Sunday, December 2, 2012

School time

Been busy with homeschool.  Trying to teach them something.  We're studying astronomy right now.  Lots on the solar system.  Lots.  And, they're interested and taking it all in.

I know it's blurry.  Kids are studying constellations and loved being able to take out the telescope.

Yes, Alyona and Reni are still just as close as always.

Kids starting to paint their planets.  And yes, some are still in pajamas.  Some days are like that.

Nik, really concentrating on his painting.

Digby, just watching the kids.  Yard was completely raked of leaves by the kids.

They each got to pick a planet and paint it.

Not sure why Alex was just standing there.  I know he painted Mercury.  Maybe he finished. 

Alex, taking a break w/ Digby.

Logan, really getting into it.  The hands on stuff for the kids really do wonders.  Hope their motivation to learn continues. 

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