Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Reni's drawing

I always share Nik and Max but rarely Reni's drawings.  Thought it was time.

Reni drew this yesterday and gave it to me.  She is always so proud after she draws something.  This has the trampoline on the left and the blue circle on the right is the pool.  Love the half done fence.  Hey, it is truly half done.  Love the people playing and the sun is smiling.  Just seems like a happy home w/ butterflies and birds around it.  This is how she sees our home now.  I think it is just lovely, don't you?  

Tonight we have Bojan's band concert so not quite sure what all we'll get done this evening.  Will try to post more after they go to bed.  So much to share.  Just thought you'd all like to see one of Reni's drawings for a change. 


  1. Beautiful, happy picture, Reni!

  2. I agree, it's lovely and cheerful. Nice color choices, Reni.