Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thoughtful Thursday

I'll be honest, Thursday snuck up on me and I didn't have the chance to really pay attention to what everyone was doing.  I try to pick out at least one thoughtful thing they've done throughout the week.  For some reason, I focused on the boys this week.  So, next week I'll have all ten.  Here are a few things I caught the boys being thoughtful about. 

Max-- He was just awesome!  He put together 10 bikes that my parents had given all the kids for Christmas.  All ten in one day to boot.  Very thoughtful of him.

Bojan-- Went around after all the present opening and picked up all the trash laying around w/out being asked.  Nice of him to help out w/ out being asked.

Alex-- OMG!  I was SO proud.  Reni was scared to ride her new bike.  Having a traumatized child can be tough at times.  Alex helped her on the bike, encouraged her and clapped her on saying "Go Reni!"  I wanted to cry.  As most of you know, this is very difficult for a RADish.  Extremely thoughtful of Alex.

Logan-- Logan really seems to be trying to help out more.  If Summer needs something, he's willing to assist.  Someone dropped pizza today at the restaurant.  He ran over to help his friend clean it up.  A year ago, he would have just stood there and laughed.  Very thoughtful to help someone else out. 

Nik-- Nik shared his innopad w/ Summer!  Yes, shared it and let her touch it.  Was wonderful to see.  He knows she loves it.

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