Friday, December 21, 2012

Meadow Lights

Wednesday night, we decided to go to Meadow Lights.  It was Summer's birthday and really just a good day to go. 

Waiting in line to go in.  Though it's a long line, it goes fairly quickly.

Just a super scary shot.  She's wearing her invisibility cloak.

Look, Alyona is actually holding Yana's hand and they're not fighting.  Christmas miracle.  

Yeh, the older boys look thrilled to be there, huh?  Yes, some places we do drag them along.  Because once there, they'll typically have a good time.  Even if it's just checking out the chicks.  LOL.

Some of the girls posing for the camera.

Nik and Summer waiting for the train.  They could hardly stand it.


Nik on the train ride.  It's great b/c the train takes you around to see all the lights for just $2 a person.  Reasonable.

Here's the part that I don't like.  $6 per person per photo.  STrict rules about taking any photos w/ your own camera.  That's fine as I know they need to make money but if you don't pay, they truly seem to rush you along.  And, they wanted all mine to go up at once instead of one at a time w/ Santa.  They did the same w/ the couple in front of us who didn't opt for photos either.  Oh well.  They did get to see Santa and smiled just as big.  

The rest decided to check out the candy shop but it was emptied out.  A friend of ours said the same thing when they went this year as well.  Then, Bojan went to the van to wait.  Too much pain to stand around again.  Working on a solution.  Canceled Duke's appointment and calling Shriners on Monday. 

Got home and a note on the porch w/ no name to look in Warrens' car.  There were all sorts of breads in there!

And pasteries and pies!  No name w/ who put it there.  Crazy, huh?!  We were thrilled with all the goodies and breads.  Comes in handy this time of year.

Had a good time for sure.  We all do enjoy going each year.  More to come.  Dinner time.  Very , very late dinner this evening.  Hey, it's that time of year. 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

What we CRAVE

Yes, time for another CRAVEBOX this month.  I think this was the winter one.

We woke up and this was waiting for us on the front porch.

3 envelopes inside filled w/ a recipe book and coupons.

Some of our goodies laid out on the table.

Chili sauce and a recipe to make meatballs w/ it.  4 sample packets of bodywash.  Mary Kay lip gloss.  Golden Butternut Squash Soup by Campbells.  Okay, so that soup was GROSS.  Yuck!  We all tried it.  All hated it.  Sorry, not a winning endorsement but really don't waste your money.  FREE coupons for lots of goodies.  And breakfast cookies.  Those were delicious and only 230 calories.

Just look at all the amazing FREE products we'll be getting!  Can't wait.  Box was well worth it this month given all those free coupons that came with it.  We have ordered the teen box for next month.  Had the opportunity to order multiple boxes but since I don't know what's in it, don't want to buy more than one.  Can't wait to see what the next box brings. 

Music to our ears

The other night, Tuesday, Bojan had a concert for band.  He plays the trumpet.

Double trouble.  I made them try on their suits.  Both small.  So, traded.  Bojan was able to wear Max's jacket.  Though I did not know it had a major hole in the arm.  URGHH!!!  Need to find them some suits soon.  More Bojan than Max though b/c of the concerts.  So, if you see some on sale, do let me know folks. 

Waiting for the show to start is well, boring.  I'll be honest.  You just wait.

Bojan, getting ready for his concert.

Doesn't look nervous, does he?

Alex photo bombing a picture.  Got to love it.  Didn't really take any pictures of Bojan playing.  I didn't want to be rude and frankly, I wanted to really just listen to the music.  I used to be in band in high school as well as Warren.

Shoot, even during intermission Bojan & his buddies end up sitting with us.  Sometimes I think we're a kid magnet section.

Yana and Summer enjoying the show.

Nik, letting us know he's had enough of the show.  We were there for over 2 and a half hours total.  They did pretty well for sitting there that long.  Okay, so I did threaten taking away Summer's birthday cake the next day and Christmas presents one at a time.  

Bojan in the back during stage band.  He was in a lot of pain at this time.  We're going to figure out how to get to Shriners.  We're done with Duke at this point.  He can't live in pain the rest of his life at only 13yo.  Anyhow, back to the concert.  He did well and we enjoyed listening to the show.  The only complaint I have has nothing to do with Bojan.  I thought it was a Christmas concert.  So did many other parents and many were in festive red.  The music was more dismal and bleak feeling.  Guess it was supposed to symbolize winter?  Not sure.  I miss hearing kids today playing classic Christmas music such as jingle Bells or Rudolf, etc.  Now, stage band played more upbeat music but nothing Christmas like.  Think Thriller by Michael Jackson.  Yes, they did.  What counts though is we got to listen to a good show.  Thankful for that and proud of Bojan for taking band and practicing to get where he is.  He is in 7th grade band and Stage Band.  Those of you second guessing whether your child w/ limb differences should play, let them try it out.  We weren't sure w/ his fingers if he'd be able to play an instrument.  Bojan does just fine.  Well done Bojan!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Max's drawings

Time for this again.  Max has been working on a train to send to his grandfather.  Hope it turns out well when he's done.  He'll tear off the perforated edges when done.  Tell me what you think.

A picture of a train Max started to draw.  

A bit of a closer view so you can see it all.  I think the detail is amazing.  

An even closer view so you can see all the details.

Back away so you can see more of the engine.  I think he did an awesome job thus far.  He's not done yet.  Would love to take a picture of the whole thing once he's done.  Maybe in a few days.  Who knows, maybe Lionel would love his drawings one day and make a print.   For now, I just think it's pretty cool.

Goodie Day at work

Today was goodie day at SAS.  (Daddy's work).  So, kids and I made some things for Warren to take to work with him. 

We made red velvet cupcakes with homemade butter cream icing.  

Yum.  At first I had help putting the sprinkles on.  I quickly realized I should not have help putting them on. 

 Alyona helped to crush the peppermint candy canes for the peppermint bark.

She took her work very seriously.

Now, try doing it in heels a few sizes too big.  LOL.  

So, today was goodie day at SAS and Warren took what we made.  Came home and it is also Summer's birthday today.  Separate post on that.  Much to catch you all up on for sure.  Anyhow, we had pizza and went off to Meadow Lights this evening.  Had a great time.  It's just $2 to ride the little train and see the lights.  Fantastic!  Kids visited w/ Santa.  Candy store was literally wiped out.  It's an old fashioned candy store.  After we came home, had a big package on teh front porch.  Kids went in and opened it.  A case of....toilet paper!  We were all laughing.  Love it!  Hey, the practical gifts are the ones you love the most.  Kids were not as thrilled w/ toilet paper as mom was though.  But earlier today, they received yet another box.  In it were 96 packages of those individual boxes of cereal.  The kids were screaming and cheering.  Can you tell I rarely buy them cereal?  LOL.  Can we have some?  Requesting all different kinds once they read what was inside.  I told them we should really save them for our camping trips b/c these are just perfect for it.  We travel again in January.  But, I agreed they could have some tomorrow for breakfast.  Compromise.  Thanks so much Heather!  We love it.  

In addition to the box on the porch, there was a separate note saying to look in Warren's car.  There were a bunch of loaves of bakery breads and pastries and cookies.  Covered our counter.  Have no idea who brought it over.  Just know it will get eaten for sure.  Thank you so much whoever you are.  

Kids are still up.  I have a bunch going on but will catch up here sooner or later.  Probably tomorrow you'll see five to ten posts of catching up.  I have an early IEP meeting for Max and contractor coming tomorrow evening.  School tomorrow for the kids.  Got to get going here.  We're still here just super duper busy the last few days.  Pictures will be coming in the next few posts and also a bit of what's happening around here. 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Reni's drawing

I always share Nik and Max but rarely Reni's drawings.  Thought it was time.

Reni drew this yesterday and gave it to me.  She is always so proud after she draws something.  This has the trampoline on the left and the blue circle on the right is the pool.  Love the half done fence.  Hey, it is truly half done.  Love the people playing and the sun is smiling.  Just seems like a happy home w/ butterflies and birds around it.  This is how she sees our home now.  I think it is just lovely, don't you?  

Tonight we have Bojan's band concert so not quite sure what all we'll get done this evening.  Will try to post more after they go to bed.  So much to share.  Just thought you'd all like to see one of Reni's drawings for a change. 

Monday, December 17, 2012

Manic Monday

Where do my weekends go??  Really, they are just too fast.  Here goes what we're up to this coming week.

  • Bojan has a band concert Tuesday night
  • Summer's birthday is Wednesday
  • Summer is having a party on Saturday
  • Max has an IEP meeting Wednesday
  • Going to Meadow Lights this week
  • Need to Christmas shop this week
  • Baking goodies today for Warren to take to work tomorrow
  • Kids are going to learn a hard lesson this week (& this time I'm sticking to it!)
  • Speech therapist comes this week
  • Kids are excited for Christmas
  • Air Duct people NOR Groupon have called or written me back.  I'm beyond ticked b/c that is $69
  • Selling stuff around the house
  • Haven't gotten Christmas cards out yet.  Or written for that matter.
  • House got cleaned this weekend
  • Homeschoolers don't want to work
  • Public school kids have early release on Thursday
  • Need to reserve for Birthday Bash
  • Need to reserve for Bulgarian Reunion 
  • Haven't heard from UNC yet regarding eval for Nik
  • Need to winterize the rv
  • Speech therapist called & we won't see her until next year
  • Mouse traps aren't working.  Back to the ones that work.  
  • Bunkbeds got picked up today (using money of selling to pay for beds the younger boys recently got)
  • Summer was in tears today!  She was beyond happy.  My friend Dee in GA sent her her very own Innotab.  Yep, she hasn't let it go.  LOL.  More later.
  • Warren is cooking fish for dinner
  • Need to go through Logan's clothes
  • Need to send in vision claims
  • Need to write thank yous
  • Hoping to get a family portrait done this weekend
  • Still deciding on Bojan's ortho issues
  • Would love to have gone to the Mayan end of the world party our friends are throwing but can't this go around.  However, kids & I may celebrate anyhow.  Of course, ours will probably be a bit more low key.  
  • Missing the FASD support group meeting this month
Okay, so that's what I can think of off the top of my head.  It's going to be a busy week but I think a good kind of busy.  I'm excited about so many things right now and that's not a bad place to be.   I'm actually looking forward to trying to lose weight.  Did great today till later this evening.  Warren and I are getting up every morning and walking first thing before kids are up.  Great way to start the day.  Well, need to go.  The list is lengthy but it will get done.  Hope everyone's week is a relaxing one. 

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Blessings Abound!

One day, I hope to be more proficient at saying thank you in a timely manner.  I know folks do things out of the kindness of their hearts but I've always taught my kids to be grateful and pay it forward.  We had a discussion on this topic last Sunday at this house.  Anyhow, would love to share some of the awesome food blessings as of late.  And remember, it is Christmas time...aka goodie time.  LOL.

Our homeschooling friend Jennifer and family brought these to our house the other day & graced us w/ their presence for a few hours so all the kids could play together.  Was a wonderful visit.  I had to snap a quick shot or these would have been gone.  Well, they were gone w/in about 2 minutes.

Not sure how many on here know that read this blog, but I grew up knowing about the Russian Orthodox faith as my grandfather was Russian Orthodox.  Know quite a bit about traditions, Julian Calender, etc.  My uncle still attends a Russian Orthodox church as he is of that faith as well.  The ladies there make homemade baklawa every year at this time.  My uncle, the kind guy that he is, thinks of us every year and gives us 2 containers full.  They of course are devoured eaten within minutes of arriving here. 

The other day we received a package from Coach Chris as the kids call him.  They could hardly wait to see what was inside.

There was even a letter for all the kids!  Very sweet of him to think of that.

Nik and Alyona looking inside to see what kind of goodies they received.

And one of their favorite things to do when we get packages....popping bubble wrap.  I think Santa needs to buy one of those giant rolls.

Summer, having to follow her big sibs.

Oh, these were all SO yummy!  I particularly thought the Chocorooms were great.  I'd never had them before.  Everyone had their favorites.  We dumped all of it in a bowl and passed it around while watching a Christmas movie.  I think we were watching Elf.  Very, very thoughtful of him to think of all of us during Christmas.  Was just so nice to sit down w/ movie candy and watch a movie together.  

Thanks to all those who bless us w/ not only things but their time, words, and generosity.  We try are best to pay it forward and to set an example to others.