Saturday, August 25, 2012

Summer's soccer game

Today was Summer's first soccer game for the season.  So, thought I'd share a few shots. 

Being that her game is pretty early, no time really to cook.  So, bananas and milk for breakfast.  Do you think she's happy to be going to soccer?

If you're wondering why her shirt is different, I guessed the wrong color.  One day I'll actually get around to putting ribbons in her hair before a game.  One day.  

Summer on the field.  Couldn't really get too many action shots as the kids at this age tend to clump together to play.

Summer's soccer shoes this season.  She's definitely grown!

Summer is just always so full of joy.  A pile of sunshine.  Her name suits her.

At the end of the game they all congratulate each other.  

Getting ready to head for snack after the game.  Summer truly can play soccer.  She goes right after the ball and even understands which way to go.  It's great.

Enjoying her snack before we head home to pick up the other kids and take them to their games later that day.  I'll post more later on the other kids' games.  Getting late and we have a super busy day prepping for the fence going up.  Building it ourselves so will take time.  Hopefully, not too long though. 

Friday, August 24, 2012

Max's Drawings

Well, I only have one to share today but I was impressed and hope you will be too.  Max always has a lot of detail.  His tools of the trade are always the same...a pencil and a straight edge.  So simple. 

Max's locomotive.  I don't know how he comes up w/ this stuff.  

Close up view.  Can you imagine drawing all that detail?? 

I tried to back off a bit.  I think he was attempting to make a mid-west town.  You can tell he quickly finished but still not bad.  The back was done fast.  Not sure why.  Sometimes Max thinks he doesn't like what he drew & then will just hurry up and fill in something.  The kid has talent though, that's for sure.  The engine is amazing.  Can't wait to see what he draws next.  I should get some of his really old drawings out if I can find them.  LIke from 2nd grade where he drew the capitol building.  Cool stuff.  Oh, and Clifford the dog.  

We're back from Target.  I swear, the start of next year I'd like to ban gift cards and money as gifts.  LOL  I don't think folks realize just how hard it is for them to process it all.  Spending of money, how much they have and understanding it.  It's tough.  FASers do not get abstract concepts.  They just don't.  Money is abstract enough to them.  Yes, it's tangible but figuring out what they have and don't have it just doesn't work.  So, Warren and I split up when they get money and try to work w/ whoever has money to spend.  Tonight was a bit of a nightmare challenge as we had multiple children w/ money to spend.  We like them to spend it all if they can as if there is any left it either gets lost in this house or taken by someone.  It's just the way it is.  Hence, why we don't like them having money yet.  Now, older teens such as Irina, Yana and Max do have their own bank accounts, debit cards, etc.  They are responsible for those and I make them look at their statements each month.  The rest though...oy.  But, we went w/ an open mind.  They do have fun shopping when they go though so it's hard not to want them to have it to spend.  And, we do understand it is easier for relatives to give cash or send gift cards.  I think next time I may actually pay someone to shop with them.  LOL.  That may sound mean but you have never shopped w/ my kids.  They are behaved in a store though.  I'll give them that.  I was mad at Summer tonight though.  Rule is go the bathroom before you go.  URGHH!!!  Yep, she wet her pants.  

Anyhow, we found a couple deals the girls and I.  Boys went elsewhere to look.  Finally got Nik a new body pillow.  He uses it to sleep on.  His was at the point of almost being what I'd consider rancid.  Yuck.  Yet, he loved his pillow and never wanted to part with it.  Well, this time, I convinced him.  He loves his new pillow and we managed to get the old one and already toss it in the garbage.  He's the only one who does this.  Got to love it.  Finally broke down and bought a hot pad for the kitchen.  Only one I have is one Nik made but it's small.  I really have no idea where mine went to.  We didn't really buy much.  We were there to spend money for the kids.  Alyona chose some nails to get.  Reni went to get food.  Junk food.  Goldfish crackers, chips and candy.  I said don't you want to get something you can use?  But her and Alyona decided early on they were sharing whatever the other one got.  And they have.  Logan got new clothes and a remote controlled car.  Alex bought chex mix and saved the rest of his money.  Max bought work boots.  Well, I offered to buy them as he's been our resident handyman for some time.  All in all, good trip.  No meltdowns or anything so that is really an awesome trip.  Girls and I were admiring various colors and dreaming how we want our rooms.  I did get the boys shin guards.  Dog chewed them up last soccer season & I can't find any at the good will or second hand shops.  Stinks b/c they're $13 a piece!  I needed 2 sets.  I know that doesn't seem like much to some but really it adds up.  

Tomorrow is soccer.  Need to get to sleep but everyone is too hyped up w/ what they got.  I really would love a family portrait done tomorrow. We'll see.  also need to get the fence started.  Another busy weekend.  One weekend we'll just sit and watch tv all weekend long.  Honestly, I think we'd be bored.  Thanks so much to all who gave various birthday money and gift cards.  The kids really did enjoy themselves.  Have a wonderful weekend everyone!  More to come tomorrow.


Last night was Reni's first soccer game of the season.  Warren and I went along w/ Alex, Logan, Nik and Summer.  Thought I'd share a few pictures from the event. 

Not sure what that face is for.  But, it's a cute one.

Tattered and torn.  These are Summer's favorite boots.  She has worn them since she's been home.  I bought them big.  I paid .50 for them at a yardsale.  Thinking, she'll look cute in these.  Summer absolutely loves shoes.  In Bulgaria she would stop at every window shop and ooh and ahh every time we saw shoes.  I'm not sure how much longer these cowgirl boots will last but I'll let her wear them for however long she wants.  they are hers.  And hers alone.  She does not have to share with others.  Her shoes.  No matter what they look like they were bought for her and are hers to wear.  

Alex, keeping watch from the sidelines.

Though Reni's soccer game, this is the only picture I got of her.  why?  Because she was in constant motion and playing great defense that I couldn't get any other clear shots.  So, most these shots are of the kids on the sidelines when she was not playing.  Maybe next time I'll catch her if she'll slow down for me.  Reni loves to play soccer and it shows.  Her dream though is to play volleyball.  

People ask if she is ever not happy.  Not much I can honestly say.  Summer just eludes joy everywhere she goes.

Logan, holding onto some of his birthday candy from a friend of the girls.

Nik, trying to convince Logan he is taller than him.  

Now Summer wants to say she's taller.

Logan giving Summer a lift to help prove a point to Nik.  

Nik thought he'd be slick and make faces.  He watches my finger to see when I'm going to push the button and then makes a face.  Lately, it's just driving me insane.  

Okay, while we were there, a fire truck pulled up to watch the game.  My kids were practically drooling to go over there.  So, told Alex and Logan to stay and I'll take Summer and Nik to go see the truck.  We were just going to admire from afar.  Nope.  The Garner Fire Department let them go inside the truck!  Explained things to them and all.  It was awesome.  It really was. It absolutely made their day.  Probably their month.  The gentleman was super nice.  BTW, he used to work w/ autistic kids.  It just shows how great their character is.  They didn't have to open the truck for them at all or take the time to do that.  They just did it out of kindness.  They told me we can go to any Fire Department and tour.  We have a local one here & I'm going to ask them if I can take the homeschoolers there.  Would be wonderful for them to experience.  

Reni had a great game.  They lost 3-2 but still a fantastic game to watch.  We provided snack and then went home for Logan.  while we were gone, the older kids were decorating the house for him.  More on that later.  Getting ready for Warren to come home & then we're all headed to Target.  Logan got a birthday gift from my parents to Target.  And in this house, need to get rid of a gift card asap or it gets lost.  Or cut up or something crazy happens to it.  When I get back I'll write a few more posts.  In a writing mood this evening.  So watch out. 

What Dogs CRAVE

Well, this month even the dogs got a CRAVEBOX.  And boy, did they enjoy it.  So did I.  Many great items and once again, well worth more than the $10 I paid for it.  It was either $10 or $11 for this limited edition box.  They do these extra boxes.  I don't get all of them but sometimes will grab one.  The pet box was one I wanted.  Shoot, we have 3 dogs.  Bound to be something we'll use in there. 

As w/ people Craveboxes, the dog ones come just as pretty packaged up.

The kids are just as anxious as the pups to see what's inside.

Look at all these goodies inside!

The dogs enjoyed these chewy treats.  Even came w/ a $5.00 rebate form for later.

Chewies are always a favorite for our dogs at this house.  Digby of course buried his in the flowerbed.  He always does.

These are samples of the dogfood.  Our dogs loved it so much, they spit out their old dog food.  No lie.  It was all over the floor.

Bandana for the pooches.  

Do you think the pups are ready for their treats??

Alaska getting one of her bones.

Not long after this Digby ran outside to bury the bone.

A great mat for the dog bowls.  It's in use right now.  

All in all, an awesome Cravebox limited edition one.  Dogs think so too.  I absolutely love the Craveboxes we get and the money's worth in them. 


today is Friday and I know I've been slack this week. It is our first week of homeschool so time has not been as freeing as it used to be.  But, getting our feet wet and into the swing of things.  Got schedules made for this semester of what we're doing, field trips we're taking, etc.  Also, trying to resolve Bojan's issue.  We're going to a vascular surgeon next week.  yep, our pediatrician got us the script AND made the call for an appointment after Duke sort of washed their hands of the whole deal.  This will be a starting point if nothing else.  Geez, kind of stupid to have a starting point after so many years but it is what it is.  Other stuff has been happening around here and I'll get to all of it over the weekend.  Really, I will.  Right now, waiting on a call from the farmer for me to go pick up our weekly order.  Yesterday, my kids ate 5 lbs. of oranges, 3 lbs of grapes, couple courts of blueberries among other things.  People always are asking what can you use.  My answer is the same each time...clothes and food;  food and clothes.  These kids go through a ton of food which is awesome b/c most of it is fruit & veggies. However, those don't come cheap.  I'll never forget the time we were at a family gathering a few years back.  It was an eye opener for my kids. 
"Mom, are they going to just throw all that food away in the garbage?"  "yes."  "Why, mom?"  "I'm really not sure."  See, they didn't have the concept of saving food.  They just would go out and buy more.  Our kids were stunned at all the waste but I was SO happy they didn't say anything in front of everyone.  We put all the leftovers(rare to have any though) in containers and they are usually gone w/in a few days time.  Why throw perfectly good food out?  I've never understood that.  To each their own.  You think differently of food however when your children have come home skin and bones.

I digress. Just been one of those weeks where I've needed to get stuff done.  We all have them.  So, that's where we are.  Right now, a friend of mine took Irina, Yana and Logan to the mall and then Walmart.  He's spending his birthday money.  He is SO excited.  First time going to the mall.  We don't really do the mall thing.  Every once in a blue moon really.  Glad she's taking them and they're having a blast.  We're having baked potatoes  & soup for dinner.  After that, Warren and I are taking whoever wants to go to Target.  Logan has a gift card from my parents from there.  In our house, we must use the gift cards immediately before anything happens to them.  Trust me on that one.  Tomorrow, we're waking up early for soccer games all day.  It's that season again.  Nice for fall time.  Though, nowhere near fall time here weather wise.  We're also hoping to get some new fencing up.  We have to build it ourselves.  Will be wonderful to have a fence for the dogs to play in.  Big project that will take a few weeks to complete as we can only do it here and there.  Quite a few big house projects we must get done.  And, since the boys have reached critical mass in their room, we need to really get this done.  Fence, shed and making the girls a room.  Any volunteers?  LOL.  I'll have to post some pics as well of a few things we've been up to.  Soon.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sno Cones part II

As I said, the other day we decided to go to Pelicans.  Mind you, this is only our second time ever going but we are in love!  LOL.  Such a simple sweet treat.  After the sno cones, we decided to let the kids hang out at the playground next door.  So, a few pictures from some fun at the playground.

 Impatient are we Alex??  Reni on working getting up the structure.

Max just taking everything in.  

Is Yana excited or what?  LOL.  

Summer, just hanging around while Max gets ready to help Alyona.  

Not suer why they like this bouncy thing but they did.  I think my bunch took over the playground.  easy to do w/ no one there practically.  

Alex, showing us some of his skills. 

Little Bit is getting more and more daring, isn't she? 

He stopped long enough for me to get a picture.  He's a handsome one for sure!

Nik, just hanging around.

Logan and Alex's face were turning red.  Nik, the camera hog, snuck in for a shot.  

Alyona having one last go at the bouncy thing.  

And that was a Saturday afternoon spent at Pelican's.  We loved it!  Nothing fancy.  Simple stuff but lots of laughter.  Surprisingly, the teens seem to have more fun than anyone.  Then we went home to veg out some more.  Hey, you can have only so many veg out days allowed.  This was ours. 

Miscellaneous pictures

Thought it was time to do some odd pictures I have.  No order. 

Nik set a bird trap.  Yep, he did.  Put bird seed in his bug catcher and unzipped it.  Has a string rigged to the top of it so he can pull it when the bird goes in. I thought it was quite clever.  My kids are always inventing things.  

My very handsome youngest boy.  Love him to pieces. He's come so far in just a few short years.  He is excited to try to learn to read this year and is soaking up so much already.  

I always throw clippings of flowers in my flowerbed.  They either will just die out and put nutrients in the soil or they will go to seed and come up.  These came up!  I think they look great around the hostas.  It spread quickly too.  I believe they are a type of verbina but don't quote me on that one.  They really do look great.  No watering or anything.  

One of the bird feeders hung up.  

A close up view of the bird feeder the kids made & hung up all over the yard.  Super easy to spread peanut butter on a pinecone and cover in birdseed.

A picture Nik made.  I guess that's my clue that he loves church and wants to go back.  The middle part Logan wrote.  He was translating for Nik.  They've become very close as well.  More miscellaneous pictures to come.  Need to feed them lunch and then we're working in our lapbook again on Presidents today.  Getting a lot done w/ it for sure.  Bojan and Max have torn down the old fence.  The wire one.  We're prepping for building a new fence, panels and all.  Oy!  But, it will make life SO MUCH easier w/ the dogs having a place to go.  More later.