Friday, September 14, 2012

Homeschool Happenings

We're off and running.  Sort of.  Been trying to register our homeschool and the website is down.  Big notice on there.  Happening to everyone so no big deal.  Still, I check it everyday.  Anyhow, thought I'd share a little of what we're doing. 

For art last week, I was lazy.  I admit it.  All we did was color.  Today, we'll be making carmel apples and candy on them and such.  Crafts mostly this semester with art.  None of the ones I'm working with are truly into art.  Next semester though I'd love for them to know some of the greats.  We'll see.  And learn the basics of art.  Again, a wait and see approach.

Nik was not happy b/c the first shot did not include his picture.  So, he took another one that showed his in it.  

That was not enough so he took a close up of his art work.  LOL.  Not sure what's w/ the lines in these photos today.

Love the look on Alyona's face w/ this shot.  

They all wanted to pose for the camera.  Reni's glasses were broken.  She does it rather often and we are now seeing why they didn't have any on her over there.  It's a royal pain to keep her in glasses.  She and Nik are horrible about them.

Logan, doing one of the experiments.  We were studying air pressure.

Love the Magic School bus for easy experiments to explain things.  It's awesome.  Umm, Alex was falling asleep in class that day.  Even Summer got on the act of learning.

Not sure Nik understood high and low pressure but he was participating.

We made 4 paper airplanes.  Everyone had a chance to fly them multiple times.  marked how far each one went.  Plane w/out wings, plane w/ wings, plane w/ large paper clip for hte nose, small paper clip, etc.  Went over reasons of why things were flying the way they were.  They were engaged and we generally had fun.  

Waiting for the next launch.

Digby just chillin out watching all the kids.  

Irina and Alyona taking a break for a quick pic.

Future pilot?  Think she's still sticking to fashionista right now.  

Kids just vegging out in the summer grass.  

Science we've been studying inventors w/ a lap book.  We've also been studying flight at the same time.  Art, simplistic.  PE is pretty much soccer practice, walking the dogs and playing outside games.  We have reading time every morning.  They also write in a journal every morning.  Reading comprehension is separate for everyone.  Obviously, as they're on different levels.  I still am not really in the math mood.  Doing a little but next week we must step it up a notch for sure.  It's the worst subject for every single one of them so I guess that is partially why I dread it so much.  Next week we are starting to study the Revolutionary War.  We also will be finishing up flight and starting the studying of weather.  That one I think will be a fun one.  Next week's Fun Friday field trip will be to the museums down town (free) and to the Krispy Kreme Donut Factory (yeh, that one's more for me than the kids. LOL).  It's also down town.  We'll also continue to learn how to make a few more things homemade.  I used to make soaps and sell them so I think we may in October get into making soaps again.  After the museum field trip, fun Friday field trip the following week is to the pumpkin patch.  Can't wait for that one actually.  We'll also be getting into learning more about Fall for sure.  Craft times too.  I hope we're learning enough.  With all the processing issues, we must do a lot hands on and lots of reviewing.  I have goals for everyone this year.  I'll share those in another post.  For now, need to go make some spaghetti.  Then, it's Wally World this evening and home to make cupcakes for soccer tomorrow.  Whoever thought of the bright idea as a parent to bring snacks to games I'd like to give them a word or two.  LOL.  Have a wonderful weekend and I'll have some posts this weekend for sure.  Just trying to finish up the other 14 I have started.  And no, not kidding on that number. 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Logan and Alex's soccer game

I know, I know, much to catch up on.  I didn't realize just how booked up September and October were going to be.  I must be crazy.  Oh well.  Maybe it will be fun.  Right now, it has been a horrible, horrible FAS day.  We have those every once in awhile.  Today was one of those days and it's 10:15 at night and still going strong in FAS world.  URGHH!!!  Makes me not want to do a field trip tomorrow with them.  I'm trying to be the adult here but boy, some days it's hard.  Warren has now taken over.  Some days, you just have to take turns with dealing with them when days like this occur.  Like we always say here... with every new day, there's fresh hope. 

Tomorrow is a new day.  We are going to the firehouse here for a field trip.  Then, to Pelicans for the last snow cone of the season.  After that, pick up food from the farmer and then home to make candy apples for a craft.  I look forward to tomorrow.  Anyhow, thought I'd share some pics from last weekend's soccer game of Alex and Logan.  So, here goes.

Alex, warming up during practice before the game.

Alex, waiting for the ball to come his way.  This too was pre-game practice.

Logan, coming through the banner.  They do this with every game. As you can see, Logan's not the tallest on the team. 

Logan is an extremely aggressive player.  Gets right in there.  

Alex, soaking himself to try to stay cool.  It's still really difficult and no answers in site. Endocrinology cleared him and said it is most likely a brain disorder.  We're guessing it's all just FAS related at this point for him.  Our goal...keep him cool.

Half time pep talk.  They all were playing so great together.  There were no substitutions since they were short players.  Alex was getting over heated but stayed in the game.

 Alex watching which way things are going.

Players from both teams at the end of the game.

End of game.  Think they're happy??  They won 5 to nothing!  

Another one of them coming off the field to get snack and post game discussions.  

After the game, we came home.  Then, we went to an RV show.  Didn't take the camera in.  But, they had free face painting.  Only Summer and Max went with us.  Summer loved it.  Cutest tiger ever!

Another shot.  It had worn off some of course.  Enjoyed our time at the show and got some ideas.  Always neat to see new things. And, splurged on a funnel cake.  Haven't had one for a year and a half.  Yum.  Summer was also a big fan.  Yep, she's mommy's girl for sure!  

Well, need to get some other things done around here.  Hoping to have more time to finish some posts tomorrow.  I literally have about 10 started.  So, you may be bombarded tomorrow evening w/ posts. LOL.  enjoy your evening.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Reality check

I am not a super woman.   I get asked all the time "how do you do it?"  Umm, I don't.  I am nothing special, that's for sure.  Let me tell you how it really is around here.  We wake up late most days.  Kids don't have their lunches ready the night before for school.  The house is never totally clean.  Look on any floor in this house and I'm sure you'll find something....a sock, a lego (evil created those things, I swear), dog hair, homework, etc.  You get the picture.  Martha Stewart would cringe at this home.  I curse websites like that.  I do.  Pinterest makes things look so easy that anyone can do it.  Home improvement sites do the same thing.  Drives me bonkers. 

Whatever happened to having mix matched stuff that you could simply afford?  I think people feel since it's "supposed" to be easy that they  must try it.  Not here.  It is what it is.  There are holes in the walls.  The backyard has officially become a trash dump since having to take all the fencing down.  Keep meaning to Craigslist it but it just doesn't seem to happen.  Same thing w/ my thank you notes.  I mean well but one kid does this or that and I get sidetracked.  People think we have it all together.  Nope.  We don't.  I think personally the kids are the distractions.  Some days I feel no, that's not MY kid.  Surely MY kid would NEVER do something like that!  This was me yesterday at soccer practice.  A friend comes up to me and says "Summer just pulled her pants down and peed in the trees."  I turn around and scream "SUMMER GRACE!"  She peeks out w/ that puppy dog face knowing full well she's in trouble.  Her pants were soaked.  No spares.  Yes, I let her play soccer.  She could careless and neither did the other preschoolers.  Where on earth she got peeing in the woods from, I'll never know.  Oh wait, we have 5 boys.  any guesses on that one? 

Things like this happen on a daily basis.  Hence, why my home at times feels like a demilitarized zone.  At this point in time, it would be easier to have peace in the Middle East than to get the boys to clean their room.  On a side not though, the bathroom thing is working!  Wahoo!!!  Not sure if I shared it on here or just facebook.  I was tired of the bathrooms.  So, earlier this week, I said at the end of the evening when I go upstairs, if the bathroom is not clean (meaning you have stuff on the floor), than that person must sweep AND mop the bathroom.  The other night, all 5 boys did.  Next night, just Nik.  Tonight.... no one.  And, towels are hung  up and not being used as bath mats.  I love it.  Plus, I have a very clean bathroom.  Getting mop a few times a day helps.  Hey, one room down.  I'm not sure how many more times I can use the excuse w/ the social worker that the boys are in the process of reorganizing.  Surely, she's catching on.  LOL.  Anyhow, things are not always together here.  I have gone to the dentist w/ the kids a day early.  I've gone to appointments late.  Rare occasion, we've forgotten an appointment. 

I guess what I'm trying to get at is I'm not super duper crafty, organized, or together as many other mothers of large families are.  I'm lucky if my kids have shoes on.  Despite having copperheads in the yard.  Found one again last week.  Don't worry, my kids can identify poisonous snakes and spiders.  Wait to Logan sees the wolf spiders here in the about a future freak out.  We may have to record that one.  I admire those who can do it all and remember it all.  I wish I could be more organized.  I wish I could create cool things.  I look up recipes as I have no originals.  We're trying. 

Point is, I am what I am as Popeye would say.  I make it through each day and at the end, if I'm not in tears, I consider that a success.  LOL.  I could blame it all on having ten kids or having 6 w/ FAS or having RADishes or whatever need you want to plug in there.  However, I can't blame it on any of that.  Seriously, it's just life.  We're trying to raise healthy, happy (ha!  they are kids you know) and well adjusted children.  If I must fore go organization, skill, and craftiness to do that, then so be it.  So, if you are worried about adding more kids to your family, don't be.  Eventually, things will get done.  If not, it will be there the next day for you. 

Max's drawing

I found one that I'm not sure I posted before.  He drew a ship.  Titanic like I think.  I have been very busy the past 2 days so posting has been minimal.  Trying to get caught up in so many areas.  I'll have more later this evening on some happenings around here.  I really did not realize September would be so busy.  It is.  October is also getting pretty booked.  So far, November just has the first weekend taken.  Not sure what we're doing for Thanksgiving yet.  May go on a trip.  I won $500 worth of FREE camping so hey, you never know.  More on that later as well.  For now, quick look at what Max drew.

I think he had thrown this away as it is so crinkly.  Thought it was a fine drawing though.  He's  a perfectionist when it comes to art though.

A little bit closer of a view.

As usual, lots of details.  

I know I couldn't draw it.  I'm lucky if I can draw the shape of the canoe.  I'll have to take some of Yana's drawings as well.  She started to take art in school and has done a project recently.  Trouble w/ her, is she won't let me take pics until things are finished.  One day.  LOL.  

Break's over.  They're eating lunch and then we get back to studying.  Speech therapy is over and they just finished walking the dogs and playing outside.  Now, work time for the next two hours straight.  Told them today we must get everything done as Friday I want to do field trips.  need to call up the fire house and see if we can tour this Friday.  Then, out to Pelican's for snow cones as I have 4 tokens left.  Friday afternoon, we're making candy apples.  So, full day and getting more into fall activities.  Fun stuff.  Pumpkin patch is this month as well.  Got to go.  Church clubs this evening as well so want things done.  Thursday is our free day so plan to stay home and really review and work on a few trouble areas.  Warren is ordering a shed for us this week.  Will take about 2 weeks to get here.  Remember, it's part of the process to get the kids arranged in new rooms & have a few extra beds around here.  This weekend is soccer all day Saturday and then looking for a dress for Yana all day Saturday evening.  Sunday is church and work at home in the afternoon.  Never dull here.  I'm already missing those relaxing Summer days.  Once soccer season is over, we'll have a little more freedom.  More later.  Time to go back to work. 

Monday, September 10, 2012

Thank you-- in chocolate

Last week, I watched a friend's daughter.  She wanted to thank me. 

 Box that the delicious goodness came in. 

All wrapped up and safe and sound.  

You almost don't want to eat this pretty thing.  You notice I said almost.  

Nik not even looking at the camera.  Just chowing down.  

Seriously, this was the best chocolate cheesecake ever!  So rich and creamy.  We all loved it.  The lady that made it used to make cheesecakes for a living.  She knows her stuff.  Been wanting one of these creations for some time now.  We cut the slices in half as it was so rich.  Even Irina who is not a fan of cheesecake ate a piece.  Now, we're hooked.  LOL.  We...want....MORE!!!  Thanks so much Tonya for the cheesecake.  It was greatly appreciated.

Umm, can we say 'Stephen King'

Those who've been on here awhile know our Nik has a Stephen King sense of humor when it comes to drawings.  Though, I have shown you the hearts and all that too as proof that he does indeed love us all.  LOL.  Anyhow, today I took some pics of Nik's speech cards he makes.  Some of these are new, some are not. Interesting to say the least. 

1) Cat.  the cat is mauling Alex.  2) Cookie.  Someone is sad b/c someone is taking the cookie.  3)  Weights is the word.  This is Nik w/ muscle lifting the weights.  4)  Cat.  Someone is trapping the poor cat.  Pulling the string to catch it.  

1) Gun.  Geez.  I'm the target.  2) Gas.  A guy is squirting gasoline all over the place.  A pump gone crazy.  3) Bite.  Poor guy just wanted to go fishing.  Even the sun is concerned.  LOL.  4)  Not.  Someone is getting arrested.  Notice the people carrying handcuffs?  

1) Sock.  Bojan w/ a sock on when he had his wheelchair.  2) Not sure.  Think this one is sad.  3) Word is Sun.  I'm being burned up by the sun.  A person is spraying cold water on me he said.  Hey, at least in this one I'm being half-rescued. 4) drum.  There is someone playing an instrument.  Blood is pouring out the other person's ears and onto the floor b/c it's too loud.  

First word is fan.  Someone is being blown away by someone else holding up the fan.  Nice kiddo.  Next is a fish.  Look at the size of that fish!  Obviously, the fisherman is being eaten.

First one is hat.  The person is collapsing from holding up the giant hat.  Second one is home.  The sun is spitting out a giant fireball heading to the home.  Next word is hit.  He has him and Alex in an apparent knock out brawl.  

1)  Word is bib.  He has Logan wearing a bib.  Not sure what the other person is supposed to be saying.  2)  Crib is the word.  I'm in the crib.  3)  Word is crab.  Nik is on the crab and the crab is cutting me in half.  4)  Word is tub.  Everyone is getting a bath, all happy.  I'm screaming about all the water on the floor.  Do you think he's been told every night of his life not to get the floor soak and wet?  

1)  Rib.  Guy is scared by the skeleton.  2) Robe.  I'm in the robe.  The person next to me is scared.  Why don't you notice that snake coming out of the shower?!  3)  Rob.  Logan is calling after the person robbing.  4)  Cab is the word.  Notice the cab is running over mom and my money is going everywhere.

1) Soup.  Hot soup being spilled all over someone.  2).  Hop.  Summer is riding a kangaroo and having it jump all over me.  3)  Help.  A person is calling for help in the water since a shark is coming.  The plane is crashing into the person as well.  Boy, he really needs help.  4)  Pop.  Somone's balloon is being popped.  Notice the monkey hanging from the tree.  Not sure what he's for.  

1) Up.  Kind of a monster type house.  The house is spitting someone out the chimney.  He's going up Nik told us.  2)  Stop.  I'm apparently running from police.  Guess it's the money from the robbery.  LOL.  3)  Hop.  Summer is on the giant rabbit that is hopping on someone.  Not sure whom at this point.  

I know they're kind of twisted and you might think it's weird.  Really, this is innocent.  He laughs when he's doing it.  And NO, it's NOT RAD.  I have 2 RADishes and this is far from that stuff.  He's trying to be funny.  It's a warped sense of humor but that's what they thought of the Farside guy as well.  He also makes sweet drawings.  But, people react more to these so he'd rather draw this stuff.  I know one day he'll look back at these and laugh.  October is coming up so he'll be drawing all sorts of stuff.  Should get even more interesting.  Usually, in these drawings Alex, Summer or myself are the 'targets.'  These are the 3 of us he's attached to the most btw.  I try not to read into any of this stuff.  No, he's not Stewie from Family Guy.  He's just trying to be funny.  The speech therapist and I knew giving him the word gun would get intriguing.  But, it's a good 'g' sound so we went with it.  I'll take some more pictures of his drawings.  Next set though I take will be his inner drawings.  The sweet stuff w/ hearts and bears.  We love both sides of Nik.  I'm keeping these for when he's older and wants a laugh.  Hope you laughed today too. 

Manic Monday

Can't believe it is Monday.  Where on earth did the time go??  We have a bunch going on as usual so I'll get right to it in bullet point fashion.  I have more posts coming.  Household stuff calls first though of course. 

  • busy week
  • Bojan goes to prosthetist tomorrow.  Check socket and lift for other foot
  • Need to take Logan to the doc
  • Doc hasn't called for the vaccines that they ran out of 
  • Started walking again this morning w/ Irina
  • Going to restart cardio this evening (wish me luck!)
  • feeling very frustrated lately 
  • Max hurt his hand today at school
  • Reni is getting better w/ her attitude
  • Alyona is taking her place
  • Girls completely cleaned out their closets
  • Only one who needs clothes is Reni.  Only long sleeve shirts.  So happy.
  • Reni has learned how to play Mary had a Little Lamb on the piano
  • The kids love the piano they were given a few weeks ago and use it everyday.  Fantastic!
  • Yana is going to go to Homecoming.  Yikes!  I feel old.
  • Need to look for a Homecoming dress and it's only 12 days away.
  • Homecoming is on her birthday.
  • She asked for a dress in lieu of presents or party.
  • Irina is job hunting tomorrow morning w/ Vocational Rehab.
  • Still haven't taken back to school pics
  • Never did get a family portrait done
  • Social worker comes next week
  • Haven't heard back yet from NGO regarding Reni & Logan's sibs
  • Need to decide today about the Russian sib searches
  • Never filled out any of the I-884 forms.  May do that soon.
  • Need to get a few more kids passports.
  • planning all kinds of day trips for homeschoolers
  • Going to fire house hopefully this Friday & then out to Pelicans
  • Making candy apples this week.
  • Going to the pumpkin patch this month
  • Got a lot done today w/ homeschool stuff
  • Still not registered this year for homeschool.  Statewide system has been down forever it seems.  Try everyday.  Have till the 30th and they say we all won't be penalized but you still worry.
  • Everyone is healthy
  • Desperately going to work on getting Nik Neptunes
  • Nik needs an FM system badly as well as an Ipad
  • Very disappointed in one of my sons lately
  • Buying a shed this week 
  • Working on fence this week
  • Shopping this week
  • Working on refi this week
  • Cleaned house this past weekend
  • Planning for Christmas
  • More camping trips coming up
  • Soccer in full swing
And too many other things to name right now.  This just comes off the top of my head.  More things to share.  I know I need to answer many folks back.  I do promise to get to you soon.   Working on it for sure. 

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Quick catch up post on weekend

Well, Saturday we had soccer all day.  PIctures still in the camera so I'll share later in the week.  After soccer, we came home and had lunch.  Then, Warren, Max, Summer and I went to the rv show.  I left them at home.  Alone.  Mistake.  Apparently, Logan and Nik were acting up quite a bit.  So was Alex but he settled down enough not to get in trouble.  Other little things happened as well.  Frustrating b/c I should be able to leave them alone.  Should.  Live and learn...again.  Next time, Logan and Nik will be made to come with us.  RV show was cool.  We were hoping they'd have more camping info, accessories, etc. but that really wasn't the case.  We did get to explore some really cool rv's though.  Once we wear this one out though, we'll be doing a bus conversion.  Like a real bus.  That should be a show in & of itself.  LOL.  Summer got to get her face painted.  She picked a tiger.  I didn't bring my camera along but snapped one once home.  Cutest tiger ever.  We also shared a funnel cake.  Boys don't like them.  Hey, their loss.  After the show, came home and Warren cooked dinner.  We all watched a movie and just chilled out a bit.

Today, plans were originally to go to church.  I know, we've been awful this summer.  The day though was so beautiful we really needed to use it to our advantage and work on this fence.  That's what we did.  The other kids and I worked on weeding and much needed yard work.  Thank goodness for Heather's recent gift!  That poison ivy cleansing foam is awesome!  I'm the one that needed it this time.  I was trying to weed out an area and it was covered in poison ivy.  Nice.  Mostly yard work all day long.  Then, took Yana and Alyona to youth group this evening at church.  We''ll pick them up shortly. 

Tonight, lots of work to be done.  I'll get there.  Post on FAS coming up soon.   Today is FASD Awareness Day.  More to come but need to get to mashing some potatoes and drag some kids in that think they live in the great outdoors.  More later this evening.