Monday, December 3, 2012

Miscellaneous pictures

So behind on posts despite doing a couple a day.  Oh well, life goes on.  Like I said, blog is low priority here.  Kids come first.  But, have a few pics in the camera and thought I'd share.

My little fashionista.  She found her hat and was very excited.  Summer LOVES this hat.  Got her for it before we picked her up from Bulgaria last year.  I let my kids dress themselves.  70 degrees or not outside.  After 10 kids, I can tell you I don't care if they match any more.  I'm just happy they're dressed & did it themselves.  I used to shop at boutiques when I worked & only had Irina and Max.  They matched all the time & looked pretty decent.  Pictures and all.  I am happy to say my kids don't always match.  But, they are indeed loved and I'm there for them all the time now.  I know many working parents don't have that option, & we were one of the lucky ones.  I didn't care if I had to fore go the kid boutique shopping for them.  It meant more they were playing w/ me in the park.  Consignment store clothes and unmatched at that.  It's wonderful.  BTW, I think Summer could careless where her clothes come based on that picture above. 

Alyona, mad b/c I'm making her do work.  Go figure.  And yes, she's in her pj's.

Nik, working on some of his copywork for the morning.   I know the shades are always drawn but that's to prevent the outdoor distraction.  Trust me, when they're up the kids are always looking outside and watching squirrels or birds or deer or whatever. 

Alyona, having a brief meltdown.  Thankfully, they don't last as long.

Cupcakes I made for the party.  Red velvet w/ homemade butter cream icing.

Horrible looking cake, I know.  I hate baking w/ white cake.  Usually use yellow as it holds together more.  However, was turning the white cake inside to green & red so needed white.  The cake cracked...badly.  Iced it anyhow.  Then, used a plastic bag instead of my piping bag.  Hence, the really bad writing.  I didn't care.  It was edible and that's what counted.  Used to decorate cakes so really kind of ashamed to even take a shot of this cake.  On the up side, I heard it tasted good.  

Logan.  Why he got that huge cup of water, I'm not sure.  Think there's enough ice in there? 

Nik & Summer posing w/ cookies.

A double birdhouse from my mom.  Looks great outside right now.  I'm sure the birds will be happy.  We have several birdhouses in the yard and everyone has a nest.  Need to work on getting some more feeders up.

She's SO happy b/c Nik wasn't in the house & she swiped his innotab.  LOL.

Anyone want to guess what they're looking for?  Mice.  Yep.  We have them.  Happens every year at this time.  Bought traps and are catching them.  One by one.  Last year, we caught 8 or 9.  This year, one thus far. 

That was a couple of pictures I had.  Next post will be on what we did this past weekend.  Family came to town.  Tonight, Max took down the light fixtures in his room.  He did not wait for Warren.  URGHH!!!  I was w/ the speech therapist so didn't know what he was doing.  He got a small shock.  Now, he IS 17 and has changed over many lights before.  The entire upstairs is on a different control panel.  Made him stop.  Then, I went to go take care of other things.  Yep, you guessed it.  He started up again.  Why do even older kids not listen?  He did fine though and got hte other lights put up as well.  Still, I would have rather he waited.  Warren went to Sam's this evening.  Kids and I made a menu for the whole month.  Bojan had a bad day at school.  Middle school kids are just M-E-A-N.  Period.  No wonder Max & Irina asked me to homeschool them back then.  I think Bojan may be thinking the same thing soon.  He is tough and fortunately has an outgoing, awesome sense of humor.  But, even w/ that the crap he puts up w/ is ridiculous.  He's had people make fun of him.  That bounces off of him.  Really does.  Let me just tell you some folks have no manners.  The incident today really was crossing the line.  I'm actually thinking of taking it up w/ the school.  Obviously, there is a grave lack of supervision.  And sanitation while we're at it.  He said I only  have a year and a half left of middle school.  Sad, that the kids here count it down.  Sad.  Not sure which direction we're headed here.  More on the schools later down the road.  More to come.  Right now, everyone is downstairs watching the Santa Claus.  Cute movie. 

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