Friday, March 23, 2012

Soccer practice & miscellaneous

It's Friday.  Finally made it to Friday.  Seemed like the longest week ever.  Guess hospital stays will do that to you.  Bojan and Alyona are doing okay.  Thought Alyona could make it through home school academy today but no.  She called to come home early as her arm kept getting bumped she said.  Remember, still super sensitive as surgery was just Wednesday.  Was debating in the first place whether she should go but it was the last day & she didn't want to miss it.  While they were there, I went to the doc.  After 4 days of no sleep whatsoever & literally not being able to breathe, it was time.  Bad sinus infection.  That should clear up w/ antibiotics in a few days.  No biggie.  Warren stayed home to help w/ Bojan more & worked from home.  Good thing he did b/c he had to get Alyona while i was at the doc.  Yana is at Driver's Ed again this afternoon. Her school finished second in their meet yesterday so that was great.  We'll be going to one of her home meets in April. 

We have soccer practice on Tuesday & Thursdays and games on Saturdays.  Here are a few pics from last practice.  I didn't get any of Nik really b/c I was watching Logan & Alex's practice.  Warren was w/ Nik. 

Logan, getting around one of his coaches.  

 Alex, going in for one of the shots.  That white blur is the ball he just kicked.

Alex, doing a little foot work while waiting for instructions.  

Nik, taking a water break from his team.  We bring water bottles to practice and games though they have a water cooler there just in case you need it.  

Summer, practicing her soccer moves in her cow rain boots.  So lady like.  

Reni, Summer and myself watching the practice.  

That was a glimpse of practice.  We have a bunch going on this week as you know.  We are trying to sell the house.  Someone is coming this weekend to look at it.  That would be wonderful.  Phone calls are starting to come in.  Pretty good considering I haven't put a sign out in the yard and have barely advertised anything yet.  That's my job this weekend...flyers and advertising everywhere.  Need to move.  Love the house but need to move for future plans.  Tonight having burgers on the grill.  Yum.  Then, try to get the house somewhat organized.  Tomorrow, kids have soccer games bright and early & teens are going to help out w/ the church barbecue.  This is prep weekend for that.  So, keeping busy.

Bojan and Alyona are healing.  Each day will get a little better.  Much more to come.  Just been completely exhausted lately.  Hoping next week will get back to a little more normalcy.  Enjoy your weekend everyone.  Weather is so nice here lately. 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sister and brother

When adopting, you know really know who's going to mesh with whom until you get home and see how the family dynamics play out.  I had an idea & for the most part was right on.  However, there is one relationship that I really hadn't considered or planned on.  And that is the brother-sister relationship of Summer and Max.  Summer is close to Max. She loves him so much and it goes both ways.  Max has a very sweet soul.  Max has always been great with younger kids and we think he'd make an excellent father one day.  But for now, Summer has him wrapped around her little finger.  If she requests a dance from big brother Max, he does it.  She wants to play around, he does it.  She asks him to carry her upstairs, he obliges gladly.  Every night.  If I put her to bed, she runs downstairs, calling Max's name and asking for him to put her to bed.  He doesn't complain, not one bit.  Many times you'll see her up on his shoulders.  Just a great big brother. 

Again, she has her own sense of style and if she has clothes on, we go with it.  Yes, those are cow rain boots with a sundress.  Who cares?  I know my kids will never go on one of those best dressed lists but I also know later in life, they'll have confidence to dress themselves b/c mom didn't do it for them.  Yeh, that's my excuse for how they go out half the time.  LOL.  Summer just loves her big brother Max to pieces and it shows.  

Now, as for Logan, Max still is getting used to another brother.  Mainly, b/c Logan wants to engage Max but the only way Logan can think to do that (due to lack of communication) is to pelt stuff at Max's head.  As you can imagine, that doesn't go over that well with Maxwell.  It will take time.  Now, you'll catch them wrestling and things of that nature but they still have work to do as far as bonding goes.  

Very, very exhausted right now.  Trying to stay awake long enough to put them to bed.  Home school academy is tomorrow morning.  I'm taking them and dropping htem off & coming back home to Bojan and Alyona.  Then, pick them up and come home again.  Need to do a few errands but need to wait a bit.  Soccer is Saturday.  A few games that day.  Older kids will help out at the church.  Praying that everyone sleeps through the night tonight but not holding my breath.  We'll see.  In the midst of all this craziness, I totally forgot Max's birthday is in a few days.  Though we're not getting him anything, still would like to remember it somehow.  He asked for cash in lieu of a party & gifts b/c he wants to buy a class ring.  And that's fine. He's older, it's what he wants and rather he get something he wants.  At the age where parties are starting to be outgrown a bit more.  Sure sign they're growing up.  Max will be 17 in a few days and I can hardly believe it.  The kid I brought home in 18 month clothes at just 4 years old is growing up.  And after Max, is Reni's birthday a week later.  Her first birthday celebration in America.  Would love to make it a bit special as she's never had one before here.  We'll see.  Got to go.  More to come.

Home from the hospital

Well, back from Duke Hospital.  That is where both Alyona and Bojan had surgery last night.  Both were scheduled to stay over night w/ adjoining rooms.   I'll give a short account of everything and some pictures.  I am very, very much running on empty.  It started yesterday morning. We left around 8:45am. 

Bojan, trying to be funny.  We didn't have to wait back here long.  Duke gives you a little pager thing just like a restaurant.  LOL.  Yeh, I don't like what's on the menu either! 

This was before the surgery.   She was terrified and rightfully so.  Remember, last time she had surgery it went horribly wrong and she was in pain for weeks and had permanent damage done. 

 Bojan was the regular comedian he always is.  He has no fears about surgery.  None.  No tears so most our focus was on Alyona. Bojan really enjoyed talking with our Pastor who came to see us at the hospital.  I do think it helped him relax a bit too.  Now thanks to Pastor Ed, Bojan wants to sit on an alligator.  don't ask!

 Warren thought my suit was cool.  This is what I had to back to the OR in to walk back there w/ Alyona till she was knocked out.  Very nice of them to let me do that for her.  I walked back to the OR and the ladies were VERY caring.  They told Alyona silly jokes until she was out despite tears running down her face.  Another gentleman was ready to hook up more equipment but the lady stopped his hand (out of sight of Alyona) and waited until she was completely out.  now that shows you how much they care about the kids. 

She had great color after surgery.  Eating a Popsicle and we all thought we were in the clear w/ her.  Umm, nope.  As soon as she was done w/ this, it all came back up.  Nurses then were determining whether we should keep her overnight.  See, Duke reserved rooms for both kids.  However, our goal was to get Alyona home and comfortable if at all able.  And, we were.  Late afternoon.


Bojan stayed overnight of course.  He had no choice.  His pain was managed very well and he & I caught up on lots of tv.  We watched the Smurfs movie and Storage Wars.  Had never seen that.  We kept remarking all night long how quiet it was even though we were in Durham and there was traffic and a train.  Just w/ 12 people living here, there is no quiet time.  Just was different.  Bojan ate really well.  They gave me some of the doctor's lunches.  That was very nice of them for sure.

Neither one of us slept more than maybe 10 minutes at a time.  Air was drier than an airplane.  Nurses kept bringing us drinks.  By middle of the night neither Bojan nor I could swallow.  Crazy.  By morning, we just wanted home.  Warren picked us up about 8am and we went home. 

Sisters.  Reni, carefully holding onto Alyona's hand.  Her cast is up to her shoulder.  Both kids go back in 6 weeks which is awesome. Hoping Bojan will be healed enough for the cast to come off.  They did LOTS of work to his leg.  Even Bojan noticed that his knee is now lined up w/ his foot instead of pointing sideways.  They took out part of his hardware.  Cut his leg bones in half and realigned w/ the foot.  So, Bojan is hurting and will be for a few days. Yes, on pain meds but we all know they do not take care of all the pain.  In addition, nurses are worried about the tight cast.  This has happened to us in the past where we had to go to the ER and get the cast redone.  Right now, watching closely as his toes are already cold and he's complaining  but says they are not numb.  With all his scarring, there is not much room for swelling.  So, told to really watch & monitor the first few days, which we are.  

Overall, as good as can be expected.  I am exhausted.  So is Warren.  Neither of us slept.  I have severe sinus and allergy issues.  We were very thankful a member of our church family provided pizzas for dinner.  One less thing to deal with.  Other kids are doing okay.  Just a long few days for all of us.  I have a lot to discuss and catch up on. For now though, it all has to wait.  Kids come first and getting them onto the road to recovery.  Just wanted to give an update.  We are doing okay and healing.  I'm sure there are errors all over this post.  More tomorrow when I am coherent and awake.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Surgery & you have sibs where?!

Alright, today is Tuesday.  This will have to be a fairly quick post as my head is still spinning of everything that transpired here today & I'm not even writing about it all.  It's just too much.  I will at some point but I'm still spinning. 

Okay, some quick things.  Nerves have set in for Alyona and Bojan.  Alex is holding steady but that's b/c he has Logan here.  He will fall apart tomorrow.  PTSD.  Happens any time someone here goes to the hospital.  They'll all be okay.  Just know the next few days for us all here are going to be extremely rough.  Done it before and thank goodness, it doesn't happen often. 

Here today, we did a Civil War project.  It will be over the next few weeks we'll work on it.  Anyhow, we all got off on a tangent.  Don't even know how.  Somehow got to talking about brothers and sisters.  Reni & Logan were frustrated b/c they were trying to think of the English word for director.  I said " it's the same."  They continued to tell me they were told by him they have one other sibling in another orphanage.  Umm, excuse me?!  They did not know if it was a girl or a boy.  See, they come from a family of 12 kids.  9 of them live at home.  Now, I know that Logan was the 9th birth.  I'm assuming Reni is 10 or 11th birth.  That being said, the other child must be younger than the two of them just given birth order.  See,  I noticed this in their papers originally & didn't think much of it as they try to keep sibs together. I figured if they're not, must be a reason for it but not pressing  the issue.  Well, now that they're home, they KNOW they have a sib in another orphanage, I'd like to know. I really would.  So, agency is looking into it for us.  Could be nothing comes of it.  Maybe the child passed away.  Maybe the child aged out (can't , they're younger).  Or any other number of reasons.  Don't know.  Just know my children have a right to know about their siblings.  Funny thing is, they had NO idea about the others at home. 

All my kids & I have always been open about discussing birth families.  I let them take the lead.  I do not initiate.   Today, Logan recalled the details of him coming to the orphanage at 4yo w/ Reni (2yo).  He remembers his mom giving him bananas and telling him bye-bye.  He never saw him again.  She never came to visit them.  The other 9 kids are at home yet these two were never seen again.  I now know why they did not tell them about the others at home.  That would have been too difficult.  Instead, they told them of the other sib at the other orphanage.  Now, he also told me they lived in 3 different orphanages and he went to Shumen first.  I knew this already.  He also said he lived in Kaspichan.  I knew that too.  So Logan is recalling accurately.  You have to watch b/c sometimes PI kids will come home and make stuff up. Be careful newbies.  LOL.   For now, we are very curious.  It's being checked into and we'll take it from there.  As they learn more English, we'll know more.  They begged us to take Maggie home.  A friend of theirs.  Same girl we asked if she was available for adoption in June.  she wasn't as her parents come to visit.  Reni said "yes, they do.  But her parents are very bad people mom.  She needs to come here."  No dear, doesn't work that way.  The law is the law.  I will not disclose what else was told to me.  Just know I'm getting an ear full and can only imagine once more English comes, what I'll hear.  My kids have been through a lot but have shown great resilience.  I will keep you posted on the sib thing.  Will take a couple of weeks to get info. 

Kids are no longer sick.  Thank goodness.  2 people have asked about the house.  Much more to say.  Much more to write.  For now, I must go get ready for tomorrow.  Surgery day.  I will be staying at the hospital overnight so no computer.  Tending to kids.  Thursday, I'll have an update on here on how they are doing.  Keep them in your thoughts and prayers.  Going to be a long few days.  

Manic Monday

Crazy Day.  I have to make this super quick as there is thunder out and computer will be shut down for awhile. 

Warren's car is in the shop.  Stinks.  Needs new brakes and I'm sure a ton of other items as well.  It's life.  It breaks, you fix it.  He took the van to work obviously.  No parking for him poor guy.  To add icing to the cake, we forgot to pay a payment on something last week.  Usually Warren does this on his way to work but since he was sick as a dog it didn't happen.  I know it happens but we haven't had to pay a late fee in a l-o-n-g time.  And this one is like a $50 fee!  Advice:  do NOT get sick.  LOL.  Like I said, it's life.  Mistakes happen and you just have to get over it and move on.  Learn from it.  Waiting to hear how much we owe on the car & what exactly is wrong w/ it.  It's almost paid for so it figures it's about time for it to fall apart.

Alex is sick.  Mostly allergy sick.  Horrible allergies for him.  Irina said she feels sick. I'm okay but still not feeling 100%.  Irina is definitely sick.  Summer seems to have a little cold but nothing more than that.   I still have a sore throat.  Need some good vibes, thoughts & healing prayers sent this way.

This week we have 2 upcoming surgeries on Wednesday for Bojan and Alyona.  Still working out minor details.  Irina and I are making a menu for the next few days.  We still have track and soccer this week.  We'll work it out as best we can.  Still have to fight w/ the school I'm sure on transportation.  But, since I can't talk today & don't have a car, can't really do anything about it.  So, hopefully tomorrow I can work it out w/ them.  From what I am being told, it is against the law to not provide him w/ transportation.  We'll see how it goes.  Wasn't a problem before but now it is.  Crazy, huh?

since we knew this would take up quite a few days, we did not schedule anything else to happen around here.  Hoping to just to be able to keep everyone healthy and fed at this point in time.  That's the goal anyhow.  Maybe I'll be able to catch up on things.  Ha!  Not happening.  Working on house website and things of that nature in order to sell the house.  We're going to have to have a work weekend soon.  We did a lot this weekend but it truly is just too much for us.  It's also hard on the kids.  When they found out we had someone potentially coming to look at the house some of the kids flipped.  Just lost it.  A potential move became real to them and scared them.  This is the only home they've ever known besides the orphanage.  Children w/ certain issues do not take well to change.  Moving is going to be an uphill battle for sure.  We're ready.  Just going to be a tough few months for everyone.  However, in the end, selling our home would be what we feel is in the best interest of everyone.  Whether it happens or not, is another story.

Well, been so busy, forgot the rest of this, so posting what I got so far.  More posts are forthcoming for sure.   It has been an enlightening day!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

This past weekend

Saturday, we had a bit going on.  Not much though.  We went to Reni and Alyona's practice soccer game.  Usually they are on the same team but this time they were against each other.  Hilarious b/c Reni was telling Alyona to kick the ball.  LOL.  Still supporting her even though on opposite teams.  Her brothers felt free to provide running commentary & critique through the entire game.  They should be on Jeopardy b/c they think they know it all.  This btw, was Alex & Logan.  Got to love it.  Thought I'd share a few pictures from that day. 

 Alyona.  Only one in pants.  Despite me telling her it was going to be in the 80's that day, she still insisted pants would be just fine. 

Reni, ready for that ball.  Can you tell she gets right in there to play?  Not afraid of the ball one single bit.  Complete opposite of Alyona.  

Reni, observing the field.  I like her hair up but she doesn't usually put it up.  

Some of the kids watching their sibs play.  Can you tell there is no shade?  And I'd forgotten sunscreen.  Usually don't think about that in March.  

Alex, sporting some shades.  Now, Alex was covered in poison ivy and horrible allergy eyes.  Know the movie 'Hitch?'  That was him later. So, he sported shades.  Yes, he's growing up b/c he doesn't want the girls to see him this way.  

Summer wanted to pick flowers.

Nik has this nervous habit of wrenching his shirt up.  He really is starting to grow up a bit.

I let Nik have my camera and he took this picture of himself.  He is my camera hog for sure.

 Aren't they just absolutely stunning flowers?!

Reni, working hard in the game.  Really was proud of her.  No fear of the ball at all.  

 Now, the other parents and us know Alyona is not the soccer player type.  Not being mean, she's just not & she knows it too.  Yet, I think she loves being on a team atmosphere and this provides that for her.  However, the other day, we looked out on the field and another friend of mine said "all she needs is the catwalk, you know."  Doesn't she look like she's posing?  She is by all being my girlie girl.  She is NOT a tomboy whatsoever.  Reni is.  That's what's so great.  They are so different yet so close. 

She wanted the flower in her hair and I was happy to oblige.  With some help from a friend and a bobby pin.  Bulgarian beauty!

The eyes melt me every single time. 

After the game, we had to head to Target.  Had a gift card so that obviously helps.  Was able to get Alex his allergy meds and even picked up soda (a treat here).  We all tested out the lawn furniture and dreamed.  Found some jump ropes for .48 so picked 3 up.  I know, a real splurge.  LOL.  But the biggest hit was the little pinwheels.  they've been playing w/ those non-stop. 

Came home, ate lunch & Warren and Max carried off the trash.  After that, we decided we'd never make that blacksmith demonstration we wanted to go to and it was just too hot.  Came home and just relaxed a bit and cleaned up.  Watched a new movie and took some time to just sit.  Oh, and wash the van.  Oh, and I planted the gardens.  So maybe we didn't just sit.  Productive day.  Irina and Yana spent the night somewhere else.  More to come.  Just trying to answer a few emails now so need to get busy.