Friday, December 21, 2012

Meadow Lights

Wednesday night, we decided to go to Meadow Lights.  It was Summer's birthday and really just a good day to go. 

Waiting in line to go in.  Though it's a long line, it goes fairly quickly.

Just a super scary shot.  She's wearing her invisibility cloak.

Look, Alyona is actually holding Yana's hand and they're not fighting.  Christmas miracle.  

Yeh, the older boys look thrilled to be there, huh?  Yes, some places we do drag them along.  Because once there, they'll typically have a good time.  Even if it's just checking out the chicks.  LOL.

Some of the girls posing for the camera.

Nik and Summer waiting for the train.  They could hardly stand it.


Nik on the train ride.  It's great b/c the train takes you around to see all the lights for just $2 a person.  Reasonable.

Here's the part that I don't like.  $6 per person per photo.  STrict rules about taking any photos w/ your own camera.  That's fine as I know they need to make money but if you don't pay, they truly seem to rush you along.  And, they wanted all mine to go up at once instead of one at a time w/ Santa.  They did the same w/ the couple in front of us who didn't opt for photos either.  Oh well.  They did get to see Santa and smiled just as big.  

The rest decided to check out the candy shop but it was emptied out.  A friend of ours said the same thing when they went this year as well.  Then, Bojan went to the van to wait.  Too much pain to stand around again.  Working on a solution.  Canceled Duke's appointment and calling Shriners on Monday. 

Got home and a note on the porch w/ no name to look in Warrens' car.  There were all sorts of breads in there!

And pasteries and pies!  No name w/ who put it there.  Crazy, huh?!  We were thrilled with all the goodies and breads.  Comes in handy this time of year.

Had a good time for sure.  We all do enjoy going each year.  More to come.  Dinner time.  Very , very late dinner this evening.  Hey, it's that time of year. 

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