Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sweetness, Smencils, and Santa's helpers

Oh, still so, so many pictures to share and so many more posts to write.  I will get there.  Doing a couple posts a day in between other things happening around here.  Today, we went out for Irina's birthday for Chinese.  Went to the bank to make a deposit and then to Wally World to pick up Logan's new glasses.  And to of course find a few odds and ends.  Nothing fancy.  Yana is staying at a friend's house this evening.  Everyone else is just chilling out.  Nik is watching Madagascar upstairs, some of the kids are playing pool, some playing Monopoly (thanks again Dee!...huge hit), and some watching the Mummy downstairs.  We were going to go to the movies this evening but some children were being not so nice in the car so I said forget.  And, once you say something here, you must, must stick w/ it or it has no effect.  Bummed b/c I wanted to see the movie at the cheap seats too.  Maybe tomorrow.  So, up here doing a few posts.

Bojan opening up a package we received in the mail.  Notice the donuts?  Those were given to us by a neighbor for Summer's birthday.  Thank you Tonya!

Everyone anxiously awaiting to see what's inside.

Bojan reading the note inside from our dear friends Craig and Viviene.


Can you guess what was inside that my children are shovelling in their mouths?

You guessed it!  Homemade fudge.  It was our very first of the season.  In fact, it was the only fudge we got all Christmas season long!  Bojan kept commenting how come we don't make fudge.  It was delicious fudge and gone in less than five minutes.  Kid you not.  We loved it!  Thank you so much for that sweet treat.

Another box was also there that evening.  Alyona & Irina were opening this one.

Kids were stunned by what was inside.

An entire box of candy!  Being that we were practically already in a sugar coma, I took this one to my room for them to eat over the next couple of days.

Also in the box were a bunch of pencils called Smencils.  I had never heard of them before.  They are pencils that are scented and boy do they smell good.  Really cool thing.  

Nik was smelling them all and picking out his favorite flavors.  LOL.  Thanks to Katherine and Maria for making cool candy sleds and the Smencils.  Definitely went to great use.  

A picture of one my helpers.....elf Reni.

Elf Summer is a cutie for sure.

And, here's the angry elf!  Max.  Really wanting to say thanks mom for making me wear this stupid hat.  Hey could have been worse.  Could have been elf ears.

For some reason, Alex decided to sweep on his own.  Was really happy about that.  Usually though when he does these things, he has an ulterior motive.  LOL.  This time though, he just wanted to help out.

Alex, sweeping off the front porch.  Cute elf too.  

Going to go try and get a few things organized this evening.  We'll see if that actually happens.  Tomorrow, it's clean up time, take down some Christmas decorations and prep for homeschool stuff.  Took this week off.  Enjoy your weekend and much more to come.  Slowly but surely, I'll get more posts done.

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  1. I wondered how Nik would do with them Smencils. Glad he and the other kids liked them.