Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Summer's Birthday gift

Though Summer's birthday is not until December 19th, a dear friend sent an early birthday gift for Summer to enjoy.  Actually, she sent two gifts.  This post is on one of those gifts.  Honestly wished I would have filmed it b/c the screams really were worth a million bucks to hear. 

Mom, please let me open this thing.

All wrapped up in a pretty blue bag.  Summer was just dying to know what was inside as was everyone else.

Ripping the plastic off as fast as she can.

Smile as big as  the comforter!

Reni reading the front to Summer & Summer hardly standing the wait of opening this  gift.

Help me tear this thing open Irina.

I think she is really, reallypleased with her birthday present.

She could hardly wait to hold it up to see what it looked like.

Best part...reversible!  Dora is everywhere on this thing.  And yes, my youngest does indeed know how to fold the comforters around here.  Can't say they stay neat though.

She was totally thrilled with this present.  Heather, you truly out did yourself!  She made me go put it on the bed right away.

My two camera hogs.  She really has helped him come out of his shell a bit more and want to talk.  Love it.  Heather is a genuine sweetheart.  She has put smiles on my kids faces time and time again.  Thank you so much.  

Summer absolutely loved her gift.  As you can see, she LOVES Dora and Diego.  Funny as Nik used to be a HUGE Diego fan.  He still watches w/ her but more interested in rollercoasters on Youtube.  LOL. 

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