Saturday, December 29, 2012

Miscellaneous pictures

I've been on facebook catching up so now time to catch up on here.  Kids are all scattered playing around so now's my chance.  I also have to go make meatballs for tomorrow so I may want to hurry up on here.  LOL.  Ahh, you all know I procrastinate so no big deal anyhow. 

Ahh, sweetness.  When they're asleep, they are most definitely sweet.  Summer was zonked out. 

Do you think Irina liked the stuffed dog Yana got her??  Was really sweet of Yana to think of her sister on her birthday.

The kids love Monopoly!  Still playing it.  Though they're banking skills have much to be desired.  Bojan was trying to set them straight.  Logan's cheating habits from his old orphanage life are still so hard to break sometimes even in a game.

Yes, this one is going to be trouble!

Summer being silly for sure.  Love the pig tails now.  She is growing up way to fast for me though.

Warren trying to calm Reni down.  Sometimes her emotions just get the best of her still.  She broke down b/c I told her to try not to do that fake smile.  Just give me a real smile.  Her and Nik do the same thing when taking pictures.  Drives me nuts.  ALL My kids went through this funky smile stage.  I wasn't yelling at her but some times, some things will just break her.  Doesn't take long to get back to normal any more but at times I forget she's only been home a year.

More pics and posts to come.  But first, need to go put on some meatballs. 

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