Saturday, December 29, 2012

My little 'Santas'

A friend of mine took some pictures of the kiddos one day.  Rebecca is super sweet like that.  I didn't even know she took some till she sent them to me!  So, wanted to share a few with you.

Alyona.  so hard to believe she is 13yo now.

Bojan.  Not hard to believe he is 13yo now.  His attitude says it all!

He'll probably kill me for putting this picture up but oh well, mother's purgative.

Reni is 10 yo.  She too is growing up quickly.  Feels like she's been home longer than a year though.  

Those are some of the Santa shots we got to see.  Thanks for taking the pictures Rebecca.  More to share with you all.  A topic I'd like to discuss more is issues when the kids come home.  Orphanage kids in general.  Not just my kiddos.  For now though, need to just relax a bit.  Meatballs are on.  Cupcakes made.  Need to make a cake next.

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