Saturday, July 28, 2012

Tent City

Today is Saturday.  We picked up our house guest Courtney and the kids are thrilled for her to be here.  Ate lunch and just really vegged out all afternoon.  We were all lazy to be quite honest.  Max did fix the table in the rv and hung up a set of blinds that fell down.  We went to Walmart and got some needed odds and ends.  Like a fish net for the one that disappeared.  And, Warren got more paint to finish the dining room.  No, we never did open the can tonight.  That is on tomorrow's to do list.  Bojan and Max errected tent city.  See, we have plans for the end of August to go camping.  It will be in our rv and tent.  Need both to sleep everyone.  Would love to one day get a pop-up camper to pull behind the rv but right now, not financially an option.  For now, using our tent.  Anyhow, thought it was a great summer day to air them out, see if we're missing parts, etc.  We have 3 tents.  Why?  I'm not quite sure.  So, they went to work this morning.

Kids getting ready to check things out.

Tent one.  A rather small tent w/ a useless front screened in porch.  Keep in mind, we only sleep in the tent as we have the rv for everything else now.  

Alex coming out of tent one.  He decided it smelled bad.  They've been stored in the garage. 

Max getting ready to set up tent #2.   

This is the much bigger tent that sleeps 8 or 10 if I recall.  So, Max enlisted Bojan to help him out some.  

 Cooperation.  Like to see it. 

Umm, Reni decided she was staying far away from the work by riding her bike.

Logan wanted to help his big brothers out so they let him.  

Test is getting there.  They couldn't seem to get the rain fly up for whatever reason.  Not sure.  But, we have it.  Can't tell from this side but this is a really big tent.  And, kids agreed this one does not stink.  LOL.  

This is just part of tent city.  See, boys took down the third tent which is also a really good sized tent.  They said they're missing pieces.  I doubt the pieces are missing.  It is a really complicated tent to put together and Warren hates it.  Have a feeling we're going to sell it.  Making sure ALL parts are there first.  Alyona and Summer running through our tent city.  Love how it's all trashed in the front yard, huh?   BTW, that fountain and bucket of rocks is waiting to be fixed.  Been waiting all summer.  Honestly, I'm shocked kids haven't broken it yet.  

For those on facebook, Reni is fine.  Not sure if I told the story on here or not.  yesterday, Warren and I decided to go to Sam's Club for groceries.  We took Alex b/c as of late, he's been a catalyst for a few issues around here.  Told the teens absolutely no one goes in the pool while we're gone.  It's just a rule we have.  What I failed to tell them all is no one go outside.  Didn't think I had to as they all were going to watch a movie.  URGHHH!!!  Should have known better.  Younger kids went outside to collect bugs.  We get a call on the phone in the car.  Irina:  "Reni got stung by a cow killer!"  Reni:  "Am I going to die?"  She's wondering that b/c it's called Cow Killer.  Here's a picture for those that have no idea what I'm talking about:  Cow Killer.  We asked if she was breathing okay and determined she would be fine while we got the groceries.  Adding benedryl to the list as apparently we were out at home.  Got home and she was fine.  Little swollen but not bad considering what bit her.  She's a trooper.  Logan told her to pick it up.   He's more chicken.  His sister doesn't care.  She'll try anything once.  They were in the rest of the evening.  

So, today was a lazy day and no one got bit by anything.  Tomorrow is church and then VBS begins.  Kids are excited.  Yana is volunteering this year.  Max and Irina opted to stay home. Rest of the kids are going.  Hoping in between we can paint the dining room.  Hallway upstairs got done.  Need to take a picture of the color.  Yana is in the process of picking out colors for her room.  She's between some pinks and browns.  Good choices though.  After that, painting is done until we redo the boys' rooms.  We will need help for sure on that project.  Going to take place in August some time.  Well, got to get some sleep this evening.  3 posts is enough for one day.  Have a great weekend everyone.

Beauty salon and a bowl full of cheeries!

Lately, it's been hot.  Yes, we've been swimming but sometimes you just need to find other things to entertain yourself with. 

Nik asked if he could paint Summer's nails.  I said sure.  His favorite color of  Everything is orange for him.  

She was so patient and he was so meticulous about it all.

Did a great job.  If you're wondering what's on tv...Flashpoint.  A summer addiction.  That and Cake Boss.  

Alyona brushing Reni's hair while they watch a show.  Sweet.  One day I'll have to take one of them fighting.  Trust me, they're true sisters.  They love each other and fight too.  

 On Fridays, I pick up my produce order from the farmer.  We have a standing order and get a discount.  Being a large family, you must budget even when it comes to food.  Well, all summer I've said no to cherries as they're just too expensive for us.  Just a fact.  So, imagine what a great surprise it was yesterday when the farmer gave us a bag full of cherries to enjoy!  It was just awesome he thought of us all. Great treat for everyone for sure.  Wish we could get them more.  It's just like kiwi.  Love, love, love kiwi.  But, for the amount we'd need, just can't do it.  Whenever someone asks how can we help your family, I've always said the same thing over the and clothes.  But get used up as soon as they enter the door.  Especially, with 5 teens in the house. 

Can you tell Alex really enjoyed his cherry?

This bowl of cherries was just devoured in minutes.  Literally.  They really did love them.  What a treat from the farmer.   Thank you! 

Fun in the sun!

My fish in the water are at it again and loving every minute of the water during hot summer days.  Thought I'd share a few pics of some of them in the pool the other day.  Hope you enjoy it.

 Summer was so proud to show me that she could go under water!

Very satisfied w/ her accomplishments.

The "float" they created.  LOL.  I doubt OSHA would approve.  

Colorful creation though, isn't it?

Some of my goofballs.  Nik, Logan and Reni.

Alyona, Irina and Summer stopping to pose for a second.

What do you think these three are up to?

I think Nik is going to do the spilts.  They were trying to get him to stand on their shoulders.  It sort of worked.

For now, on the one shoulder.  

Hey, whatever works.  They all had fun in the pool.  Not too much fighting.  We've learned Alex is the catalyst and we're working on that lately.  We'll get there.  More posts forthcoming.  Trying to get a video to upload.  Hope you're all having a great Saturday.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Fish in the water

So many ways I can go with that title.  I'll start w/ my room smells like fish.  Totally forgot one of my fish died.  Umm, like two days ago.  How do I forget something like that?  But, I did.  Took care of it though.  Trying to get it not to smell like fish now.  Now, just masked by candle smell.  You'd think I'd be more aware.  Hey, accidents happen.  I liked the colorful Oscar though that we had. 

Next fish in the water are my kids.  They have really been swimming.  Got some good pictures today but haven't uploaded them yet.  These are from the other day.  Kids enjoying the hot, summer sun.

Nik, coming up for air.  He and Summer love those rubber bracelets.  He still has the ones we got free from our vacation.  We got them at the Dairy Barn restaurant.  The orange and yellow one is from JAM at church.  

Do you think she's relaxed enough?  Yana, enjoying some time w/ friends. 

Summer has turned into a fish.  She loves it.  Yes, the one terrified of water won't get out of it now.  

 Reni and Alex diving for dive sticks.  Pool is finally blue again.  Pool place said many have been coming in this summer like us unable to get it blue again.  Crazy.

I love this picture.  Just shows they care about each other.  Maybe I should take one when they're yelling at each other too to show balance.  They are sister and brother you know.  LOL.  

Yana.  Not quite sure what she's thinking.  But if she sees this picture she'll be thinking "Mom, why'd you post that?!"  

All the kids have really been enjoying the pool.  Right now, we're watching Flashpoint and then swimming.  Cleaning the house too.  Lazy type summer day.  It's great b/c I knwo it's going to get hectic again very soon.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Blinds, boo-boos and a bag of chips

Lots of little stuff going on around here.  Mostly, fixing up the house and massive organizing taking place.  Helps a lot.  Also, planning for future events and happenings.  Slowly, getting things done.  Umm, if squimish, you may want to look away about mid-way down the page.

Hey, this can double as a Thoughtful Thursday post.  Max, our resident handyman amongst other things, put up all the new blinds in the dining room this week.  After years of the others falling apart, it was time.  Shoot, we were only down to 2 anyhow and we had 5 windows.  Lowes had a sale and well, there ya go.  Glad I have a son who can do handy things like this.  Helps Warren and I out immensely.  

When they all found out Logan got hurt, they all ran to him to help.

And normally, I really don't have pics of injuries.  But, I needed to send to Warren at work to get his take to see if we needed stitches or something of that nature.  It was just bleeding profusely for quite some time.  Currently, we have it bandaged up.  It will be fine.  Well, maybe.  Nik stomped Logan's foot again today so it started bleeding again as it split open.  URGHHH!!!  

Yana is getting better.  She used to pass out and get hives at the sight of blood.  Progress.  yet, there will be NO hospital work in her future.  She totally agrees w/ that one.  But, was proud she kind of took over.  My kids will tell you, I hate feet.  I just do.  So, when I saw nothing was cut off or requiring ambulance type stuff, I gladly let them take over. 

She's all that and a bag of chips!  Need to get her hair cut this week.  On that long to do list for sure. 

We are...the Cake Bosses

or not.  Well, if you didn't know it by now, our kids have become addicted to Cake Boss over the summer.  It's on Netflix.  We all decided we wanted to try our attempt at making fondant.  Now, I used to work in bakeries in college. Decorating cakes.  So, I know a little bit. However, I never worked w/ fondant let alone make it.  I decided I wanted to try a tall layer cake.  Not real tall, just four layers.  So, made the cake yesterday so it could sit in the cooler over night.  I'll take you through a step by step.  Try not to laugh. Okay, you can laugh. 

I ran out of icing last night.  Made more this morning.  Not so pretty, huh?

This was the attempt at fondant.  We were laughing the whole time we were making it.  It was so greasy.  So, tried adding more confectionary sugar.  We were trying everything.

Instead, I finished icing the cake and then let the kids and their friends start to decorate it as well.  

Says we love Cake Boss on the top.  They all want to take a trip to Carlos' Bakery in NJ.  

Reni, trying her hand at decorating.

Summer wanted me to help her.  There isn't a cake this child doesn't like.They had all just come in from the pool.

Alex looks like a deer in headlights.  

 I know, I know, I didn't really smooth the cake out.  Hey, this was our practice cake and frankly, I have a few other things to do around here. 


Alyona was more than happy to help decorate.

A look inside our cake.  I thought the inside turned out a little pretty.

This was a tall, sweet cake.  I cut slices and then again cut them in half.  

It was a learning experience for us all and a bit of fun thrown in.  We did that today and a few other things.  Tell you more in awhile.  Just need to get a few other things done.  Max is painting the upstairs hallway.  We love it!  Turning out awesome.  Looks much better.  Kids are going in the pool again.  I may just have to go with them.  Heat index is 109 today.  It's hot out.  More later.  Lots of little things going on that will take a few posts for sure. 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Nice Note

This past weekend, Logan received a package.  He was thrilled to say the least.  Not too many letters or such come to my kids so when they get something, it's a huge deal. 

All the kids are curious as to what can be in that envelope.  

As you can see, the excitement is building and smiles are appearing.  

 Irina was gracious to read the letter to them.  It came with a letter and 2 books.  1 of the United States.  Lots to practice! 

Letter also had a picture of Logan in it!  This they were all thrilled by.  

Blurry shot but you could tell how happy he was to get this special package.  

See, when we traveled to Bulgaria to pick up the kids, we were able to spend all week with an amazing family adopting a sweet little girl.  They already had the cutest little boy adopted just a few months prior from another country.  It was Craig and Viviene.  Some of you met them at the Bulgarian Reunion.  One of the hosts of the event.  We all just really clicked.  Not only the adults but the kids too.  For the first few days, Summer would ONLY go to Vivienne.  Not me.  Yes, sad but true.  Logan began to have a special bond w/ Craig which continued at the reunion.  Like best buds.  It's awesome.  Craig promised to write and write he did!  It was such a sweet gesture of him to do that for Logan.  Logan went and wrote a English right away.  Unfortunately, I've been out of stamps till today.  So, it got mailed today.  Can't say thank you enough.  Was just really thoughtful of them to think of the kids.  And a great way to get Logan to practice his English.