Sunday, December 2, 2012

What we CRAVE

Time for another CRAVEBOX.  This time, a cleaning one. 

As always, the kids love waiting to see what is in these boxes, clearly marked.

This one was called a holiday spruce up box.

This is what came in the box.  Knowing how expensive cleaning stuff is, not bad.  It also came with two nice coupons for Biz and I forget what else there was a coupon for.  Like the Fabreeze air freshener.  The OxiClean booster is now a staple in this home.  Holy Cow!  See, we've been using homemade detergent that was an epic fail.  Never got stuff clean and left ALL our glasses horribly cloudy.  Put this stuff in & wham!-- crystal clear glasses again.  I honestly  would have never believed it myself had I not seen it w/ my own two eyes.  i would have thought info-mercial.  I thought I make take a before and after.  Going to see if we still have a cloudy one and show you all.  No, I do NOT get paid for this stuff.  LOL.  I wish.  Shoot, free products would be nice compensation.  But no.  Just my opinions on here.  I was just shocked to see something do what it says.  We liked our box.  We still really like our homemade laundry detergent so not using Tide.  Tide is great but way too expensive for our budget.  

Next box we're getting is called Coffee Lovers.  Some of the house is very interested to see what's inside that box.  Me, I'm waiting to see if they ever do a chocolate lovers box.  This is our "splurge" a month.  Like the little surprises & really, you get your money's worth.  We're down to just this box a month.  I like the fact that with subscription boxes, you can pick & choose what you want and that you can try and cancel any of them at any time.  More posts to come.  Need to get other things done today thought to.  Decisions, decisions. 

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