Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The great outdoors

Have a ton of posts over the next few hours.  Max is working on putting together all the Christmas stuff.  I'll have Christmas pics up later but want to play catch up on so many things before I get behind.  Our house is on a wooded lot.  A creek is beside it.  We all love the trees and the outdoors.

We love the great outdoors and are very thankful Max built this set for us to use.  Room for all and then some.  One day we had dreamed of an outdoor kitchen and patio area.  Then, more kids come along.  Those dreams change.  LOL.  We do really love being outside though so this was perfect for us.

I still say Max did an excellent job on our table.  Very well built.

This is a hole/ pit we have in the back yard of our property.  It's eroding away fast.

See how it is undercutting the ground?  You can't step on it, you may fall in!  And yes, the previous owners used it as their own personal landfill...URGHH!!!  Then, everything now seems to blow into it.  LIke that purple beach ball.

To give you even a better perspective on how bad this problem is, that drainage pipe, you could not see the end of it when we moved in here.  That is how much it has eroded away.  It's horrible and frankly, there is no good way to fix it and each way is just as expensive as the other.  I'm sure we'll think of something but it's bothersome for sure.  More pics coming as well as more posts.  Lots of them.  Hey, it's Christmas, kids are entertained, perfect for me to play catch up for sure.  We've even got cleaning done!  For being tired, we're sure being productive at least.  Hope the momentum keeps going.  I personally think it's a sugar high.  

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