Saturday, September 22, 2012

17 years old today! & Homecoming

I'm going to state for the record my age is wrong.  There is no way I'm old enough to have a daughter going to Homecoming.  No way.  Just saying.  Today was busy as usual but a good kind of busy.  We did not do soccer today.  We went to Camp Woodbine and I'll discuss that in another post.  For now, the one is about Yana. Today is her birthday!  She turned 17yo. So hard to believe.  Accomplishment in oh so many ways.  We brought her home at 8.5.  As you know in the adoption community, it's kind of a bit of a celebration when the kids have been home longer than they lived at the orphanage.  And, that was today.  Her life would have been totally different had she stayed over there.  I'm not sure she realizes how differently though.  We don't focus on that.  We focus on the life here and now. 

Yana didn't want anything for her birthday.  Just a dress for Homecoming and to go to the dance.  So, that is what she did.  She bought a new dress w/ her birthday money along w/ a few other things to go with it.  Dance started at 8 this evening.  Goes till 11:30 and they were going to eat afterwards.  12:30 is her time to be home.  So, I know you don't want to read a whole lot so thought I'd get to the pictures. 

One of Yana's best friends came down just to do her hair.  We LOVE this girl.  We call her our "11th child."  She practiced on Irina's hair and mine first before she did Yana's.  

The classic "Mom, I told you not now!" picture.  Have to have one of those  you know.  

Nice guy and great sport to put up with all the little kids wanting to ask ten thousand questions and look at his tie.  Poor guy.  Hey, he knows this is Chaos Manor as he lives a few doors down from us.  Clearly, we did not think this through...a shot in the kitchen.  It was dark outside though.  We're learning.  

 Great sports these three letting me take pictures.  You all know those teen shots are rare and typically, I don't take many of them and post them in respect for their privacy.  However, it IS Homecoming tonight and I AM the Mom.  LOL.  It's my duty to take pictures of my kids finally dressed up.  

 Yana with her date.  Though I've been told we are just friends mom.  You other moms know the lecture you get if you dare make the assumption.  LOL. 

Yana with one of her friends.  They've been friends for awhile now.  

17 years old and all smiles.  Growing up fast.  Thought she looked beautiful tonight.  Hope she has fun at her Homecoming.  Thanks all for letting me take a few pictures.  And, for putting up with all the commotion in the room.  Trying to keep camera hogs out of the picture was tough.     Happy 17th Birthday Yana!  Hope you had a wonderful time.

Field Trip Friday (part 2)

We left off sitting outside enjoying the shade finally and the nice weather.  It truly was a spectacular day.  Relaxing despite all the running around.

Ahh, they thought of my kids before they came.  LOL.  Alyona was so proud of herself b/c she read the sign all by herself.  

Reni, ready for her pizza to come.  Remember, she's our pizza fanatic.

This is where we went.  Small little place but tons of character and the waiter was wonderful.  They have a place inside and outside to eat.

Irina and Summer enjoying each other's company on the last day of Summer.  Fall started today.  

This is by far the best pizza we have ever had.  The best.  We definitely are going again.  Next time they have a groupon.  It's half price w/ the groupon deal so it helps a lot.  

Summer handling that glass cup like a pro.  No sippy cups so you go with the flow.  Glass it is.  And not even a one spill!  I still think she is so stinking cute.

Alyona looking very sweet.  She really enjoyed her pizza.

Sign of a successful trip is always a sleeping child. 

Field Trip Friday (part 1)

On Fridays, the homeschoolers and I will have either fun Friday or field trip Friday.  Last week, we went to the fire house.  Today, we went to do a pile of errands and then out to lunch.  Trash got hauled off.  Trust me, that's important.  Some of the kids got hair cuts.  We were able to go to a few consignment shops.  75% off at some so .75 for a few shirts isn't bad.  We went to look for a grill unsuccessfully.  Hoping to find some on sale.  Ours is completely broken.  Also, went to get Nik new glasses that will hopefully not bother his implants.  Anyhow, after all that, we went to down town Raleigh to go out for lunch. 

Summer, all ready to start her meal.  

What a gorgeous day to sit outside in the sunshine.  Irina and Alyona.

Nik & Gramps  Dad (tell you about this one later.  LOL) smiling for mom.

Mom, it's a little hot out here.  I'm still on Bulgarian temps, not NC temps.

Reni, amusing mom for the camera.

Wait.  Are those not so happy faces I see?  Was it a mistake to sit outside?

Nik, playing w/ his water.  We all had water.  Right before this though, I had soda in the cooler in the van.  A treat.  We'd love to have it w/ our meal every once in awhile but w/ a bigger family, that adds up.  Kids were fine w/ drinking it in the car and still chugged down 2 big glasses of water each.

It's a little hot out here mom.

Going a tad crazy are we Irina?

Alex's face says it all.  He was too hot as were we all.  Yet, we still wanted to sit outside.  

Ahh, compromise.  Found some shade and we all were very happy.  Part 2 to come tomorrow.  Need to get to bed to get ready for Camp Woodbine tomorrow.  It's for HOH kids and their families.  Haven't been for 2 years.  Year before last, Nik had surgery.  Last year, we were due in Bulgaria but then the date got changed.  So, we're back this year and can't wait!  More happenings tomorrow.  Have a great weekend everyone.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Miscellaneous pictures

Today we never did make it to the corn maze.  We're back home briefly for a break.  We did manage to haul off trash today, get Nik glasses ordered, get some haircuts for the kids, go out for pizza at a new place, go to consignment shops, look for a new grill (still mad ours is busted), and back home again.  We'll be leaving soon to take Yana to look for Homecoming shoes.  Max and Bojan are hanging out at a friend's house.  Logan and Alex went to go to a friend's house but he's at his grandmother's this weekend.  So, nothing exciting but lots of little things to do for sure.  While taking a break figured I'd put some pictures up that I have before I put even more pictures in the computer. 

Bojan getting ready to practice his trumpet.  

Bojan practicing w/ a very interested audience.

Two of my kids being boring.  Not sure what Alex is trying to fix there.

Irina and Reni stop to pose for the camera.

Summer, showing her disdain for apples.  We told her you HAVE to eat the apple if you lick off the caramel.  I will, I will.  Yeh, right.  Yes, we're mean and made her eat the apple.  She used to not like grapes now she loves them.

Logan, showing off his bracelets.

They really got into making these things after someone at soccer showed Reni how.  Reni then taught the boys.  

Reni is one of our left handers.  Alyona is the other one.  She was quite proud she could make these.

Spoiled rotten dog.  LOL.  Still is 'King Kota.'  Max was half asleep here.  I'll probably catch it for posting this picture.  Oh well.  Teen shots are a rarity.  

Well, off to find Yana shoes for the big dance.  Wish us luck!  more later.

A litte about Nik

The other day I wrote about Nik and a simple birthday request for cards.  I can tell you right now, he is going to have an AWESOME birthday thanks to a bunch of caring readers.  I honestly can not wait to take pictures of him going to the mailbox.  I've had quite a few requests and I'm trying to answer as quickly as I can.  Since many have written the same thing and asked the same questions, I figured I'd write a quick post on Nik and what he likes, who he is, etc. 

So, here goes.  Nik is 9yo.  He'll be turning 10 but developmentally is not quite at that age.  He and Reni are the same age but Reni is steps above him in many areas.  Nik's favorite color is orange.  Ironically, so is Reni's.  Nik loves to wear stuff like his big brothers such as necklaces.  He is very much into creating things.  He LOVES to draw.  Steals Max's sketch pads whenever he gets the chance.  Yeh, that can cause a scene at times.  LOL.  Nik thinks outside the box.  Since he is deaf, everything is very visual for him.  Colors seem to stand out for him.  Nik is absolutely fascinated w/ rollercoasters.  Loves watching them on You Tube and then tries to build them w/ his kinex pieces.  He, Summer and Logan spend a lot of time building w/ Kinex and creating all sorts of things.  It really is cool to watch what they come up with out of those plastic pieces.  Nik loves anything that flies.  He watches the little gliders we had and spins his head when they spin.  Clenches his hands together and jumps up and down when he watches them.  Nik, like our other kids, is all about the great outdoors.  My kids spend hours a day outside. 

All in all, Nik is a little boy that loves to play.  He enjoys new experiences though nervous at first.  He's our artist, he's shy, he's loving, he's just simply a joy to be around.  I still kick myself sometimes for checking that stupid box of things you can't handle.  Anyhow, he is here and enjoying life.  Thanks to many, many of you all, he will enjoy it much, much more very soon.  This birthday will indeed be one to remember.  I hope this answered a few questions.  I do hope I got back to everyone.  If not, please remind me. 

Off to errands.  Our corn maze apparently does not open till 4pm.  URGHH!!!  So, errands this morning, out for pizza (love groupon), back to let out dogs, pick up Yana and go find her shoes for Homecoming.  Tomorrow is Camp Woodbine.  They'll definitely be lots of pictures this weekend.  Busy couple of days but I think we'll have some fun.  Weather is supposed to be gorgeous as well.  Have a great Friday and thanks so much for thinking of Nik.  He's been through a lot in his little life (much I have kept private on here), and deals with many effects of that life on a daily basis.  I like to give joy in his life.  Thank you all for helping me achieve this simple life pleasure of joy for Nik. 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

S'more fun

This past weekend we finally got around to doing s'mores.  See, I'd been promising Nik for quite some time.  Actually, since Sept. 1st.  When we went on our camping trip to the zoo, we were supposed to have s'mores that night.  Well, you all know that camping trip went wrong so s'mores delayed.  Nik kept asking and I kept telling him tomorrow or another day or whatever as we always seemed to have something come up.  The other day I was determined to get it done or the kid was going to explode.  LOL. 

Can you tell Max looks thrilled to be doing this now.

Okay, fire pit is out back.  It was soaked and wood was soaked so we decided to cheat.  We used a can of Sterno we have on hand.  Hey, there's a flame people.

Not the best face but he was enjoying it.  Bojan was taking pictures for me too.  I'm in the background getting stuck w/ the passing out of crackers and candy.  

Logan and Yana wanted to pose for the camera and be funny.  I think they were right on with it.

Total bliss for Summer.  She's a chocoholic just like her mom.  

Umm, I think there's a marshmallow under there.  

Alyona was showing us the fire.  Nik is on the left taking pictures.  Alex is looking a little nervous about the fire.

Yes, Reni is a s'mores fan as well.  Takes me awhile to get the stupid tales they tell orphanage kids out of their system but it's working.  See, Reni and a few of my others were all told they are allergic to chocolate.  Irina and Reni were specifically told this.  I think Alyona frankly just disobeyed the orders.  They come home I always reassure them they're not allergic to chocolate.  Takes some time.  Well, Reni is okay w/ chocolate anything now.  

Max, my multi- tasker.

Summer watching big brother carefully while Logan sneaks in for a shot.

Yep, redneck fire pit but it worked so can't complain.  It is our broken fountain w/a  Sterno on top.  Classy, I know.  

Alex and Reni have become closer lately.  Nice to see.  He's opening up to more sibling relationships lately.  The "pecking order" is gone.  Nik's in the picture taking a picture of course.  Kid loves his camera.   It's broken now but I got him one for his birthday.  Shh.

Bojan was thrilled I let him use the camera to take pics of everyone.  And, marshmallows were a hit as well. 

Quick bit

Many have written and asked for our address.  I think I've written most of you back.  If not, I'm getting there.  The address is on the contact information on the right side of the blog.  Unfortunately, we haven't moved in years.  LOL.  Hey, at least the house can grow.  I can not express my gratitude adequately for those who want to help out and send Nik a card.  It really will mean the world to him.  He was playing birthday party w/ Summer today.  She collects things in a box to give him and vice versa.  Cute really.  And, I get to find all the missing things around the house.  It's great. 

Today the kids worked on school work all day.  Tomorrow is our field trip to the corn maze and then out to pizza (groupon..yeh!).  Afterwards, shopping w/ Yana for some last minute stuff for the dance.  Saturday is Camp Woodbine and can't wait to meet some new people and learn a few things.  Always great going to these things.  Vendors alone have answers sometimes of where to look for things.  Hoping to get info on an FM system and not one that is a pretty penny.  We come home from the camp and then help Yana get ready for Homecoming.  Sunday is church and then work on our yard stuff.  Busy weekend but I think we'll have a lot of fun while getting stuff done. 

I am determined to get organized soon.  Trying to keep piles straight if you know what I mean.  Homeschool is going alright.  part of my problem is I want to go faster than they do and I need to remember they need to go at their own pace.  So, my schedule of when we're starting what is off.  I had hoped to start weather this week but we're still on inventors and flying.  So, next week is weather.  I hope.  As long as they're learning, I'm okay w/ it all.  Reni is practicing her handwriting b/c out of all my kids, she was the messiest.  I will say it is SO much better.  Reni is like a sponge and wanting to soak things up.  Both commented to me that school here is much harder in America than in Bulgaria.  (I don't think that's true.  I just think the language barrier is still a huge part right now.  Though, both are indeed behind in math.  We'll get there slowly but surely though for sure.  I plan to send Logan and Alex to middle school next year so they must get it together.  We're trucking along here at our own pace. I just received the book it program.  When I told them what they had to do, they were horrified.  Tried to break it down but all were so literally.  So, Alyona and Reni came down w/ this huge stack of books.  I said it's NOT all for one day.  50 books over the entire month.  Then we get the free Pizza Hut pizza.  They are still confused but anxious to read more so we're going with it. 

Lots of little things going on here and there.  Next post I'll catch up on some pictures.  Well, dinner calls.  I let the kids have dessert first today.  Made a cake for no good reason.  Every once in awhile, dessert should go before dinner.  Today was that day.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Birthday request for Nik

I usually don't do this but feel I must.  Nik is 9 years old.  As you all know, he is deaf (due to AN), autistic, FAS, delayed, sensory integration issues, etc.  Typical alphabet soup for a PI child.  I will share something on here that I haven't really before.  Nik is craving to have a friend.  He is.  He wants the little boy across the street to play but he's friends w/ Alex and doesn't really interact w/ Nik much despite being the same age.  It's hard to watch.  What's harder to watch is when kids try to be friends with Nik, such as at soccer, and he wrings his hands over and over and just doesn't know how to react.  He has opportunities to meet other kids.  That's not it.  It's just the social part is excruciating for him.  Doesn't matter if they try to talk to him or sign.  His reaction is the same.  To withdraw.  Hence, not really any friends.  Though he talks about having friends. 

Okay, he's been counting down to his birthday since Logan had his.  No lie.  Nik's birthday is October 3rd.  He wants a party so badly, he made invitations out and Nik and Summer stood at the street trying to hand them out to passing cars.  He made another invitation that he spent forever on to give to the kid across the street.  Broke my heart.  Nik had made such a colorful invitation for his party.  I will take a picture of it.  Has Nik Party and a picture of a house.  That is the location.  when he wrote this, he had 23 days left till his of party.  He has smiley faces, stars, balloons, etc. all over it.  He has a birthday cake w/ Nik's party above it.  Nik has Nik-gift- money so people know what to give him.  That one cracked me up.  He has presents that say Nik's gifts.  On the bottom it has I love Nik.  Do you know how hard this is for me to see?  Do you realize how hard it is?  Nik has no friends.  His siblings he keeps close.  And despite him wanting friends, he can't seem to make any. 

Do I invite a bunch of folks that I know probably can't come?  I think that would be more heartbreaking. I thought about having his soccer team sing Happy Birthday to him and I'll pass out the cupcakes & such at the field.  I'm going to ask his coach if that would be okay.  Our family will have cake and things for him of course.  I just want to do something a little special as he is just really looking forward to this.  Irina has offered to buy him something w/ her own money so it is just more than 1 gift from mom & dad. 

Here's what I wanted to request of some of you if possible.  I know this is strange but I want this to be a special day for him.  He's had to see other people have parties, get presents, etc.  He loves when cards come in the mail.  I was hoping maybe a few of you that week would be willing to send him a birthday card.  I think that would at least give him a happy boost that people are thinking of him on his birthday.  It would mean a lot to him I'm sure of it.  I guess I just hate the thought of him being "alone" on his birthday even though there are plenty of us here.  He loves the cake and songs and that will be great.  Plus, I think the older kids and their friends will do what they did w/ Logan and decorate while we're gone.  He LOVED that with Logan's birthday.  I may do what I did w/ Reni's & have Warren bring home a balloon bouquet on the way home from work.  Just trying to think a bit more about all this as his birthday is coming up soon.  Yana's is this weekend but she's turning 17.  All she wanted was to go to homecoming and get a dress.  Of course we'll have cake and things but her thing was she wanted to go to the dance.  And she'll be going.  Nik's b-day is right behind hers though and is sneaking up fast.  Nik keeps asking about his party.  I keep trying to tell him to do something different.  We still owe Logan Laser tag but can't do it till after soccer season is over.  He totally understands that though so that is good.  Nik however lives and dies by the calender.  Birthday included.  So, trying to make this special for him as best I can.  I know I can't change who he is or the dx's.  I'd never change who he is but would love to change the dx's he has.  I'd love for him to be able to make friends.  School used to tell me he had friends.  Really?  Then how come no one ever called or came over?  It was the same story there.  I've seen him firsthand.  He just can't handle it.  Same way at soccer, or the park, or church, or homeschool academy classes.  He wants friends but wrings his hands over and over again and looks away.  I remind him to talk to people but he just can't do it.  Sign or voice.  We've worked on this.  Even his speech therapist has worked on this with us. 

Anyhow, I'm sidetracked.  Bottom line, I want his birthday to be a special day for Nik.  Getting cards in the mail would mean a lot to him.  He can read the words Happy Birthday.  Btw, print is better for him.  If any of you can do this for Nik, I would be beyond appreciative of it.  Thanks a bunch. 

Happenings around the house

As you've noticed, I haven't been doing as many posts this week.  Time has just seemed to slip by me this entire week.  It really has.  To boot, I wasn't feeling too well last night.  So, little sleep.  One of those weeks.  But, figured I'd share some of what's been happening around here.

We are in the process of refi-ing the house.  We have locked in at 3.5% fixed which is awesome and no closing costs.  Always a hit.  It's a pretty straight forward re-fi.  Fine with us.  Should be closing soon.  This will help with the budget.  As kids get older, expenses go up.  Especially, food.  Then you have Homecomings and proms and other things in high school.  Sports cost a small fortune.  Hence, why our kids can't really play all that they want to play.  Anyhow, costs are going up, up & up.  So, we want to try to do what we can to have a little extra to help out with ever increasing expenses.  Therapy is a HUGE one.  Both Nik and Summer receive therapy.  Bojan will need PT to try to help w/ pain. He has a "protocol" somewhat to go through before they'd even consider amputation.  Despite the great pain, we still have to do everything else first.  URGHH!!! 

Well, this leads into Bojan.  He will get his new leg this coming Tuesday.  And, be fitted for a lift for the other side.  Yeh, like that will help the pain issue.  He's been to the vascular surgeon.  All was fine.  Now, he has to get a lift, go to PT and they want him to see a pain specialist.  Not doing that one b/c not giving him meds at the age of 13 for pain.  Too much an issue to get hooked too easily at such a young age.  We'll take him in a few months and say nothing's change.  And no, after 7 years, I don't expect to see any change by things we've already done in the past!  He's had PT before and a lift before.  Duh doctors.  And that's all I'm going to say about that one.

Bojan is still playing trumpet and starting tomorrow, tutoring.  He wants to get better which I admire his motivation.  Hope he keeps it up.  Wanting to save to purchase a better trumpet for him at some point as well. 

Shed.  We ordered a shed.  This is going to be to put all the stuff that is currently in the garage into.  This way, we can have some space for the girls.  Boys will be rearranged upstairs to give them more room as well.  Also, hoping that while cleaning out the garage, we can sell a few items.  Christmas is around the corner and frankly, it's just too tight this year.  Trying to find ways to make it work if you know what I mean.  So, clearing out the garage may be enlightening.  LOL.  Shed will arrive in about 2 more weeks.  Can't wait.  Yes, they'll be pictures.  Has a cool metal roof.  I picked a red one out.  Fence will be done after the shed.  Warren and Max are doing that one together.  Still need a new roof.  Not sure that will happen any time soon though.

House.  Things have been breaking left and right.  Timing.  URGHH!!!  Our mattress is ripped apart.  Lovely, huh?  Can't get a new one so putting that part at the foot of the bed.  That will buy me time, right?  LOL.  Dishwasher is broken but thankfully, it still works.  Current fix...a towel in front of it.  Adds to the decor, right?  Stove handle still broken.  Cabinets in the kitchen, still broken.  Need a new drawer, and two new doors.  Mind you, this kitchen is NOT that old.  It really isn't.  Just a couple of years old.  Stove is breaking.  It's not heating right.  Again, NOT that old.  My parents bought us for it.  It's a Maytag.  Swing set is broken.  Granted, it's about 12 years old.  Warren built it.  But kids swing on it literally every single day.  Hoping to fix it soon.  I think something on the pool is broken but can't remember what.  Warren's car can no longer be opened from the inside.  In other words, he can't get out.  It's crazy.  Really, it is.  I can name a dozen more broken things around here but I don't want to bore you.  Life happens.  Happens to everyone.  Just seems to not be coming in threes like people say but more like tens. 

Social worker comes this coming Wednesday.  Hopefully, I'll have stuff together by then.  No, nothing ready yet.  I'll get there.

Trying to find ways to fundraise for Nik.  I'll have more on that in a separate post.  Despite the many people and doctors that assume we receive some sort of subsidies or government assistance, they are sorely wrong.  Nothing comes our way in that form.  Not one dime.  We have awesome insurance which we're very thankful for.  However, it does not in any way, shape or form cover everything.  And this is stuff he needs.  Not wants, but needs.  An fm system, an ipad (I've heard of MANY getting these for their special ed kids but somehow I can't seem to), and the Neptunes.  Again, more on all this in a separate post I'm working on.

Dogs are doing great.  Ordered heart worm prevention for them today. 

Sibling/ birth parent search.  I MUST decide.  The man leaves the 25th for the region.  That's in 6 days.  He is going to Abdulino.  Where Max and Irina were from.  A lot went on in that town and I'm not at liberty to say all on here.  Suffice it to say, it'd make a good book.  Anyhow, we really want to do a search for these two.  Another reason I'm trying to save the funds.  It's very important to them later in life.  Trust me new adoptive parents, once they hit the teen years, that's when they'll crave the info.  I want to be able to give that to them.  Going to discuss w/ Warren again this evening and we'll take it from there.  There were only ever 5 kids adopted out of that orphanage to my knowledge.  It was SO remote.  VERY remote.  It's a miracle Max even ended up there.  His nationality is Kazak.  He's born in Russia.  None of my kids ever have straight forward stories.  LOL.  Anyhow, lots of info that could be obtained.  I'll let you all know as I know this is an important piece to follow along.  I will ONLY tell what my kids allow me to as this is their story to tell.  I respect that fact.  I have a feeling they'll let me share but first we must start a search. 

Geez, and that is just a tad of what's happening.  I really can't share all as it would take to long.  Just know we're booked every weekend from now till the end of November.  Yikes!  No wonder I'm tired.  Field trip is this Friday to the corn maze and then out for lunch for pizza (Groupons).  Saturday is soccer all day, Homecoming, and Yana's birthday.  Sunday, church.  And hopefully, putting up more of a fence.  So, this is a little of what's happening around here.  More to follow.  I'm sure you're bored just reading all this stuff.

Soccer for Summer

This past weekend, Summer had a soccer game.  Thought I'd take you through a bit of soccer.  5 of ours play Upwards Soccer.  We have been very blessed with awesome coaches and people at Faith Alliance Church in Garner.  We attend a different church but Faith Alliance is so welcoming.  Every Saturday, we have games.  It is a process for us to get ready.  Despite my many attempts to have things ready the night before, it never seems to go according to plan. 

We wake up oh way too early for a smile.  But she smiles all the time.  Soccer mornings is typically toast and bananas for breakfast.  Or whatever fruit is available.  Conveniently, I left some on the floor over there.  By a cooler from our trip in the beginning of September.  You can see we're super fast at putting things away.  We'd fail miserably at being survivalists.  LOL.  

They have to get their water bottles ready.  Alyona is getting Summer's ready for her.  Sweet.

Nik, getting his water ready.  Of course camera hog wanted a shot.

It was picture day but honestly, I can't afford the picture package for all of them.  So, I took a quick one.  I'll do a better one in the yard this weekend and maybe we can  print it off and frame them as a surprise for the end of the season for the kids.  

Now that's a serious soccer face.  

Nik's game started shortly after this one so he was watching Summer while he waited.  

Summer, ready to play some soccer.

Summer is # 21 and ready for action.  She really gets right in there.  Not afraid of the ball one single bit.

Summer waiting for kick off.

Teams congratulating each other for a good game.

Summer with her snack of bananas and juice box.  A different parent brings snack each week.  I try to schedule all mine on the same day.  

Saying their team goodbyes.  

Summer, sharing her snack with Nik.  They really love each other. 

More posts in the works.  I'm just super behind this week adn super busy.  It happens.  Yana's birthday, Homecoming, and Camp Woodbine are this Saturday. Bojan is staying after school for trumpet tutoring.  His choice.  Taking the kids Friday to a corn maze locally and then probably out for pizza.  A shed has been ordered for the yard.  Wahoo!!!  A step closer to getting the girls to a room downstairs.  I will write a post on all the happenings later.  More than I can name.  We will be signing our re-fi papers soon.  Wahoo!!!  Got to go.  I made stuffed peppers for dinner this evening.  Yum.  Much more to come for sure.  And, if I have not gotten back to you yet, I do promise I will.  I have 25 emails in the cue right now to answer.  Funny thing is the other day I was excited as I was down to 9!  Never dull, huh.  Plan to get down to 15 this evening.