Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Summer's birthday...continued

On her actual birthday, we had two cakes.  One we had when it was homeschool.

Getting ready to sit down and enjoy some cake for her birthday.  This is the first cake of two that she will have that day.  

Oh yeh, she's happy, she's getting ready to eat cake.

Summer got to pick off one of the flowers to eat.  Nik got t he other one.

We didn't put candles on this one as it was just for us homeschoolers.  Really, we were all just hungry for cake.

Now, I did make my homemade buttercream icing for the cake we had that evening for her birthday.  The one that would have candles on it.  She got to lick the beater.  Yum.

Later, she'll greet the FEDEX man w/ a very chocolatey smile.

I really think she's enjoying this, don't you?

Summer, drawing on a box that she had just gotten.

The FEDEX guy had given her a dollar for her birthday just for being cute.  LOL.  She knows she's cute. 

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