Sunday, December 23, 2012

What we've been up to

Well, yesterday, Saturday, did not go as planned.  We had someone come pick up the bunk beds in the morning.  Plan was to go to Old Salem for Christmas tour and such.  Those plans got tossed for a variety of reasons.  So instead Warren and I went Christmas shopping.  I guess I should back up to Friday.  I don't want everyone to think it is all roses in an FAS household during Christmas time.  Those with children w/ this disorder know what havoc the holidays can reak on these kids.  And for the most part, mine have done beyond fantastic this season with everything going on and I was actually going to say something about it.  Then Friday came.  Friday morning was a mess.  So much so that Warren ended up staying home from work.  In retrospect, he probably could have gone but when one of the kids are what we term "unstable,"  we like both of us to be here.  I'll do a post on that one of these days.  It's a rarity it happens any more but it does happen and other families need to understand it all.  FASers will have meltdowns from time to time.  Again, been a long time but NO family is immune and in these situations, Warren & I like to tackle the situation together.  Think the tag team approach helps the kids more.  Again, just telling what we do here a bit.  As we always say for each family... do what works.

Saturday, we went Christmas shopping.  I think we were in sticker shock. It comes as no surprise to many of you that we must shop Craigslist, consignment shops, etc. for most our items.  Others are found at stores.  Hopefully, on sale.  LOL.  But yesterday really blew me away.  I'd look at something and say ooh, that would be cool.  Think of what they could draw with that.  And then I'd look at the price.  Seriously, I don't remember toys being this expensive before.  I really don't.  We readjusted where we could.  Most of what we bought anyhow is stuff they can use or group gifts.  Helps to stay in budget.  I can honestly say I appreciate those gifts that were sent to our kids more now than ever.  After we got done, we came home and took the kids out to dinner.  A place locally called the Cleveland Draft House.  Awesome food and just great service and nice people there.  Two different booths but great time together and everyone did just fine.  Then we got in the car and went driving around looking at Christmas lights.   Was just pleasant. 

Today, was low key.  Cleaned up the house.  Had my friend Rebecca come over and take Christmas pictures for us.  Then, another friend came over to deliver an infamous Chocolate Santa that I could not find.  Thank you Vanessa!  Some folks came over at 4 and we chatted for a few hours regarding FASD & things to expect.  It's nice when families are not afraid to ask for help and seek ideas and advice.  Refreshing really b/c I see where it leads when people do not ask how to do this or that.  NEVER be afraid to ask another family for help or what to do.  That is the only way you'll learn as international adoption is very unique.  Dealing w/ PI stuff and FAS is a learning experience.  Best way to learn is from others who've done it and can tell you about what to do and what not to do.  Essentially, the parents who are a bit more experienced have learned from their mistakes.  We too have learned from others along the way.  Best part is the information grows over the years.  More available.  So please, ask for help if needed.  Anyone and everyone.  People are willing to help, just need to ask.  I think all of you would be a bit surprised at the emails or phone calls I get each week addressing FAS or post adoption issues.  I think I will start writing more blog posts in the beginning of the year on the topic.  Maybe the first year in review type deal.  We've been home a year now w/ the most recent three.  Might help others to know what we dealt with and experienced.  Don't know.  Maybe, maybe not.  But, can't hurt.

Tonight, Warren and I may go to Toys R Us.  Haven't been in years.  They're open 24 hours.  Right now he's in the kitchen cutting up some venison we received from a fireman.  It's  a learning experience.  Anyhow, Toys R Us for a Jack in the Box Nik asked for.  And hopefully a couple of other things.  We'll see.  May wait and go tomorrow morning.  Taking the kids to the movies tomorrow.  Cheap seats here as we call them.  It's a local family theater.  We'll see Hotel Transylvania.  Heard it's cute.  Now, Christmas Warren is cleaning out the garage.  Oy!  Our contractor will have the plans this week and he's starting soon.  Wahoo!!!  Girls are beyond excited as you can imagine.  Hoping it all turns out well. 

I know I've said this a lot lately, but I'm behind on posts and other things.  But, lots of Christmas festivities and other things we need to tend to so this gets pushed on the back burner.   I did manage to make all our trip reservations for this year at various campgrounds.  Very excited for sure.  Lots of new experiences for everyone this year.  Looking forward to it for sure.  I'll try to catch up over Christmas.  I'm sure one day I'll end up with like ten posts.  So much to share, so much to say.  For now, tomorrow is Christmas Eve.  We'll be enjoying it as a family.  Everyone speaks English this year and knows what it's about.  Excitement and joy fills the air.  Picture taking is a must this time of year so plenty to catch up on. 

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