Thursday, November 1, 2012

Blessings abound

I can never get around to thank everyone when something is received by our family.  For that, I am truly sorry as I would love to recognize each & everyone of you for your generosity.  Though I know in my heart that is NOT why you do what you do to help our family, it's just what we would love to be able to do.  But then life gets in the way & I totally forget the little things that were blessed upon our family.  Trust me, it never goes unnoticed and the kids always want to try to return the favor.  We were given little odds and ends for Halloween such as glow sticks and fingernails to complete costumes.  It was wonderful!  And definitely came in handy.  Each one of those items was used. 

More recently, someone came by the other day while we were outside.  She dropped off a bag full of clothes.  Perfect timing as we just realized Summer has 2 pair of pants that fit and like 3 winter shirts that fit.  She still needs more but it helped to receive a few out of the blue.  The girls and boys also had clothes in there and they love them.  Thank you Margie!  This type of thing helps immensely.

Nik received a belated birthday present.  Can you believe it?!  He was so excited.

Caught his eyes as they were closing.  LOL.  

Such a cool game that they went to play it right away.  

Cool map of Manhattan.  Really cool.  Makes you want to go.  I'd really never seen a map done that way and we all enjoyed looking and studying it for awhile.  Kids now think NC is not so exciting.  LOL.  The game even came with a handy carry pouch.  Love it, no lost pieces.  Thanks a bunch Hannah and Anna!   So sweet of others to think of our kids. 

When you have a big family, it is hard sometimes to think of the "extras."  Makes it that much more special when we do receive a gift cert to a restaurant or for groceries.  It means we can treat the kids that day to something out of the ordinary.  Big families tend to concentrate on the necessities versus wants.  Shoot, many, many families no matter the family size do.  And that's okay.  Just truly a big blessing when something out of the blue arrives or something we get to do that normally we would not.  

Our kids missed out on quite a bit during their childhood due to being in orphanages.   We try to give them experiences they either missed out on or that they would enjoy.  That is why we love to try to go camping and things of that nature.  But the other things such as gifts, treats to Wendys, educational items, etc. are things that are very much enjoyed as well by all the kids.  Things that we may not always be able to give due to tight budgets.  We have therapies and medical expenses that must take precedence so when we get blessed by others please know the thank you truly comes from the bottom of our hearts.  It really does mean more than just the gift itself.  It means my children get to experience a bit more joy, a new experience, a new game, etc.  It's part of childhood really.  And because they missed so much of it in Eastern Europe, I want them to be able to experience every single bit of it here.  So when I say that blessings abound, I mean it.  It touches my heart every time I see the look on their faces.  Some of my kids had a very rough childhood in Russia or Bulgaria.  You all restore a piece of it every single time.  Thank you I know is not enough but that's all I have for now. 

Halloween Day (part 2)

Well, yesterday was Halloween.  Quite the haul for all yet they've consumed 3 big bowls thus far.  I know most parents would scatter it out but found in the past, just best to get the stuff out of here and gone.  Not hard to do when you're splitting it amongst 12 people and their friends as well.  I have some hidden that the kids don't know about yet.  May take it on the trip w/ us.  May not. LOL. 

We were getting costumes on and seeing what we needed to do to make them work.  Nik and his ghost.  All he wanted to be was a ghost.

Summer, just being Summer.  Always has a smile.  This was her before we went and witnessed the accident.

Girls deciding what accessories they wanted w/ their costumes.

 Frankly, I'm not sure what's going on here.  I think it's supposed to be dinner.

Summer, starting to get her costume ready.  Nik not missing a photo op.

The bunch we were taking w/ us trick or treating.

Why I bothered to take a picture of this I'm not sure.

Reni, in her vampire dress.  No make up on yet at this point.

Zombie #1.  Alex was one too but batteries ran out of the camera.

Wonder Woman Alyona.

Irina putting make up on Logan.  Umm, shortly after this we realized he must be allergic to it.

What kind of look is that?!  Don't you just love the clutter counter in the background.

Yana helping Reni get her spider nails on.  These are more of pain than what they're worth.  LOL.  

Now, Logan told Irina how he wanted it painted.  I think he confused zombie w/clown. 

And part of the haul here!  

We dump all the candy out on the table.  Just easier this way then marking it.  All in all, great Halloween.  Well, except for Logan being allergic to the make-up, Yana messing up our house handing out candy, and Summer having to make a pit stop at someone's house.  Other than all that, fine.  Hope you all had fun as well.  Great time was had by all.  Now, we're all in sugar comas today.

Our Halloween Day (part 1)

Yesterday was hard as you can imagine.  They're all muddling along.  The house is so quiet.  There's no barking.  None.  We miss his bark immensely believe it or not.  Even w/ twelve of us in here, it's too quiet.   But, life must go on. And today it did.  Max had his MRA at the hospital this morning.  Results are next week. 

Warren and I had appointments.  Just regular checkups.  Warned the doc that my bp would be high just due to the amount of stress the last 2 weeks.  She believed me when we got a call in the middle of our appointment.  Sure enough, it was Irina calling to tell us something.

Nik and Logan were playing ball.  Van window was the unintended target.  Being repaired tomorrow.  No, no stress doc.  LOL.  I told her I haven't slept for days, I can't breathe, etc.  Apparently, I have a sinus infection.  Truly, I thought I could shake it on my own.  Doc said I've suffered enough.  So, bring on the drugs.  I'm on a ten day course.  She also suggested Benedryl at night so I can get knocked out.  We got routine blood draws and she scheduled my mammogram.  Haven't had one for 3 years since I had a lump removed.  So that will be in the near future.  Not worried at all.  Just routine.  We were going to get Tdap boosters w/ whopping cough but apparently they're out.  So, that's on the books for whenever they come in.  

After doc, came home, inspected window.  Yep, broken.  So, called our glass company & got that lined up for tomorrow.  And yes, we do have our own glass company we've used MORE than once.  More on them later.  They do deserve their own post.  Anyhow, went to run to Staples real quick to turn in ink cartridges and check on the printer that was ordered.  Took Summer and Nik with us so that they wouldn't be in the way.  Told everyone we'd be right back so they could go to the party.  

As we're getting ready to turn into the shopping center, BAM!  Accident right in front of us.  Told the doc I wasn't kidding.  It was a bad one.  I ran out to help along w/ another lady.  Tried to help the victims as it was pretty rough.  911 was called immediately by many and help arrived quickly.  Way to go Garner FD and EMS!  We were of course witnesses b/c we were directly behind the car that got hit.  Air bags deployed and the whole 9 yards.  Jaws of life used,e tc.   Thank goodness no one there understood sign b/c when the other lady & I covered up the girl that collapsed from shock, Nik asked if she was dead.  Nice one kid.   Summer and Nik handled it very well.  Needless to say, we were on our way not too long after but a bit late.  

So, dinner was not happening due to accident.  I made homemade red bliss potatoes.  Yum.  Warren did something we NEVER do.  Now, we know why as we literally haven't been to KFC for maybe 6 or 7 years.  Put it this way, no one can even remember going.  See, teens were eating at a party this evening.  So thought we could get a quick bite before getting kids ready for trick or treating.  Ha!  It is what it is.  Things happen.  Ate dinner real quick and then got ready.  

More on Halloween evening tomorrow.  For now, must sleep.  I hope.  Meds need to kick in soon.  Up note, great time trick or treating.  Wasn't w/out it's mishaps of course.  Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween.  I'm beat.  Good night.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

RIP King Kota

A very, very difficult post to write on so many levels.  Today, we had to put our dog Kota down.  He is gone.  It's hard to even write those words as I still can't wrap my head around it myself.  For those that don't know, we  brought Kota and Alaska home 2 years ago when they were puppies.  Brand new puppies.

You were the cutest puppy ever!  So right at home.

You loved laying on your back.  Signs we were told of a calm dog.  

The best Christmas present any of us could have asked for.  See, we had just lost our beloved Bear.  Our 125 lb. flat coated retriever.  You and Alaska brought life back into the house for sure.  

You were a wonderful puppy.  Mischievous but what puppy isn't?  You'd cuddle up w/ us all the time.  Always there for us.  You and Alaska played non-stop.  And then  you grew up a bit more.  

Always loved the outdoors even in the snow.

Anyone could pick you up.  What a cute pup.  Loving, devoted dog.

You put up with 4 toddlers I watched during the day and our seven kids the rest of the day.  No easy feat for any pooch being surrounded by kids all the time.  But, you loved it.  You loved the attention.

We will miss everything about you.  Every bit of it.  We will miss how you'd have your special place on the couch.  We will miss how you go under our bed every night.  You were way to big but somehow managed to fit under the bed.  

We will miss as  you grew up how your one ear would always stick up and the other one down.  

We will surely miss how as a puppy and as a dog you would stick your tongue out just a bit as you would sleep.  

We will miss your spirit and your spunk as a puppy and a dog.  Your sister played with you every single day as did each of  the kids.  You'd greet the kids home from school with kisses and tail wagging.  You were such a faithful dog to 'your people.'  You loved them all unconditionally.  

You loved sleeping on the arm of the couch. 

That never changed.  And the kids would hang on to you.  Your other favorite place to sleep was on the stairs w/ your paws hanging out the spindles. 

There are way too many things to name that we loved about you.  How you'd curl up under my feet while I was typing on this blog.  Or how every single morning you'd jump up, put your front paws on the bed and wag your tail for us to get up.  You were the only dog of the three to look out the window when we left.  You loved your family.  

We will miss chanting to you every now and then.  "King Kota, King, King Kota."  You loved it.  We will miss you looking up at the fridge for your cookies.  You loved cookies and pigs ears of course.  You were a playful dog.  Always playing with Alaska or tug of war with the kids.  You have left quite a legacy Kota.  We already greatly miss your bark and your greetings.  Never have I seen a dog more happy to see his family than you.  Never.  Out of all the dogs we've ever had, you were the one who seem to love his family the most.  You truly wanted us around.  Protested by not eating when we'd go on vacation.  You hated being apart from your family.  

You provided comfort and companionship.  Though Max complained about taking you for a walk every night, he sure didn't mind you sharing a chair w/ him.

As you know Kota, we have some very traumatized children living here. I think you were aware of that.  You were always, always there if and when our kids who needed comfort the most wanted it.  They could lay on you.  They could trust you to be there for them to share their troubles with.  Your soft fur was just nice to touch when someone wasn't feeling nice or who needed that extra bit of therapy.  You were our ultimate protector.  You never let anyone hurt your family.  We could not even tease hit each other.  You would not let that happen.  You wanted us safe. 

You were mentally ill but we didn't care.  I think that is why you were the best fit for our family.  That unconditional love with others who also suffer from mental illness.  You were there when we needed you.  You hated the guinea pig though.  I don't think he will miss you. LOL.  Surprised he was not your lunch.  

You loved going for walks.  knew which houses had dogs.  Really, just too many good things to name about you.  I guess why today was so heart wrenching.  As you lay there dying in my arms, it was all I could do not to collapse from weakness.  Arms and legs just numb w/ pain.  I've felt that pain before just a few times in my life.  It's heart break.  That's what we humans call it.  I hate it that your life had to be cut short.  The vet was wonderful with you.  She always is.  She even said this is the hardest one she has ever done.  I know you couldn't hear them Kota but the kids were all literally moaning as they were overcome w/ grief.  There were tears from everyone.  Everyone felt this goodbye.  You were King here.  Always will be.  You will never know just how much you were loved.  You will be missed forever and for always.  

R.I.P. King Kota.  Always loved. 

Monday, October 29, 2012

Manic Monday

Didn't get to this till this evening.  Getting ready to head out to a little party thing this evening.  Just ladies.  Should be a fun time.  Anyhow, thought I'd post a little of what is happening this week. 

  • Max has an IEP tomorrow.  Forgot to cancel it.  
  • Max has his ortho MRA on Wednesday morning
  • Warren and I have appointments on Wednesday afternoon
  • Halloween is Wednesday
  • No candy bought yet
  • Month flew by us
  • Max has neuro appointment on Thursday
  • Leave Friday for a camping trip
  • Ready for a break
  • Tomorrow will be a hard day for us all
  • Still nothing on the sibs of Reni & Logan.  Well, they said not there but that is not true.  Long story I'll get into later.  Frustrating to say the least.
  • Summer has a cold
  • Giving kids a test tomorrow
  • Thinking of Thanksgiving
  • Having a big Thanksgiving here this year.  ALL are invited.  
  • Having shrimp fried rice this evening
  • Love the new shed
  • Fence posts are going up.  Wahoo!!!  
  • Big surprise for kids in November
  • Speech therapy all week
  • Soccer is officially over for the season
  • Bojan still has stage band practice after school on Thursday and Fridays
  • Yana wants to join track again
  • Got absolutely none of the predicted storm here thank goodness
  • Ready to watch Castle this evening
  • Alex and Logan are severely grounded and yes, I will have a post on it b/c it deserves a post by itself
  • trying to think of Summer and Irina's birthdays in December
  • It will be a year that the 3 from Bulgaria have been home in late December
  • Is there such  thing as 'adoption fever?'  LOL
  • Loving the fall weather
  • We have a 50 lb. bag of popcorn
  • A friend brought over some clothes for the kids today
Need to get ready to go. Will have more later this evening I think.  Need to get the kids settled down a bit though.  

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Our weekend

We were boring people this weekend.  Supposedly, we were going to get hit by this storm.  Our county was even declared a disaster area beforehand.  We got...nothing.   Not really any rain or much wind.  The temperature has dropped and it is actually really pleasant outside.  So, this all really altered our plans.  See, originally we were going to work on the fence but decided not to b/c of said storm.  So, Saturday we all kind of slept in and did much of nothing all day long.  I mean we did do super duper cleaning in the house but that was about the extent of our day.  Boring. 

Today was not much different except we did actually get one row of fence posts up.  Seriously can't wait till the panels go up.  That will be awhile though.  We tried to do some more organizing and budgeting today.   Budget is becoming like elastic.  Kids hung out with friends.  Logan and Alex are royally grounded.  They were off grounding on Friday.  Why oh why don't these boys think things through first?  Just don't get it.  So, they are back to being grounded.  Extended period and partially in prison camp this go around.  Logan has never been in "prison camp" here and thus far, doesn't like it.  But, is at least smart enough not to complain.  So, if you see two boys in the yard doing various chores, you'll know why.  I'm SO glad the parent called me & told me what happened.  She is a neighbor.  She said I thought the parents should know.  And we should.  We would do the same and have in the past w/ various situations.  I think some parents are afraid to do that nowadays.  Don't be!  Kids need discipline & need to learn right from wrong.  I'm grateful for her telling me what my sons did and letting me take care of it.  She wasn't sure about calling but VERY glad she did.  My sons have written apology letters, delivering them tomorrow and grounded for a very long time.  It's part of parenting.  You must teach your kids their decisions are theirs and theirs alone to make.  I don't let any of my kids' disabilities let them get away w/ things.  This is real life.  There ARE consequences for your actions.  Today, you made the wrong choice.  Pay the price, learn from your mistakes, and become a better person from it.

Tomorrow is Monday.  Lots going on this week but that will be in Manic Monday.  For now, trying to wind down a bit.  We are so behind we haven't even carved the pumpkins yet.  October seemed to slip by us big time.  I'll get around to more posts.  I owe a few folks on one of the boards a post on stealing.  So, that is the next post.  Enjoy what's left of this weekend.  Not much.