Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Summer's b-day

Last week, Summer turned 6 yo.  Could hardly believe it myself!  I have more birthday posts but trying to go in order on my camera so as to not miss anything.  Thought I'd post from present she received from our good friend Dee in GA. 

All the kids getting ready to open a package for Summer's birthday.  Wonder what's inside.

My friend Dee is so sweet.  She didn't want the other kids feeling left out so she bought them Monopoly to play.  And they actually love it!  Frankly, I was surprised.  It's a great learning game of money and strategy and Dee knew this would help them .

Do you think she's happy about opening up a birthday gift?

Summer, getting ready to look inside.

I know you can not tell but the child is SO happy, she is actually in tears!  She was crying and screaming at the same time.  We were all cracking up.

And Nik is realizing that hers comes with a camera as well.

She is telling us all she just got an Innotab like Nik's for her birthday.

Bojan, helping Summer get it together.

Summer had no issues learning how to use this.  Remember, she stole Nik's over and over again.  I can not thank Dee enough for these gifts.  Truly a kind heart.  Summer has not let this thing go.  Seriously.  She plays with it everyday and has helped the issue of her taking Nik's.  Made two kiddos happy.   This really brought a smile to her face.  Between this and all her Dora stuff, she was in seventh heaven for her birthday.  I truly have awesome friends who love my kids just about as much as I do.  Okay, definitely time for me to go eat now. 

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