Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Museum Field Trip (part II)

Guess I need to finish this post up about our field trip last Friday.  So, here goes.

Alex and Logan checking out a car.  of course they have BIG dreams for what their cars are going to be.  LOL.  Yeh, okay boys.  When you get that Ferrari or Beamer you want, let me know.  They you can buy the groceries.

This was cool.  You go inside this thing and it takes you on a deep sea dive as if you're in the submersible.  Nicely done for sure.

Irina knew the camera was going.  The others did not.

Binoculars.  What can I say.

Reni working on spider webbing.  The guy in there said she did the hardest one and did it right.  

Alex being a puppeteer.

Inside this tree, you can see the bats at the top.  Kind of creepy.

Nik wanted to be alone for a picture.  Had no idea Alex and Alyona snuck in the shot.   

Take one.  

Take two of a group shot.  Best we could do.  Bulgarian kids are always trying to be taller.  Not sure why.

One last exhibit before we go.  We did have a great time at the museum and did not even see it all.  Of course we'll go back.  Enjoyed a wonderful day out with the homeschoolers.  Every once in awhile, great to do that. 

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