to catch up on but seriously could not do another post before posting what happened to me yesterday. 

URGHH!!!  Blogger keeps making my photos out of order.  Can you tell how excited Alyona is?

All of them checking it out.

Alyona and everyone waiting to see what is in a box addressed to ME.

The resident handyman put it together for me of course.  

Kids thought the best part was the water bottle.

I LOVE the color and the gift.  The bike was from my parents!  Thank you MOM and DAD!!!  I thought it was extremely thoughtful that they know I'm trying to get back in shape.  this will help immensely for sure.  Can't wait to ride it.  Tires need to be pumped up and pump was in Warren's car.  I'll let you know tomorrow how it feels to ride again.  See, I used to ride everywhere.  Had a bike up until a few years ago.  Kids broke if of course.  

In college though, I rode everywhere.  And I mean everywhere.  Loved to ride better than anything else.  I ran too but hated to run.  Biking was my passion, my love in regards to exercise.  I've always wanted to ride again but just didn't seem in the cards until yesterday.  Not only did I get giddy like a little girl when I opened it, but it spurred on something in Irina as well.  See, she also got a brand new bike for Christmas but had yet to even ride it.  Today, she went on her first bike ride and plans to keep up with it!  Reni wants to ride w/ me everyday.  I'm fine with that.  Who knows, maybe all of us can enter the MS150 they do every year here.  Warren and I did it years ago.  Though due to heat exhaustion, I never could finish it.  Can you imagine all of us riding in it though?  who knows.  For now, very grateful for the birthday gift and ready to ride.  More on the Biggest Loser Challenge we currently have going on in the house.  Off to cook dinner. 

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