Wednesday, December 26, 2012

So much to do

Yes, right after Christmas there is so much to do that the kids don't know what to play with first or what to put together first.  Let's see what goes on in Chaos Manor after the presents are opened at o'dark thirty in the morning.

I love how my kids are curious to see what the others got.  Generally, interested.  Bojan is checking out his new cologne set.  Alyona is smell testing it.

Love Max's look.  Irina is checking out his kit.

Reni and Alyona, infamous for losing earrings, were very happy to see new earrings for Christmas.  Thank you Lindsey!  I think here she was also getting tired.

Alex getting the skateboard ready for a try.  Notice the wrapping paper is all picked up?  Irina can't stand it to stay a mess.   Hey, I don't complain.

Warren and Nik checking out the tornado.  By far, his favorite gift.

Yana getting ready to tease him w/ his own elephant.  Nothing is going to take his eyes off that tornado though.

Umm, Yana seems a little too excited.

All of them were actually interested.  It really is cool.  Those wondering, $6 at Walgreens.  

Ahh, the sweet side of Reni.  Wished I would have bought more baby dolls.  Here and Alyona have loved playing w/ Summer's new doll.  The doll is loud though.  And motion activated.  

His second favorite toy... the Jack in the Box.  Plays w/ it over and over again.  And so do the other kids.  

Not sure what they're all watching.  Logan is testing out his mp3 player though.  One day, they'll wear shirts to bed.  Maybe.  Hey, we live in the south.

We broke open the Nutella Heather sent us.  Let them have it on bagels for breakfast.  And no, the counter is not that messy just at  Christmas.

Everyone starting to clear out the living room and put things away where they belong.  We all had a wonderful Christmas.  Peaceful and that's the way we like it.  Other than being woken up every hour, it wasn't bad.  Day after, all that is broken thus far is a slinky.  And the 3 girls are even more excited about getting their new rooms.  They want to put their new things in it.  Me too.  Soon girls, very, very soon.  I must say, the five are doing fairly well.  They did better than the boys did when we remodeled the boys' room years ago.  And then, we only had 3 boys.  More soon.  Just trying to catch up on Christmas updates.

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