Saturday, December 15, 2012

Random pictures

Have some random pictures that I thought I'd share.  Nothing special, just pictures taken here and there. 

When the parade was just too much to go to the other day, we ended up going somewhere we never go.  And I mean never.  McDonalds.  We're more Wendy's type of people.  LOL.  We love Wendys.  But, since it was a warm day and Christmas Parade was not happening, we thought ice cream to cool us off.  French fries and ice cream it was.  I don't think Summer minded one bit.

Nik, vegging out watching a movie.  Notice the large container of cheeseballs, a spelling list he's supposed to be studying and all the laundry that he could be helping fold.  

She thinks she's all that and a bag of chips.  She has all the confidence in the world.

Nik, just being Nik.  He was not too happy b/c I made him wear a long sleeve shirt that day.  

Nik, enjoying Andrew, our guinea pig.  Poor thing.

Nik, after his audiology appointment.

I heard way too much laughing in the back seat.  Stickers everywhere.

And the two troublemakers behind it all.  Summer and Nik. hogs.

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