Saturday, November 24, 2012

Great Wolf Lodge-- part 8 (more water fun)

After a very long day, we then woke up to get ready to go home.  But first, some wanted to enjoy more of the water park.  Summer, Alyona, Nik, Logan, Alex and Yana were the only ones who wanted to go again.  I think everyone else was just about wiped out.  LOL. 

Reni and I went in to check on everyone and give them a time check.

They look like their batteries are dying down.

But wait, the camera hogs will smile for you!

Just a shot of a small portion of this place.

HOnestly, I think Nik could live in the water like Daredevil(the movie).

Summer did not need a life vest in here but I insisted.  Especially, since Alyona was the one watching her.

Nik, jumping some waves.  Now, what you don't see is when he jumped and landed face down on the concrete underneath.  Ouch!  He had a red face and black and blue eyes.

Another shot just to show you how massive this place is.

Max and Reni just chilling and waiting for the others to be done.

Irina is a bit tired.  Passed out.

Bojan leg was still hurting pretty badly from the fall the day before so he opted to stay in the room and watch some movie.  Relaxing in other words.  

One more post left on Great Wolf Lodge vacation and then a catch up post on a few happenings around here.  Been a very busy weekend.  We are still working non-stop.  Crazy but good.  More soon.  Ready to wrap up our vacation posts. 

Great Wolf Lodge-- part 7 (dinner out)

While in the lodge, I explore all those pamphlets and books they give you on discounts as you just never know. Well, happen to come across one that may work out for our family.  20% off total bill at Denny's if you show your GWL band.  Works for us.  See, we'd had a whole day of playing, running around, etc.  Frankly, all I wanted was a nice juicy burger.  Hot, served to me.  LOL.  We told the kids this would count as our December out to eat deal and all agreed.  And by this time at night, we were all starving so they'd agree to just about anything.  Typically, we'll try to take the kids out once a month.  So off to Denny's it was.

Everyone deciding what they want.

Nik likes the menus you can write all over.  

Yes, this is a sign you have ten kids.  When you go out and could careless how they look.  Just happy they can do things for themselves.  Like hair.  Summer is sporting a pony tail w/ her bangs.  

Older kids showing younger ones devious tricks you can do w/ the straws.

I know you can't really tell from the picture.  Reni, w/ her hand to her head was having a complete meltdown.  Remember, this place is nothing but stimulation.  She just couldn't handle one more thing, even if it was just eating.  Warren was quietly talking to her and she was just physically exhausted.  She quit crying after a bit and enjoyed the meal.   PI kids truly are different w/ things.

Resting when we got back and waiting for Warren to park the car.  We need sturdy furniture in our home like this.  

Nik wanted his picture taken in front of the story tower.

Like brother, like sister.

Though exhausted, Reni was up to a picture too.  Then she crashed in the room.

Like I said, this hotel is all about the details.  Right down to the scounces.  Love it.  

And this tells you how Day 2 went at the lodge.  Summer zonked out w/ her stuffed wolf she made.  They all pretty much passed out after dinner.  Day 3 post coming later today.  We're getting lots done today but so much more to do.  Crazy.  One thing at a time though.  Stay tuned for more. 

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Great Wolf Lodge-- part 6 (water park fun)

I really do need to finish up these posts.  Today is Thanksgiving and haven't done anything on that yet.  We've just been super duper busy today.  Max and Bojan are officially in their new room.  Stuff all moved in.  They have started taping up the walls and tomorrow is painting day.  May even get a few light fixtures up.  They're room will be done.  We started cleaning up the younger boys' room and moved all the girls' stuff into that room as well.  Once the built-ins are done (here's hoping we can afford that), we'll take all the girls' stuff out of there and that room will be done.  This should all be w/in the next two weeks.  Once that's done, the real work begins and we will definitely be needing help converting that garage.  It will be a lot of work but worth it once done.  This new arrangement will work so much better for everyone.  Even more space for more kiddos if necessary.  I know, big projects during the holidays are never a good idea but that seems to be our timing in the past so we're sticking with it.  May even get a Christmas Tree up tomorrow.  I used to have many to choose from.  SEe, used to work in a florist/ design shop.  So, I got the trees, 75% off the wholesale price.  So one of my $700 trees cost me $75.  Yep.  It was 10.5 feet and gorgeous!  Looked so real.  Now, we have nothing left as the hot water heater a few years ago busted under the house and ALL Christmas decorations were ruined and molded.  Everything.  We're slowly trying to get it all back via yardsales, goodwill and such but still miss my tree.  So, this year, it will be a real one from the farmer.  May go pick it out tomorrow between paint jobs.  We'll see.  So much to share but need to first get the Great Wolf Lodge trip finished up.  Here we go.

Realizing her bathing suit was too small.  Hey, at least she remembered one unlike big brother Max.

 Alyona, Summer and myself getting ready to go down the waterslides.

Bojan even got the wheelchair ride.  They saw him struggling at the lodge and asked if he wanted to use this to get around.  Made it so much easier for him.  

Daddy and Summer getting ready to hit the wave pool.

Nik took time from the big boy rides to share some time w/ his sister.

Max, Reni and Nik posing for a brief moment for a picture.

Summer deciding where to go next.

Max hanging out in the wave pool.  Really was a cool wave pool.  

 Summer, jumping some waves.

Nik, Alex, Reni and Alyona stopped long enough for a quick snap.  

Irina changed and ready to go out for dinner.  Wasn't in the original plans but found a big bargain and plus we all wanted something nice and hot after a long day at the park playing.  

Nik, tucking in Summer's animal.  

Nik, such a camera hog.  Reni was drying her hair.

Boys, eating before going out to dinner.  Figures.  They were snacking on granola bars and apples.

Thought it'd be a good idea for a group shot before we left.  

At first, it looked promising.  LOL.  

Not much I could do.  One day, we'll get a professional portrait done.  One day.  Shoot, I still haven't gotten one done from last year when the kids first came home.  I take lots of pictures but family portraits have slacked off lately.  Hoping to get one done SOON for Christmas.  Guess I should get started on that.  LOL. 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Great Wolf Lodge-- part 5 (Magiquest)

It was after the exploring that we decided to go do the Magiquest adventure.  See, a friend of mine let us borrow 5 wands.  And, gave us money to enjoy the adventure itself!  Very grateful otherwise they would not have had this opportunity. 

 Reni, Summer and Alyona getting ready to go.

Already starting.  

At the store, waiting for them to explain how it all works.  Cool staff!

All kinds of neat things to read about.  

Even Summer wanted to get in on the action.  BTW, people in the lodge walk around all the time in either bathing suits or pajamas.  Kind of cool.

Part of the top of the fireplace w/ wolves.  You can point to all kinds of things.  The bear above a large hallway lights up when you point the wand to it.

I think he's hoping Mom will disappear but it's not happening.

All of them trying to get the picture to light up.

Bojan doing I don't know what.

Irina bought this giant candy apple.

All their displays were just cool to look at.

Could have stayed there all day at the candy shop.

I bought a lb. and a half of fudge.  That was part of our gift card treat we used.  Each of us got a piece of chocolate fudge and mint swirl fudge.  Yummy!  Just another treat that we got to enjoy thanks to the generosity of friends.

Beginnings of a sugar coma.  I did not realize the child had drank about 5 cups of soda and then downed the fudge.  Not kidding either.  Yeh, that was a parenting slip up.  I mean really, who lets their kids drink that much?!

Alex, a bit tired.  And this was before part 2 of the water park.  I think he was just trying to stay awake.

Logan decided he really likes fudge and how come we never buy it.  Umm, a bit too expensive for a family of 12.

And this child would eat a cricket as long as it was covered in chocolate.  

We all really did enjoy that sweet treat and the Magiquest.  Fun stuff.  Next post is on the second part of the water park and what we decided to do that evening.