Saturday, December 29, 2012

Reni, the goalie

Soccer season is over.  I take my camera but many times hard to get any shots b/c I'm usually having to watch more than one game at once.  Or, they are simply moving too fast.  Well, the other day the coach sent me pictures of Reni as goalie!  Too cool, huh?  Thanks a bunch Chris!  Thought I'd share them.

Reni, watching very closely for the ball to come her way.

Don't tell me I'm a girl and can't play soccer!  I'll show you.  For those new, in Bulgaria, they didn't let the girls play on teams in Shumen.  Only the boys.

Reni was very quick and had a good eye on the ball.

Look at her go.  She was such an awesome goalie though she prefers to run the field.  Not sure if she wants to play this year or not.  Need to ask them all again. 

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