Monday, December 31, 2012

Manic Monday

Gosh, can't believe it is the last day of 2012.  Where did it all go?!  No, not doing a recap as too much went on over the last year.  But, will do a Manic Monday post. 

  • Catching up on old leftover posts never finished
  • trying to figure out homeschool this semester
  • called Advanced Bionics as Nik's battery broke.  AB closed till Wed.
  • Called neuro to reschedule Alex's appt.
  • Not going anywhere today
  • Organizing and catch up today
  • Selling stuff on Craigslist
  • Nervous about this coming year financially w/ all the political crap going on
  • Looking forward to snow tubing birthday bash trip
  • Bojan's birthday is Saturday
  • Warren's birthday is Saturday
  • Haven't heard back yet from the football people for the boys
  • Thinking of putting younger girls in a dance class
  • Homeschool academy starts on Friday
  • Kids are making a winter wonderland picture downstairs
  • Warren and Max have been checking out the rv
  • We seem to have lost the rv registration card...URGHH!!!
  • Our loan company never received the original rv title from the state.  We did however, fax them a copy
  • Waiting to hear from our contractor on the room remodel for the girls
  • Yana will have her new bed built soon
  • House needs an overhaul.  Actually we really need to move
  • Warren's car needs repair
  • Speech therapy starts again this week
  • Looking into going to Shriners for Bojan's amputation he needs
  • Can't believe no one commented on that disruption post yet
  • looking forward to a new year
  • on a quest to lose weight and get healthy
  • Our yard is eroding away in the back
  • Our front yard needs a big truck load of dirt as the leach field is wasting away.  Well, where the leach field is.
  • Max fixed some screens this weekend
More than that going on but really want to spend the day getting organized and working on a few things.  Hope you all have a very Happy New Year.


  1. Happy New Year!

  2. Hi Stephanie ~ Happy New Year! I've been meaning to mention this group to you for a long time, but I forget! It's a group of Professional photographers from all over the U.S., who do a free session for adoptive families. Here is the link to their site: They are on FB and you can find the link on their web site. Check them out!
    As far as the disruption post, I personally think it is not as taboo as it used to be. And, I agree with you, the parents should be supported in their decision. It's not right or okay to keep a child that you don't want/can't love/don't like in your home. It is not always about the child and their behaviors. Let's face it, if we're being honest about the subject, sometimes the parent(s) just cannot work with a child. Cannot deal with the child. In that case, it can be abusive to keep the child and not love them. In fact, it's those type of cases that physical/emotional abuse do take place. Better to place the child with a family who CAN and will love them. Having done foster care, I know how difficult it is to have to live with a child that you just don't like. And, vice versa on that one! If a child cannot connect to an adult and learn to love and be parented by that adult, they should be able to be in a family with parents that they can love and bond with.
    The blog that I think has the best thoughts on disruption/rehoming is Christie's blog: She does an excellent job of sharing the stories of her daughter(s) that came to her through rehoming. It's been amazing to watch her children heal and grow with pure love and acceptance.
    So, there's my thoughts on your disruption post. : )