Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The final part of Summer's birthday

After cake in the morning and some presents, we took the kids to Meadow Lights.  There's already a post on that little outing.  Before that though, we had some cake.  Yes, again so everyone could enjoy it. 

 She too loves this birthday girl button.  It got a lot of use  b/c she wore it on more than her birthday.  She likes it when people ask about her birthday.

Candles are lit and we're getting ready to sing.

Hmm, signing is not synchronized but neither is the singing so makes sense.

Summer is happy as can be that everyone is singing to her.  Well, that and she has chocolate cake sitting in front of her.

Almost done and ready to eat some cake!

Summer, blowing out her 6 candles.  Can't believe she is 6yo.  My "baby" is growing up way to fast.  Grown by leaps and bounds since being home.

Love the smile on her.

Alex being a good sport and wearing a Dora party hat.  After this, we all headed to Meadow Lights.  It was a very low key birthday.  This time of year, it 's so hard to get folks to come over for birthdays.  Used to have the same issue with Irina when she was little.  That's why we usually do a Halloween Party so friends can come over then.  Summer didn't care about all that though.  She was just as happy as could be that she got two cakes for her birthday, presents in the mail from friends and out to see Christmas lights.  Happy 6th Birthday Summer!!!

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