Saturday, June 30, 2012

DAY 3-- Breakfast time

We all woke up.  I went to help w/ breakfast.  With this reunion, breakfast is provided which is wonderful to not have to worry about fixing it.  Also, fantastic potluck that evening as well.  Anyhow, onto breakfast.

Do you think she's up and ready?  She slept just fine and was ready to eat.

Kay working hard w/ her son making pancakes.  

Just another shot of how big the breakfast table set up was.

Doesn't the fresh fruit look just delicious?!

McDonald's was a sponsor this year.  Yum!  Sausage biscuits in the morning along w/ fresh fruit is always a treat.

All of us ate breakfast and then discussed what the day would bring.  Splash park was after lunch.  Then a potluck and then the native Bulgarians would be coming to visit.  Much more on all this in next post.

Alyona trying to find shade before going to the splash park.  More to come.  Need a break though.  Today was Alyona and Alex's b-day party.  Tired. 

DAY 2-- Bulgarian Reunion

As you saw from the previous post, we arrived in Ohio at the Bulgarian Reunion.  Kids made themselves right at home.  It was so easy for not just all kids but all kids to interact in that small circle of cabins.  Was awesome.  After getting to know people, all started on a water balloon toss game. 

Getting ready to set up for the water balloon toss.

Game is getting ready to begin.  

Bojan is finding his footing to get a good toss in.  

Reni, ready to go.  They each had a partner and had to toss it back and forth.

Nik and Logan teamed up and lasted a really long time.  And trust  me, on this hot day none of them minded getting wet when it broke.

We have some serious balloon tossers in the bunch.

 Yana.  Actually caught a picture of her! 

Just some more action shots of the kids w/ the balloon toss.

 I have no clue what face this is but I thought it was hilarious.  BTW, those in the back are the deluxe cabins.  We couldn't book one.  And for next year, they're already booked up!  May do the RV/tent thing next year instead.  We'll see.

This child would not stop for a moment.  She rode the tricycle over and over way into the night hours.  

Alex, a deer in the headlights look.  We all stayed out till it was dark.  Went to bed around 11pm.  Exhausted from a whole day/night of fun.  Next day, water park.  Well, campground splash park.

Don't let the photo deceive you.  It is NOT that big.  LOL.  Says it sleeps 6.  Not true but we made it sleep 6.  Girls in one cabin, boys in another.  It had air but wasn't all that cold.  in other words, we were one step up from a tent.  I did not sleep at all that night.  Kids slept.  But, I did get to sleep the second night so that was good.

That concludes day 2.  Next, day 3 and the splash park. 

Friday, June 29, 2012

DAY 2-- on the road again

Well, we left WVA and the glass company and were headed to Ohio and the Bulgarian Reunion.  This was Friday. 

I loved the flowers in this little town.  They were everywhere.  Look at those petunias hanging off the post.

Kids were glad that this trek of the journey was not as long as the day before.

Entering Ohio.  Nervous there was some rain.

Summer and Nik made themselves at home right away once we got to the Bulgarian Reunion.  It was held at Winton Woods.

Filling up the water balloons.  No, this will go well.  LOL.  

Nik, smiling like the cat that ate the canary.

Summer, poor girl had a bit of trouble filling those balloons up.

Ahh, ready for the water balloon toss/ fight.  Let the games begin!  More tomorrow on what all happened Friday at the reunion.  Just was tons of fun really.  Got to go to sleep. 

Day 2-- Glass Company

Are we crazy taking ten kids to a GLASS factory?!  yes, yes we are.  The second day we got up, cleaned up, packed and off to the glass factory.  We were hoping to catch a tour. 

We went to Blenko Glass Company in Milton, VA.  Went first thing in the morning.

I walked in the door and wanted to turn right around.  

I mean, just look at it.  It's waiting to get broken.  There is NO plastic here people.  That is all hand made glass.

Some of their stain glass work.  

Titantic.  Pretty cool, huh?

They were watching a video of how glass was made.  Then the tour guy came up to explain it a bit further.  

This is some of the broken glass.  Wished I could have taken some home and tiled our bathroom.  

Our tour guide explaining the wooden molds.  They only last 3 months.

That's all glass folks.  Takes DAYS to cool off we are told.  They were not doing tableware while we were there so kind of bummed we missed that demonstration.  Kids were shocked at how hot it was in the place.

 This is what happened to Alex after visiting inside the factory just a short bit...overheated.  Don't worry, he cooled down. 

This was cool.  Wall of glass.  Lady in the back was w/ our group/ family.  At first, she told me she thought of going on a different tour when she saw all the kids.  She complimented how well-behaved they were.  She could tell various things about the kids.  She works as a therapist!  Was an interesting conversation.  Told Warren and I we were doing absolutely fantastic job with them.  Kept saying she could not believe how well-behaved they were.  Just was nice to hear.

Different colors, different textures.  It was so neat to feel.  

Very nice work.  We bought a pitcher, double sided (what they're known for) and a bowl.  The bowl was on the clearance table and I had a $5 off coupon.  Yes, I searched for coupons for every place we planned on going to.  Tour was free.  I'll have to take pictures of the pitcher and bowl.  Irina and I picked them out.  

We were then on the road again!  Next post...Day 2 , on the road to the Bulgarian Reunion! 

We arrived (part 2)

I should say take two.  I wrote this entire post last night and blogger some how made it disappear.  URGHH!!!  Prepping for Alyona & Alex's b-day party in the 107 degree heat.  Nice, huh? So, trying to make this one quick as much left to do for tomorrow's event.  Still would love to share all that is happening around here but no time for now.  Get to that over the weekend for sure.  Now though, time to talk more aobut our CMV and what all we did.  And how we survived w/ 10 kids and all the "stuff" that goes w/ being out of routine. 

Nik, just enjoying the view.  That dock behind him is what we'd jump off of.  So much fun!  Even I got to jump off of it. 

Alex, shaking dry.  

Never ask your brother to hose you off.  Notice no one is coming to Bojan's aid.  

Dinner time back at the cabin.  Burgers on the grill, beans and oranges.  I was too lazy to do s'mores so gave them the chocolate and marshmellows & said enjoy.

 Dinner time was self-service.  Time to line up.  Nothing like dinner after a good swim.

Bojan, just chatting away after dinner.  

Logan and Nik enjoyed catching lightening bugs.  My kids always found something to do despite no tv, no video games, etc.  I think every kid needs that.

Nik hung up his chart everywhere we went.  He drew pictures of what we'd be doing each day and check his chart to make sure it matched up.  Cabin was big enough and it was late enough that we all just slept there.  Paid for two cabins and ended up only using one.  Oh well.  Woke up, cleaned up and onto adventure of Day 2.  Stay tuned for...the glass company.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

We arrived (part 1)

Finally, after 7 hours we arrived at the KOA WVA campgrounds.  We booked 2 cabins forthe night. One was a big one that had the kitchen, bathrooms, etc.  Booked it b/c they said it only slept 6.  Umm, it can really sleep well more than 6.  So, after looking around and unpacking, we went to go to the little pond they have.  WEll, big pond.  11' deep in most places of it. 

Some of us getting ready to walk to the pond for some afternoon fun.  

Alyona, climbing all the way to the top.  Oh, if you went past the ropes, you were required to wear lifevests no matter the age or skill level.  Yep, even the adults.

Yana made it to the top as well.  That thing is really hard to climb.  Doesn't look it but it is.  I'm below w/ Summer.  Teaching her to swim.

I love this b/c Alyona and Alex are helping Logan get up there.

This is Logan contemplating whether to do this trampoline thing or not.  He was very scared of the water at the beginning of all this.

Bojan and Max getting ready to wrestle.  Yeh, this will end well.  

 Summer, ready to go back to the cabin w/ Daddy.  She was just tired.

 Max was kind enough to swim Logan back. 

I just thought Alyona looked cute here.

 Reni, also very cute here I thought.  Her fear was fading.  In the beginning, I had to peel my little leach off of me.  LOL. 

Logan, showing me he can swim.  He really, really wanted to learn how.

What a great smile.  He really enjoyed the water.  It was so beautiful.  We essentially had the whole pond/ lake to ourselves.  Loved it.  Water was even a bit warm.  I really enjoyed it.  I even jumped off the dock.  Kids thought that was cool.  

More pictures to come from day 1 of our vacation in WVA.  It really was great.  Can't wait to share more.  I'm getting sleepy though so continuation may have to wait till tomorrow.  Night everyone!