Friday, April 13, 2012

Decisions, decisions

Okay, so I'm not usually one of these people that takes time to enter their kids in contests.  I just don't do it.  Weelll, this came along and just have to do it.  So, kids and I put Summer in some clothes and did our best.  They want unprofessional pictures and well, I am NO professional, that's for sure!  But, kids and I are having a hard time deciding on some pictures.  So, thought I'd number some that we have and get opinions from others on here.  Just say what # you like or if you don't like them at all.  Won't hurt my feelings.  Pictures could be no older than a month.  So, some  I pulled and some we took the other day.  Need opinions.  Thanks in advance.  To me, she's the cutest thing ever!  But, I'm a bit biased, I know.  And that's okay b/c that's what mom's are supposed to be.












Those are the 11 that we thought were cute of Summer.  Yes, I know they are totally unprofessional.  Always wished I could take pictures but I can't.  Some have that talent, I do not.  Just like some can make gingerbread houses.  I can not.  But, I do have some cute kiddos.  Does that count for something.  LOL.  Anyhow, please honestly tell me which # you like best.  I will submit the photo and then tell you all about it.  For now, need better eyes than mine.  Thanks so much.  Hope everyone has an awesome weekend.  Looks like now 3 of my teens are working tomorrow.  So we'll have the other 7 at the ballfield...all day long.  Got to go.  Warren is coming home to make homemade subs for dinner.  Yum.  Due to some stupidity, I burned a few batches of cupcakes.  Now, have to go re-make them.  

Easter 2012 (part III)

Time to finish up what we did Easter Sunday.  We really did have a great time. 

Warren getting ready to give the girls a good spin.  Human centrifuges.  

Max looking rather stoic up there.  Wish he would have smiled.  

Logan and Nik on this really cool contraption.  

Reni, going for quite a spin.  Don't let the looks fool you...this thing goes fast!

Alyona, laughing her heart out.  None of them even threw up.  LOL.  

Max and Alex giving it a go.  This park was so cool.  

Summer had to be like her sisters.  

Logan, not getting enough of all the spinning action at this park.  

Nik, enjoying the climb.  This park is awesome b/c it is shaded.  We want these shades for our entire yard!  

 Alex, hanging around.

Not to be out done, Reni, trying her turn at it.

Well, after such a long, hot few hours at the park, we needed to get our fill of ice cold slushies.  We even decided to take 2 home to the homebodies that decided not to join our fun.  Yana  and Irina.  I think after everyone talking about it though, they kind of regretted it.  Park is geared for folks of ALL ages which makes it great.  Slushies surely did hit the spot.  Last year, they were .69.  This year, .99.  Inflation.  LOL.  We did have a really nice Easter though.  Just was a great day to spend some time together.  

Looking forward to a really awesome weekend.  Yana and Irina are working tomorrow.  We're going to soccer all day and Max and Bojan will be home.  Their choice.  After the long day, going to the farm for some r & r and a bonfire w/ friends.  Can't wait!  Enjoy your weekend everyone.  Can't say I'll get any posts done tomorrow as frankly, I just want to enjoy the day.  No technology.  Just a good time watching the kids and enjoying company of friends. 

Easter 2012 (part II)

Well, after all that sugar, we needed to walk it off.  It was the most beautiful day out w/ lots of sunshine.  So, we decided to try a new park  that we haven't been to before.  It was beautiful and close in Garner.  Had some trails and two playgrounds.  So, went for a short hike first and then on the playgrounds. 

 They had various nature information along the way for the kids to read and study.  Very interesting and think we learned a few things.

 Some of the boys dragging behind.  They weren't too happy b/c I told them we're hiking first and then going on the playgrounds. 

 Big brother and little sister.

Thought this was a nice mosaic to remember what happened here at the Conagra Food plant where they made beef jerky and things of that nature.  It exploded and some lost their lives.  The plant shut down and they are still determining what to do w/ it.  Last I heard was the city "may" turn it into a park.  

I demanded Bojan get out for some fresh air.  Boy, was he glad he did.

Nik, Summer and Max enjoying a break.  

 Alex and Reni w/ coach Alyona looking on.  She loves telling people what to do.

A simple childhood delight.  

Dad helping Logan out who tended to be a little chicken. 

Alex, in trouble.  He ran up the slide and really not setting an example for anyone & there were younger kids there.  So, he could not finish playing on this playground.  He had to wait till we went to the other one.  Unfortunately, sometimes lessons have to be learned when it's not so fun.  

The sisters are always hand in hand.  They definitely needed each other and are good for each other.  Now, should I snap a shot when they're fighting??  

It was just a beautiful day.  I'll have more pictures later.  Making cupcakes for soccer tomorrow.  Kids are watching a movie and vegging out.  Warren will come home and make us subs for dinner.  Spaghetti just did not feel right on a day like today.  Now, to try and convince everyone we need to clean up the house.  More to come later.  We're full of pictures still.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter 2012 (part 1)

I know I'm a bit late in posting many things.  Hey, I'm trying to catch up.  Does that at least account for something?  So, these are some shots from last Sunday. 

Our Easter tub.  It's too hard any more to do individual baskets.  So, we fill up a tub that can be used outside then later for toys.  

After reassuring the kids that the dogs won't eat the Easter Bunny, they went to sleep so they could wake up way to early for human kind.  

Everyone slowly pulling out all the goodies and seeing what they were.  Summer is especially fascinated with the nail polish kit in her hands.  

Oooh, I think I like these!  Notice Alex not being too enthused?

 Checking out all the loot.  Alex is just ready to go play w/ his new soccer ball.

 Anything left in the tub. 

Can we say sugar coma??  Bright and early in the morning too.  Each kid got a chocolate rabbit of their own and then all other candy was to share.  2 of my kids tried to stash and grab in their rooms.  Don't they know better by now?

The girls testing out the nail polish kit.  

Ahh, sweet success w/ nail polish.

My little fashionista dressing herself again.  Hey, pants are on right this time.  I think the flip flops make the ensemble.  

This was the first part of our day.  Candy was for breakfast that morning.  Well, tons to do.  So, this I think is post 5 today.  Must stop.  LOL.  Work to be done. 

A surprise from the blog world

Sometimes, something comes out of left field and just takes your breath away.  This past week, that happened to us.  A blog reader with a huge heart surprised us with a generous gift for Easter.   I couldn't believe it and neither could the kids as three boxes arrived. 

Everyone started to gather round to see what the packages were.  

First one opened was a movie!  None of us had seen Hop so it was a pretty cool surprise to receive this.  We watched it the next day and had popcorn.  Perfect!

Next was this really cool magic paper you write on.  Doesn't write on anything else but that paper.  Crayola makes it.  Very inventive!  No markers on my carpet!  Love it.  Even the older kids had a really neat time designing stuff on those notepads.  So did I.  

Notice Logan's expression in the background???  We pulled out quite a few bags of candy.  Kids were in seventh heaven.  LOL.  

Then they discovered eggs to go with it to hide them in.   Kota was a bit disappointed there was no meat as he can't have candy.  LOL.  Just kidding.  Dog was sniffing everything. 

 Summer loving the colors of all those Easter eggs. 

Bojan testing out the new no mess coloring notebooks.  They turn out shiny and metallic looking.  

See, I don't have a mess on the carpet!  Wonderful!  

 They were drawing like crazy.  Even today, Summer grabbed some paper while Nik was working on speech therapy. 

Reni, showing off what she started to draw.  Our house.  

Summer, very proud of her drawing.  

I can not say thank you enough.  Truly, it was a very heartfelt gift and we all thoroughly enjoyed it.  The movie was awesome and the coloring notebooks were beyond cool.  Candy, well, you can guess that is always a hit around here.  LOL.  Thank you so much Heather!  I hope one day we can meet in person. Amazing how people out in cyberspace can touch you without ever meeting in person.  My kids received a very wonderful Easter surprise. At the same time, I was able to teach them about the kindness of strangers and how this applies in life.  People helping people and just demonstrating kindness.  They see lots of negatives on news and in the paper.  It is great that every once in awhile, they can see the good in people too.  Thank you once again Heather!