Tuesday, December 11, 2012

What we CRAVE

I'm really behind so catching up on these too.  CRAVEBOX is a subscription box that we get each month.  Sometimes though, they have extra specialty boxes you can get as well.  We ordered the coffee box this month.  Warren, Yana and Max are the coffee drinkers in this house.  Me, give me hot cocoa or tea any day.  I absolutely love the Republic of Teas tea but they're rather pricey for me so hardly order them.  But if they ever had a cravebox of those...delicious.  But, this time it was coffee and made some people here very happy. 

Was wrapped up in bubble wrap.  Now, this bubble wrap is different.  Had never seen any like this before ever.  It's designed so you can't pop it.  Really, it is.  And well, that just sucks for those of us that love to pop those things each time.

Always comes in that recognizable blue box.

Gives an explanation inside and there are of course always coupons.

Doesn't look like much but all of us know how expensive coffee is.  A bag of coffee, some syrup for your coffee, sample of cereal, and 2 biscottis.  BTW, that one biscotti was awesome!  And the coffee drinkers of the bunch enjoyed the coffee.  The syrup we have ample supply since one of the teens' friends brought us a whole case.  Very enjoyable box for the coffee drinkers for sure.  Can't wait for the next box.  One about winter.  Hope it has snow!  LOL.

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