Saturday, December 29, 2012

Yana's gift

I'm slow doing posts, I know.  I am so tired today.  Not sure why but my guess is the whole week is catching up with me.  So, trying to get a few posts in.  Thought I'd share the gift Yana gave Warren and I. 

Thought it was very, very sweet of her to do that for us.  I'd love to get it framed. 

She put this poem with it.  Not sure where she got it from but very lovely poem.  Very grateful for the gift she gave us.  A sample of a 'healed' child.   Have to go it it framed somehow.  Don't want to have it ruined.  

Today is Saturday.  We had a late start.  Trying to sell a bunch on Craigslist to clear the clutter.  And to make a few extra dollars.  Gas is going up.  Got to love it.  Max fixed some screens today and tightened the dining room chairs.  Bojan and Yana painted some trim work.  We got a part to fix Nik's bike.  Had to drive to a bike shop in Cary.  We took just Nik.  Every once in awhile, nice to do....take one kid.  Had to go to Wally World and pick up a few items.  Got Wendy's chilli for the kids and came home.  Nice night for chilli.  Already had other fixings at home.  Now, cleaning up and watching a movie.  Tomorrow, we'll be going to Warren's parents to celebrate Christmas.  Kids are excited to go.  More posts to come.  Just wanted to start off with this great gift from Yana. 

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  1. That is lovely. Did she draw that herself? If so, you have quite a few artists in the house.