Wednesday, December 26, 2012

More of Christmas pics

I shared the group gifts and individual gift opening pictures.  Now it's time for the younger girls' gifts opening pictures. 

Girls' group gift but you know who is going to use this Dora cup.  She's claimed it early on.  LOL.

Mom, why do we have a DVD player when we don't have a tv?

Ahh, biggest mistake ever Santa!  Did  you ever realize how loud these things are?  I guess I didn't.  Seem even louder when your kids sing off key.

What is this big gift?

Are you serious?!  Is it really a tv?

Their very own tv for their new room.  Young girlie movies not to compete w/ Transformers or CSI or such on the other set.  Yes, these are my girlie girls that still love the little cartoon shows and I don't mind a bit.

Onto the boys' group gifts.  Daredevil grabbed this right off the bat.

 What do we have here?  No more complaining? 

Yes!  Full sized comforters for BOTH bunks.  We just bought them new bunks off Craigslist.  Full over full custom built.  Very nice, sturdy bunks.  Trouble was, only twin sized comforters in this house.  Boys were pleased with the bedding.  

Yes, Santa got it right.  Shampoo AND body wash all in one.  For some reason, my boys seem to think that you can only use one or the other.  You know, if you use shampoo, you don't have to soap up or vice versa.  Stupid, I know.  Hoping this will resolve that.  Knowing my boys though, they'll find something like scrubbing the walls to do with it.

Nik is looking pretty excited and Logan seems just as happy w/ combs.  LOL.

Alex is pleased w/ the dvd player as he's hoping it's leading to what the girls had received.  Nik can't believe his eyes.  He could careless about the dvd player.

Mom, look!  A tornado.  Group gift but you know who's taking over this one.

A big gift.  

Alex and Logan pleased as can be w/ it all.  Nik, still fascinated w/ that tornado.

Can you tell he really loved that tornado?!  All the boys enjoyed their group gifts.  The younger three.   Bojan and Max received new beds and a pool table early in the season.  I do think they all loved what they received and definitely can use some of it.  More pics to come believe it or not.

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