Monday, December 10, 2012

Museum Field Trip (part 1)

Last Friday, was our anniversary.   I know, it was supposed to be some place really awesome.  Plans change.  So, we took the homeschoolers to the museum downtown.  First we went for pizza w/ a groupon.  Moonlight Pizza is just the BEST.  Seriously.  Someone ever says what do you want to eat, we've all agreed this is IT.  Really enjoyed our lunch.  Then, headed to the museum.  We have free state museums here in Raleigh. 

Love this picture.  See, Nik hates to be touch and doesn't really touch anyone but me.  And, he won't hold my hand.  I can only hold his wrist.   This was a big step for him.

This is the museum downtown that we went to.  Off in the distance you can see the new wing.  Looks like a giant globe from the outside.

Alyona looking at t he seahorses.

The kids were mezmarized by this exhibit.  The pelican scooping up fish.

My kids want me to take a shot of them in the jaws every time we come here.

There was a nice sky walk and all of us enjoyed looking out over the streets.

I just thought she looked so cute in her dress.  Love when they still wear dresses.

Irina working on the weather.  You had to predict the weather and match it w/ our local weatherman Greg to see if you were right.

Reni and Alyona working on it.  There are actual real research labs in this whole place.

Snakes.  Yuck!  But, kids loved learned about this.  Yes, those are real vets and you can interact through a window and ask questions.  Very cool.

Everyone watching yet another cool exhibit.

This I would love to have in a room as lighting.  Cool, huh?

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