Sunday, December 2, 2012

Old pictures found

Found the old referral pictures of Max and Irina & thought I'd share them.  Not the best pictures but back in '99, that's all we were given.  And a very short "medical."  It was like 4 or 5 sentence paragraph.  So, here they are:

Irina had just turned 6yo in this picture.  Hard to believe, huh?

This is Max.  I have a color picture of him somewhere.  It sticks out b/c those are bright pink tights on him.  Very cute picture for sure.  He was 3yo here.  

Max and Irina were only 2 of 5 kids that were adopted out of Abdulina in Orenburg region of Russia.  Reason being so few is that it is a very remote village (or was back then) in Russia that was four hour drive from Orenburg center.  Shoot, our kids came w/ us to court b/c they didn't want to drive back & get them!  Another child is in Durham, NC, and 2 others are in CA.  That is all any of us have ever known.  The same 5 that were hosted in Ireland.  They were hosted in Ireland in March and we adopted them in June.  I got to speak w/the Irish couple that hosted Irina.  Was an awesome first time adoption experience.  Can honestly say as new parents, we were scared to death.  Just thought I'd share a bit of a memory. 

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