Friday, February 3, 2012

Alien talk

I came in the boys' room the other day and looked at the wall.  See, recently, we have rearranged the room to get ready for the sale. 

It's a start.  Still have work to do to straighten up a bit more but getting there.

Nik in the little nook area of the room.  Window frames still need painting and most everything needs patching.  Even more so since Nik has moved in here.

Turned the corner and this is what I saw.  On the chalk board wall.  Looked like alien talk to me at first before I deciphered it.  On the right are mountains.  With a volcano erupting in the middle of it.  Near the fish, which he kindly tacked to the wall, are two people.  The one on the right is Nik.  He is pointing and making fun of the kid that is screaming at him.  He told me the kid has a smushed face.   I told him that's mean!  Next to that on the left is a table w/ a birthday cake on it and presents laying on the floor.  Nik's party of course.  Under the card there is a guy getting flattened by it.  There's more up there but some you can figure out.

Nik, quite proud of his work.  Remember kids, we're trying to SELL the house.  Not have people retreat in fear.  URGHH!!!  When we put the sign in the yard this month, we have lots to keep up w/ I fear.  

Well, three posts in one day.  Does that make up for my lack of posting this week?  I didn't think so.  Oh well.  Have more pictures to put up and a few more posts.  It's a very late dinner this evening.  So, had the chance to write.  Now, to get organized before I come back up here.  Yana has a friend over for a bit, Bojan is spending the night at a friend's house and the rest are here.  We've been cleaning and clearing the clutter this week.  Big trash haul tomorrow for sure.  You never know how much you accumulate until you get ready to sell a home.  Or how much is broken should I say.  Need to get going.  enjoy  your weekend.

Blast from the past!

Can't believe another month has gone by.  Already February.  Supposed to be at least a little chillly, even in NC.  However, we've had windows open for a few days w/ it even reaching the 70's here.  Not complaining, feels great.  Yet somehow, some way, most all of us are longing for at least a little bit of winter.  In the south, you live to see that one nice snowfall.  We only get about 1 a year if we're lucky.  A great sled ride.  Something.  Anything.  No snowballs, no snowmen, no snow angels, no snow cream, nothing.  So, we're already talking about flip flops and who needs shorts.  Just feels kind of weird is all.  Drinking sweet tea instead of hot cocoa.  Haven't made much chilli or homemade soup lately.  But, we trudge on.  We'll see what February brings.  Maybe at least one hot cocoa, wrap up in a blanket day would be nice.  Just one.  Mean time, I'll share some photos of our past February's.  Hope you enjoy taking a look back in time.

This was Nik in Feb. of 2008.  He was 5yo here.  Cute.  His hearing aids never wanted to stay in.  He looks so little here to me.  

Irina with Alyona.  Ahh, sweet sisters.  You won't find that right now.  LOL.  Both were in cheer leading years ago.  This was also in 2008.

 Wow, smiling Alex. 

Yana with a hint of that preteen attitude developing.  Can you tell??  This was in Feb. of 2008 as well.  We were all at an Upwards Basketball game.

 Alyona, proud to have lost a tooth.  This was in Feb. of 2010.

Dreaming of this white stuff lately.  It's just so pretty.  Feb. 2010.

Max putting together the shark mop which I LOVED.  Broken now.  But we used it a ton before it broke.  Do wish I had another one.  Add it to the wish list. LOL 

Yana, trying a jalapeno pepper for the first time.  Not a fan.  This was in 2010.

Couple pictures from the past.  Neat to see how much the kids have changed over the years.  Next year, the new kids will be included b/c they will have been here long enough.  Can you believe it?!  Once they're home, they feel like they've been here forever.  Amazing really.  Ready for this February and to see what it will bring us.  Valentine's Day is coming up.  Maybe we'll get some of the white stuff (aka...snow) but highly doubtful.  My flowers have already started to bloom.  So, need to readjust to be thinking about spring soon.  More to come.  Waiting for Warren to get home.  Having some grilled chicken, veggies and mashed potatoes.  Kids and I already ate the fudge.  Busy day tomorrow but looking forward to it.  Enjoy your weekend.

Catching up

Wow, no post since Tuesday.  Goes to show you what this week has been like.  Blog is not high on the priority list in the grand scheme of things so when life gets busy, blog takes a backseat.  I'm sure all of you can relate to that one.  Not even doing a Flabulous to Fabulous post this week.  I just made fudge w/ Nik if that gives you any indication of how this week is going.  Hey, Nik had fun.  I take turns making desserts w/ the kids. 

Okay, guess I should catch up on some appointments.  Nik still has bad eyes but they got a little better.  He'll go to pick glasses out this weekend.  Hoping he wears them.  Yana and Bojan's were fine as usual.  Other appointment we had was Reni and the plastic surgeon. This is where she had gotten beaten w/ rocks in her face.  Happened at her old orphanage not the one we picked her up from.  It does not affect function nor does it cause pain.  So, for now, we're letting her grow a little more.  Doc said it is on file what happened and when she starts complaining how it looks (aka the teen years) come back and we'll fix her up.  So, no surgery for Reni for now.  Doc said most likely when she's about 13 or 14 is when she'll have it done.  He said that's a good time.  So, Reni is now healthy.  Has new glasses, doesn't need surgery, is on no meds, speaks English, normal blood work and such, and adjusted just fine.  How on earth was she not adopted before us?!  Still baffles me.  BTW, she's coming out of her shell so much lately, she's driving me crazy.  Remember, those who know me know I hate the age of 9yo.  I'm not sure why but it has been true for all my kids.  Don't know what it is about that age that drives me insane but it does.  Well, Reni is now so comfortable here, she's even started getting a little attitude.  URGHH!!!  But, that's also a very, very good thing. 

Next week, Alyona goes to the eye doc.  Remember, she has ONH(optic nerve hypoplasia).  Takes her awhile at her exams.  My kids are also going to have a neuropsych eval for FAS.  It is part of research.  Teens will be participating.  Always good to gain knowledge.  Other thing we have next week is the JCI appointment for Irina.  I have very mixed feelings about the whole thing.  Warren and I will go in person to check it all out.  With Irina.  It is part of the vocational rehab program she is in. I will have a separate post for that.  Many wonder what will happen to our kids once they are out of high school.  Irina is on her junior year of high school.  I'm getting a glimpse of what it will be like. 

We got the house pressure washed this week.  One step closer to putting it on the market.  Cleans up very nicely.  Need to make a tax appointment w/ the CPA.  Oh, just did.  Yeh.  Hopefully, I can find all the receipts this weekend.  Think so. 

We're also still working away at the house so we can put it on the market.  Won't be long.  And, making secondary plans for if we can't sell it.  House is really keeping us busy. 

Kids were crazy this week.  There is no gentle way to put that.  Some times it happens.  And that's okay.  Important thing is to move forward.  Doesn't help though with all the broken things.  See, years ago we had a lady come in here from mental health for intensive in home for some of the kids.  She did not believe me when I told her my kids break something literally everyday in this house.  She said I'm sure you don't mean every single day.  So, for the next week, I kept a list of what got broken, how it got broken and who broke it.  Handed her the sheet next time she was here.  She was stunned.  Looked at it and said you were serious when you said every day.  I say "yep."  My kids have kept up w/ the breaking something every day bit.  See, with FASers, there is no impulse control, lack of judgment and no cause and effect thinking.  Tell me something is not going to get broke w/ those things multiplied by 6 in this house.  LOL.  This week, the dishwasher broke(still broken), stove handle, skateboard, giant dog water bowl, 2 papasan chairs, and a pottery pie plate given to us for our wedding.  I am not joking when I say things get broken every week here.  They do.  It's not cheap to replace some of these items.  I know they don't mean it (for the most part) but geez, some weeks take their toll.  This was one of those weeks.  Tired of broken things.  Doesn't look attractive to future buyers.  Of course, how do you explain that to them.  You can't.  No one "gets" FASD unless they live w/ it daily.  Just been a long week and hence, no blog posts for 2 days. 

Enough venting.  Soccer tryouts are tomorrow.  Irina is going to work the concession stand at our church which does Upwards Basketball.  Great program.  My kids will be doing Upwards Soccer at another church.  Can't wait.  Season starts in March but tryouts are tomorrow.  They've been practicing all week long.  6 younger kids will play this season.  Yana is supposed to find out today when track tryouts are.  Older kids have decided not to do youth group this semester.  I said okay.  I think they are trying to find various things to focus on. 

I'm still making plans for the summer time.  Deaf camp is in May.  We're going.  I'll post more on it when they send me the info.  June is the Bulgarian Reunion in Ohio.  Can't wait.  We're making it a trip w/ other states to sight see in.  Kids are helping me decide where to go.  July, we'll have a family reunion here in this state.  Also, in July we have Alex's birthday and the 4th of July.  Busy times.  Trying to see what we may be able to do in April.  Like to go camping but depends upon recovery if surgeries take place in March. We'll find out mid-February about any possible upcoming surgeries.  Just little pieces going on here and there.  Keeping up with it all. 

I'll have more picture posts to come later this evening.  Just wanted to let everyone know we haven't fallen off the face of the earth here.  Just living life and keeping up with it.  Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Simplicity of childhood

These will be much of the same pictures w/ different poses.  I just wanted to capture her for some reason that day.  I wish I could be a good photographer like some of the blogs out there but hey, this is real life.  I'm lucky I can work the camera by pushing a button.  Hence, why I have a PhD camera.... 'push here dummy.'  I just thought she was cute.  She has her own sense of style.  Wears boots with everything.  Doesn't matter what matches.  Somehow, she always makes it work.  Just wanted to share my baby girl. 

Okay, I'm going to do it.  I'm going to blow a bubble mom.  Watch me. 

 Let me see, how's this work again?  I can do it.  I know I can. 

 I'm really happy mom.  I did it!

Such concentration she shows.  

Such satisfaction my bubble blowing baby girl has done.  She enjoyed these so much, Nik gave her his bubble necklace.  Yep, gave it to her.  Summer really does find such joy in such simple things.  It's great to see.  Wish I had her perspective.  I think we can learn a lot from Summer.  To me, she is just the cutest thing ever.  She smiles all the time.  Love it.  

More tomorrow.  Going to attempt pm yoga.  First time in ages.  Like the morning one.  Hate this one. But, hoping adding it, will help me de-stress at night.  either that or chocolate.  But, being that I'm trying to shed pounds, chocolate probably isn't the wisest choice.  LOL.  Enjoy your evening everyone. 


Apparently, Warren reads this blog too.  LOL.  He told me the #'s I gave for Nik were wrong.  Those are his corrected vision.  Yikes!   He's like Alyona in that respect.  Not sure of what the uncorrected #'s are but can only imagine.  So, glasses it is.  Time for me to get going and do something productive.  Irina just spilled in industrial sized bag of grits all over the dining room floor.  For some reason, everyone wanted to clean it up...and broke the dust pan.  It's just been one of those days I feel.  Next post must be a picture post.  Some of those make me smile.  Need a smile about now.  Have yet to tell Warren we must go to Wally World this evening.  Otherwise, it might be ketchup and pickles for breakfast b/c that's about what's left around here.  I may venture out w/ the kids tomorrow but would prefer not to.  Somehow when I do, I always end up w/ way more than what I started with. 

Can we see???

Well, Yana, bojan and Nik had eye exams today.  Yes, Nik was finally able to move to going to a regular optometrist versus a specialist.  Hey, it's the little things that are exciting around here.  To go from a kid that was thought to be going blind to a regular eye doc, well, feels pretty great to us.  Anyhow, Yana and Bojan were fine as usual.  They don't have bad eyes and don't need glasses.  Never have.  Lucky ducks.  But, we go every year just for regular exams for them.

This year, Nik was able to go to our Dr. E too.  He lives right in our neighborhood which is nice too.  We've gone to him for years.  Warren took the kids this morning.  Originally, I was going to go.  However, Reni woke up still feeling crampy in her stomach, tired and didn't want to get out of bed.  Still had about 5 comforters on her at the time.  Yeh, she wasn't go out to a store.  So, Warren offered to take a half day and take them for their exams.  My homeschoolers were bummed b/c they thought they were going to get out of work today.  No such luck kids.  Though, they are liking a new science unit about winter.  So am I.  Simple and that's what my kids need.  Alex even told Warren all about the penguins he read about.  We did a craft w/ penguins so he remembers better.  All my kids are very visual learners.

Anyhow, back to Nik.  His eyes are still bad but not horrifyingly bad like when he first got home.  Doc even seems to think that this time, Nik will keep his glasses on b/c he'll know the difference!  Very excited about that thought.  He's 20/200 or so in one eye and 20/40 or so in the good eye.  And, he can be corrected for most of it.  We'll be ordering his glasses some time this week...hopefully.  right now, trouble w/ insurance.  See, they still owe us for over $400 worth of eye exams from December.  Now today, $237.  Trouble is, when we submit, they kick it out.  Why?  B/c only 9 people per family are allowed in the system at any one given time.  Nice.  So, we have to play the revolving insurance game from now on.  If others have done this and have a solution (insurance people do not for this one), please let me know.  We are now going to attempt to resubmit December's claims this evening in hopes that they are still in the system as we told them to leave them in.  Once we get those back, switch over to the new ones that went today.  Hello, wouldn't this cut down on costs if you just were able to put more people in the system?  Think of all the money it costs to send me those rejected claim letters a few times.  Plus postage.  Plus time to process them...more than once.  I know there are many other large families out there that must have this issue as well.  So, we may have to wait on glasses as those we have to pay out of pocket as well.  I'm telling you, we'd make a great Mastercard commercial.  LOL. 

I'm not in that much of a rush for Nik.  He hasn't worn his glasses all year no matter what we tried.  Yet, his eyes improved.  Go figure.  We intend to have him wear these but there's no guarantee.  He wears his implants religiously.  Always has.  Yet, HATED the hearing aids w/ a passion.  Now we know why...he's an AN kid.  It only turned up the static for him.  We are hoping these new glasses he'll want to wear.  He was terribly excited Warren said when he could see today.  Noticed the difference and that's where there doc said the difference will be.  He can now tell this time.  More aware.  Can't wait.  However, picking out glasses w/ Nik stinks.  He is very, very picky.  Very. 

Other kids are feeling better which is great.  Back to normal.  They have all found a new love for the old beat up skateboards we have.  Maybe in  a few months Easter Bunny could bring some along w/ that candy.  Or, when yard sales start back up here I may catch a few.  We'll see.  They are still patiently/impatiently waiting for Warren to fix all the broken bikes.  Just not enough time it seems.  Homeschoolers and I may do inventory tomorrow on them and see what each bike needs. 

Alyona and Reni have been at each other's throats today.  Guess it's b/c they were being so sweet and caring for each other last night, that today they had to make up for it.  Did it while the speech therapist was here too...over a tape measurer.  Yana is being picked up all week from Driver's Ed.  BTW, in the state of NC, you now have to pay $70 for that "free" class.  This is new.  We didn't have to pay last semester for Irina and Max.  Guess I should have shoved Yana into that class.  Oh well.  Next driver after this is a few years out...Bojan.  Alyona will never be able to drive.  Her eyes.  None of my kids have a license yet.  Nor permit for that matter.  Irina is going to attempt again.  Time will tell.  I hate, absolutely hate, the new driving rules.  We have to keep a log book. Yeh, like there's nothing better to do around here.  They have to log 60 hours of drive time a year.  Umm, I don't drive that much during the week as try to save on gas.  We do multiple trips at once.  You have to log the hours in the car you'll take the test in.  Umm, not my van.  Too big to learn on.  That leaves Warren's car.  Well, he's at work, gets home around 7 or 8.  Too late to go driving.  Weekends, we'll have soccer, she'll have meets for track.  We could have her drive us to church but wait, that's in our van, won't count. URGHH!!!  What happens if they log hours and some parent sells their car?  Stupid.  I can't drive at night.  Severe night blindness.  Leaves me out.  Trying to come up w/ a solution.  We're not just driving around for a couple hours every weekend to waste gas.  That's just stupid.  Van's a gas guzzler.  Can't afford to do that.  So, trying to come up w/ a solution...for 3 of them.  Same rules apply to all now.  I was younger, a 16yo drove the bus to school.  NO accidents.  NO cell phones back then either.  Maybe it's just a coincidence. 

Boy, I must be in a venting mood.  Didn't realize it.  Sorry.  Sometimes, you just need to vent.  More to come.  Need to get ready for tomorrow.  Have to double the history lesson.  Why?  Let's see.  Kids decided they didn't want to do history today.  So, hid the book.  At first, I thought I was losing my mind.  Till one of the teens told on them.   Tomorrow, may make them write a report just for spite.  LOL.  Oh, also talked w/ Irina's future employer place in regards to the school.  So far, not impressed.  We go for a walk through next week and hoping my mind will be swayed.  We have big plans for kids like ours that become adults.  Mission 2012 is the first step though before we'd even be able to attempt what we want to do in the future.  But today, just reinforces the great need for it.  More on that in a separate post b/c it does deserve one of its own.  I do NOT want one more person to tell me my child is "entitled" to such and such.  I want them to tell me they can reach their fullest potential.  They ARE capable.  Bottom line.  I will accept no less.  Society has a place for these kids.  Never ever should they feel they are "entitled" just b/c of who they are.  NO.  That's the way I feel.  Again, for another post. Just a lot stirring inside me right now as we are entering the young adulthood part here.  I know people who read this have kids that have yet to reach this phase of their lives.  Research NOW.  Learn NOW all you can.  I regret not doing this ten years ago.  Had we known now, what we would have then, we would have moved a long time ago.  I'm telling future parents of kids w/ developmental disabilities, it totally changes once school is over or nearing an end.  There will not be a lot out there for them.  Some places are fortunate & have more than others.  My eyes are starting to see.  IEP's will not prepare you for this, that's for sure.  Whole new world.  Not sure I want to explore it yet.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Day off-- museum trip (part 2)

Well, I left off w/ us getting ready to go to the classroom to learn something. 

 They got to learn about turtles, snakes, and lizards.  It really was neat.  And, Max was able to identify a few of the snakes.  Like the Diamond Back.

 This guy was so lively and so fun for the kids of all ages to watch.  Kept the class alive  and knows his stuff for sure.

While waiting to go into the butterfly room, they stopped off to visit the tarantulas of course.   No kids, not a pet.  

Not sure about Summer's look here.  

Nik and Alyona on the escalator.  Hey, they did better than their 11yo brothers.  URGHH!!!  Alex and Logan went around the corner and got reprimanded by the museum staff.  I was livid w /the boys.  Livid.  Grounded.  You could see the museum staff a bit relieved that I actually punished them.  I guess some kids just run wild.  Alex and Logan were then to be "handcuffed" to me or someone else the rest of the trip.  They lost freedom.  That was the only incident we had but I have to say, I really was disappointed in them.  They both know better.   Playing on the escalators.  Geez. 

My son wanted me to take a picture of him kneeling to Genghis Khan.  NO IDEA why in the world but I obliged.  He was trying to be funny.  I asked if he knew all of what this man did.  He said yes mom, I know.   I'm not doing it b/c I like what he did.   Surprisingly, Bojan has a thirst for history and is very intrigued by it.

I just liked these.  I want them in my new house.  Maybe in the bathroom somewhere.  Just thought they were beautiful.  I guess b/c they're kid proof behind that glass, huh?

 Summer, enjoying the fish.  Goofy smile caught again.

Alex, admiring the size of that whale skeleton.  Really does put it in perspective.

Kids goofing around in the bat tree.  You look up and see the bats.  Of course Yana and Bojan were goofing off.

Ahh, the rare picture that includes a teen or two.  Like I said, for most the trip the teens went separate ways.  We did have required meeting times.  Guess it would have helped if they wore a watch.  

Nice Reni.  I think she's taking after some of her sibs, don't you?  

We decided to buy tickets to the 3-D show.  Though only $3, definitely NOT worth the money.  We were all disappointed in it.  Not much 3-D for sure.  It was tornado alley and supposed to be about tornadoes and things.  It was but I got more information out of the movie Twister than this one.  

After the museum, we had a bag of chips, apples and water for the ride home.  Came home and just hung out the rest of the day.  It was a nice way to spend a Tuesday.  Field trip for the homeschoolers, day off for the others.  

Well, now Reni is sick this evening.  Hoping it passes quickly.   Thankfully, she is on the bottom bunk.  I don't do vomit well.  Yes, I'm one of those people.  I'll clean up all kinds of messes but I still have trouble w/ it.  Not sure what to do about tomorrow morning.  Do hope she's well.  Bojan, Yana and Nik have an eye exam in the morning.  It's early enough & close enough that worse case scenario, they go w/ Warren and come home.  Still, I'd prefer everyone go and everyone be healthy.  Time will tell.  More going on.  Getting Chaos Manor ready for a sale bit by bit.  Pressure washer comes on Wednesday morning.  Can't wait to have a clean looking house.  We have vinyl and it gets that green mold on it easily.  Comes off instantly almost though w/ a great pressure wash.  Irina's appointment is Wednesday. Got to go.  Boys have found their second wind for the day.  Why are kids not tired at bed time?

Day off-- museum trip (part 1)

Last week, the older kids had the day off so why not take a field trip w/ a friend to a museum?  The museums in downtown Raleigh are great and free.  Though, suggested you give a donation to help keep them running.  We decided to go and even catch a show while there. 

This is part of the museum we went to.  You can barely make out the dinosaur inside from out here.  

 Nik, checking out the snakes. 

 Since Alyona wasn't all that enthusiastic about the snakes, she checked out the various bird eggs and nests. 

 I told them to line up for a shot.  The smart alecs lined up alright.  As in a police line up.  Nice, huh?

The kids that went w/ us.  I had 11 w/ me and my friend Rebecca brought 4.  

 No, the teens did not stick w/ us for the whole time.  We let them go explore on their own.  

For some reason, it looks like more than ten to me.  And, it usually feels less than ten.  Not all the time, but most of the time.

Well doesn't Alyona just look pleasant.  LOL.  

Logan looking at the size of the dinosaur prints.  This is a great museum to learn from that's for sure.

Alex taking a break against the brontosaurus.  After this, we headed to the classroom for some lessons.  That is coming up next.  For now, some kids not wanting to go to bed.  URGHH!!! 

Manic Monday

Busy, busy week.  Entering a new month which brings  a lot to do here.  Like, putting the house up for sale.  That has now become priority #1.  We call it Mission 2012...sell and build.

Let's see what's happening this week.  Kids have the first full week of school.  They haven't had that since before Christmas break.  Crazy I think.  And this is not the homeschoolers folks.  It's public school.  Well, I think they may have had a full week right after Christmas.  But, then they had exams.  Now, the high schoolers are in a new semester.  More on all that in a separate post.

This week Reni has her appointment w/ the plastic surgeon to see if we can do anything for her.  Irina also has an appointment w/ the ENT to see if she needs surgery again or not.  Yana, Bojan and Nik have eye exams this week.  Soccer tryouts are this weekend along /w the rescheduled bonfire at the farm. 

I have started a new schedule for the homeschoolers that I hope will work better.  Everything is scheduled.  Today, started out wonderful.  Then, I got sick.  For those asking, the knee is better btw,  Little sore but no biggie.  However, today I'm just plan sick.  chills earlier but no fever so hope I can stave off whatever may be coming my way.  We did great this morning w/ reading and then a science lesson I did and snack.  After that though, all of a sudden, not feeling so great.  Same time, counselor calls me from school to ask if Max can switch classes.  Fine.  They are on top of things for sure at the high school and I like that.  Homeschoolers and I are working on winter right now and then switching to amphibians.  No rhyme or reason for it just the way it fell into place.  For history, we're in the civil war period so going to have them all learn the Gettysburg Address.  Maybe I'll record it here.  Also, want them to make Abe Lincoln hats so send ideas if you have them.  We'll start the address this afternoon if I feel up to it.  Can't wait though.  Each one will have a piece of it to do.  If they can do this, we'll do other things later.  Testing the waters so to speak. 

I'm trying to figure out how to do the mandatory state testing for the new kids if they are non-English speakers.  Any clues out there please, please let me know.  Homeschooling folks I asked Friday and some of the online groups didn't know either.  If you know, please tell me.  I'd greatly appreciate it. 

Trying to get a lot of little things done this coming week.  Like, taxes.  That's actually a biggie.  Haven't met w/ the accountant yet.  Usually we do our own taxes every year.  First year in 11 years that we're going to someone.  Don't want to chance messing ours up so getting a professional. 

Kids are doing pretty well.  Older kids are starting a new semester so anxiously awaiting to see how it goes.  Bojan is still practicing his trumpet.  I can recognize the songs now!  Nice to see the progress in all of them. 

More picture posts to come as I have quite a few to get done.  Being under the weather though and trying to teach is rough.  Made me realize I need spare "on your own" type of things for when I'm sick or phone calls must be made or whatever.  The every once in awhile type crafts.  Need to get going w/ phonics for Nik.  Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  This is not winter weather here for sure. 

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Budding artists

While at Michael's the other day, Warren picked up some craft items for the homeschoolers.  I had asked him to get something else but he saw these on sale.  Regular $4.99 but on sale for .99.  Yes, he's also a bargain hunter.  We have to be.  Anyhow, one is  a barn w/ a stuffed pig and the other a fort w/ a frog.  We got forts for the boys and barns for the girls.  Big kids had Monday off but I still wanted the homeschoolers to do a few things.  So, why not some art time.

 Summer and Nik getting excited about the thought of painting.

 Nik is very meticulous as you can imagine.  Look at that concentration.

Summer, working hard.  And no, she didn't paint the green part.  We were showing her how.  

 Just look at Summer go.

 My proud artist.  He wanted each part a different color.

Alyona wanted to stay true to the barn concept.  She painted all of hers red.

 Reni, working really hard on her barn.  Trying to decide on what colors she likes.  She kept changing them. 

 Alex and Logan sticking w/ some primary colors. 

And...there's that camera hog again.  

 These had spaces where the kids could write their names on them as well.  Really cute for .99.  And, they all had an awesome time painting. 

Alex's finished fort.  All navy blue which matches their room upstairs.

Summer, very proud of her barn.  Finally complete w/ the pig inside.  Too cute, huh?  The kids loved this little art craft for sure.  Kept them busy while older kids were out of school.  Hope we can catch some more deals like this.  Would love to do one of the paint your own plate or ceramics classes here but it's just too expensive.  We may try it on our own.  May.  And, that is what they did on their school day off.