Monday, December 10, 2012

Our weekend

Much to share for sure.  Friday, was our 15th anniversary.  More on that in another post.  Warren had the day off.  So, we decided to take the kids to the museum.  First though, eye exams for Summer and Logan.  Perfect eyes for Summer.  Logan needs glasses now but just for reading.  Need to order those this week.  We also did other errands.  Got home b/c I forgot my groupon.  Grabbed it and we were off to downtown for pizza.  Yum.  Moonlight Pizza.  It is now our favorite pizza ever.  We tried it once before w/ a groupon.  Didn't take any pictures b/c frankly we were just enjoying the meal out.   Groupon is definitely the way to go for some things.  More on that comment later. 

Had an awesome time at the new museum.  Was fantastic.  A whole picture post on the museum trip later.  After, we went to pick up our produce from our farmer.  Delicious as usual.  I even forgot what we ate that evening for dinner.  LOL.   Sat down and all watched a movie together.  BTW, Disney has just uploaded a bunch of movies on Netflix.  They are downstairs now watching Pocohantas.

Next day, got up and Max & Bojan hauled off a pile of trash.  Rest of us cleaned the house.  Then, went to the Christmas Parade.  Or, so we thought.  It was so incredibly crowded w/ no place to park.  In all our years going, we'd never seen that many people there.  Since many of our kids also tend to have crowd issues and do things such as rock, thought it best to skip this year.  Headed to Target for a few odds and ends.  Then, took them to Mickey D's for Hot fudge sundaes.  I made Taco Pie for dinner.  Yum.  Another hit now in our house.  Max & Bojan went off to stay over at a friend's house.

Next morning, we actually got up AND ready for church!  Miracle.  Max & Bojan were supposed to be home by 10.  Nope.  So, went to get them.  The family pulled in as we were going to pull out of the driveway.  We haven't seen them for awhile so chatted.  And, missed church.  She brought goodies for everyone(yum!) and we all just caught up a bit.  Was very pleasant.  When they left, we decided to take the kids inside and have a service at home.  Why not?  Talked about what Christmas was all about & the Christmas spirit people have.  How we are very blessed and should be blessing others more.  There are two women who are currently living out of their car.  They shuffle back & forth between the Walmart and McDonalds here.  We assume they are homeless by looking at what all is stocked in the car & the fact it never leaves these two places.  The kids want to try to make a few things to eat to put in there and also purchase a few things.  They were really thinking this all through and that was the whole point.  It's hard to do anything locally as believe it or not, many took advantage.  They were pointed out.  See, many would panhandle and NOT be homeless.  They'd do it to make money and not work.  Someone would pick them up later.  Years ago, the news did a story on it.  Hard that so many w/ kind hearts that were trying to help were decieved.  Now, many in the community are very cautious.  But truly, this couple appears to need help.  Hoping we can do something as a family to maybe a brighten their week.  Time will tell.  Just trying to teach the kids a few life lessons and hope they stick. 

More picture posts very soon.  Working on homeschool this morning.  None of them want to get back into it..  Hey, me neither!  But, have to. 

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